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Phresh Phigs in Philly?

kims produce buddy!!!

they are phriggin awesome..

have phun making the phood phriend..

Dec 15, 2010
karl_o in Philadelphia

Arancini-Fried Rice Balls

Does anyone know where to get quality Arancini, preferably for take out? I was thinking of checking out Talluto's or Claudio's but am not sure they make them.
They were very popular growing up in Northern NJ but i cant seem to find them anywhere down here.
Thank you in advance-

Oct 11, 2009
karl_o in Pennsylvania

Miraku - New Japanese/Sushi Place on Spruce b/w Broad and Juniper

I live in the neighborhood and have eaten there several times and enjoyed it.

you are correct is was a tanning salon and the renovation is pretty nice. the space is comfortable, nicely designed and very clean..

i found the sushi to be very fresh. the fish is cut to order, which i always take as a good sign. they have all the standards in terms of fish and roll varieties..

the non-sushi items were very good as well. i had the steak terayaki which was a rib eye grilled nicely to an accurate medium rare with a nice sauce. it was served with a steamed assortment of veggies (asparagus, zucchini and broccoli) and rice. the vegetable and shrimp tempuras are very good as well, fried perfectly and not greasy.

they do have daily specials as well. last time i was there they had river crabs they were sitting in a fishbowl on top of the sushi bar. they are quite small, about the size of silver dollar. they quick fry them and are served whole. i was not feeling adventerous to try them but will on my next time.

the prices are pretty standard for philadelphia sushi places but i think the quality is above average and i would recommend visiting.

Jul 24, 2006
karl_o in Pennsylvania