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What restaurant are you excited about for DC's restaurant week?

Palena does not participate in Restaurant Week.

Here is a link to the full list:

The value in RW is directly correlated with how extensive their list of menu options is relative to their full menu. Do your research.

Bridal Shower Food Ideas: Who should I order from?

Capital Q on H Street in Chinatown is a BBQ restaurant

Capital Q
707 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

I am trying to locate the Coconut M&Ms in the Bethesda MD area ... any sightings ?

I have only seen the other limited edition flavors-cherry and raspberry.

Fabulous Cupcakes

I also ordered a BakeshopDC cake for a bridal shower I hosted over the weekend. We tried the new almond flavor and it was a huge hit. But my favorite is the chocolate cake with white frosting. I am eagerly anticipating the opening of his retail bakery in Arlington.

Chocolate Buffet?

High tea at the Mandarin Oriental. Not all chocolate, but it is a dessert buffet. Be sure to make a reservation.

Best birthday cake?

For my grandmother's 90th birthday party we ordered a cake from BakeshopDC and it was the hit of the party. They are now my go-to birthday cake bakery. Nothing fancy, but pretty and very tastey. Reasonably priced as well. You can pick up their cakes in Arlington and I believe they will also deliver.


If you are a member, you should browse the Costco website. They have had prime Kosher beef on their lately. I assume it is delivered frozen. But it is reasonably priced for such a product.

You can also contact: Kosher Organic Local
Disclaimer: I have never tried their products but a friend is involved in the company and swears by the product. I trust her opinion.

Gefilte fish in MD/DC

Dino in Cleveland Park makes a really good gefilte fish for their Passover special. I'd give them a call.

Nice, Fresh Chicken DC

This may not be totally what you are lookingn for, but I have found that fresh, kosher chicken works well because it comes "pre-brined" via the koshering process. They often have them at Trader Joes. You can also get the Bell and Evans birds at Whole Foods.

One night - best bet near M St. & New Hampshire

Blue Duck
Westend Bistro

Mustard Oil in DC/Nova?

I was just at the Super H Mart today and they had it. I think you can also buy it at many Indian grocery stores. Of note, it is more expensive than other vegetable oils. I think the price is similar to grapeseed, walnut or avocado oil.

Anyone been to Corduroy recently? Suggestions/Thoughts?

Everything is wonderful. Get the soup.

Need a great cake

The Bakeshop DC cakes and cupcakes are really superb. It would be worth the sacrifice of getting cupakes instead.

Best roast beef for sandwiches in DC?

Clydes on the Walk in Chinatown does a pretty nice roast beef sandwich. They carve the roast beef in front of you. I have typically found them to be fresh and tastey.

where to buy Duck Confit and duck fat in DC NOVA?

You can get duck fat at the little grocery store (not Magruders or the Organic Place) in the shopping plaza at the Cleveland Park metro. They also have fresh duck breast, veal demi glace, chorizo and andouille sausage.

Mid-March at Westin Grand

No other replies to you, weird... You are in a nice location and if willing to travel via car/cab/metro you can get basically anywhere in the city. I don't know what you consider "decent" but if you mean "upscale" Hook, Vidalia, Blue Duck, and Westend Bistro are all within walking distance. A little farther away Cafe Du Parc, Ardour, Mourayo, and Obelisk. Beyond that, Palena and Corduroy are two other DC favorites that are both a relatively short cab ride away. The food at both is transcendant. Read other posts on this board asking for suggestions for visitors.

DC High Tea (or just tea) for a mom and little girl

I had tea at the Mandarin last Sunday. I thought it was very good. I'd describe the quality of the desserts as a step above the Bellagio Buffet in Las Vegas. I agree they are short on sandwiches, but what they had were pretty good. Price for all you can eat seemed like a good value to us. I strongly suggest making a reservation.

Monster Seafood! (DC)

The Reading Terminal Market is a really cool place! Again, I am shocked by how often Costco has what people are looking for and by the quality of their selection (which really only is helpful if you are a member)- they have u-15 frozen shrimp for $9.99-12.99/pound. They also have huge frozen lobster tails for around $20/pound.

where to buy Duck Confit and duck fat in DC NOVA?

I believe Wegmans carries both from the D'Artagnan brand. However, I was at Costco yesterday and they had cryovac'ed duck confit in the refrigerator case. It didn't look bad at all.

Phosphates in NoVa or DC?

I know a place in Cleveland that has chocolate phosphates on their menu. But I am fairly certain that it is just U-bet Chocolate Syrup and soda water. Theoretically you should add additional phosphoric acid to create the classic foamy top. But since nearly all carbonated beverages produced today are already made with phosphoric acid it seems you might be able to skip that step and create a similar product at home.

Searching for Steak house recommendations

Ray's the Steaks

Corduroy at the bar?

They don't take reservations, first come first serve seating. The bar is up a flight of stairs. GET THE SOUP. Its a dressy restaurant. Also, they have a price fixe three course lunch menu that is about $25. Another good way to experience the glory of the food at Corduroy at a fraction of the regular dinner price.

Suggestions for an anniversary dinner-young couple on a budget

For Italian, I'd go for Dino in Cleveland Park. French- Cafe du Parc.

Desperately seeking inexpensive private dining space

You should call Clydes at Gallery Place

Steak Dinner on Expense Acct (DC)

How about Rays the Classics in Silver Spring? Yes, not in the District, but on the red line and easy enough to get to and unlike RTS, they take reservations.

$700 for 8 people isn't really that huge of a budget- if you are including tax and tip, drinks, apps and dessert. the Classics might be a bit farther out of your way, but you are much less likely to go over budget there than at BLT or any of the other suggestions and the food is just as good (if not better).

And in a tight economy, I think its always a good idea to support the local business owners.

Hot Chocolate, coffee and other hot drinks

Go to Coco Sala on F street between 9th and 10th in NW. Really cool place if you are coming from out of town. But there is also a Starbucks next door to your hotel.

Dessert on Saturday Afternoon?

No problem! If there is dessert to be found in my neighborhood, I take great pride in knowing where to find it. Hope you had fun.

Dessert on Saturday Afternoon?

You should call Coco Sala and double check on their opening times, I've gone there for a mid-day dessert and hot chocolate a few times. Their restaurant might not be open, but the coffee bar part probably is. The Empress Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental serves afternoon tea on weekends. Cafe Du Parc is another option. If you are willing to travel, Leopolds in Georgetown also has beautiful desserts or Locolat in Adams Morgan.

Authentic French Macaroon's?

The ones at P.P. are cheap and they are not very good. They pale in comparison to those you buy in France. I think some of the best around are from Michel's Patisserie, but they are much more expensive- two good bits about $1 each. Cafe Du Parc makes larger ones for around $5 that are really pretty good.

Supper at i Ricchi

If I had gone there for the Appetite Stimulus Plan special, and they didn't seem to have it, I would have walked out.