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New Year's Day Lunch/Brunch ideas?

Hi there --

We (a party of five) would like to have a nice brunch tomorrow somewhere. This is last minute, so many places are already full. Expensive is okay, though ├╝ber-expensive is probably not.

Midtown/uptown is probably easiest (my parents are coming in). My stepmother made reservations at the Algonquin as a fall-back. I just called Nougatine (the more casual Jean Georges restaurant) and got a 2pm reservation, but I think I may have to cancel as that will probably be too late for them.

Any other ideas? My parents are somewhat conservative eaters if that makes a difference (ie Japanese fusion brunch is probably not what they have in mind).


Dec 31, 2008
betsbillabong in Manhattan

No Reports on the Ballfields?!?

Yeah, too bad, because they were there the weekend before, all down Columbia Street and the food looked good! It was a nice scene.

Jul 25, 2008
betsbillabong in Outer Boroughs

Red Hook Ball Fields

oops sorry - doublepost.

Jul 23, 2008
betsbillabong in Outer Boroughs

Red Hook Ball Fields

Does anyone know whether Saturdays or Sundays tend to draw the bigger crowds to the soccer fields as a whole? Or certain times? I was there the weekend before the vendors opened, and it seemed really crowded... was there again for opening Saturday and though the food lines were long, the park seemed a little deserted. Is it a time of day thing? I like the atmosphere when it's really crowded and I can watch a little soccer with the crowds, and the little kids chasing one another, and the guys warming up, and everyone cooking out... Thanks!

Jul 23, 2008
betsbillabong in Outer Boroughs