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saturday brunch - LAX/El Segundo - Lg group

thanks for all your suggestions, i'm looking forward to checking them out! and of course, if anyone has anything else to add, please do.


Jul 24, 2008
mboud in Los Angeles Area

saturday brunch - LAX/El Segundo - Lg group

First of all...

HELLO! I had no idea a site like this existed, this is incredible! I eat out alot (way too much!) and I am always looking for new places. A quick browse thru the boards here and I've already got a ton of new places to try!

So, I am looking for a place to have a SATURDAY brunch in the LAX/El Segundo area for a group that will potentially be 45 people. I saw that McCormick and Schmitts (sp?) had something for $31-50, but I was hoping for something in a cheaper range. We don't necesarrily need a private room, although that may be best for the other customers! Hotel restaurants would be an acceptable option, I just haven't eaten at any in that area.

Any ideas?


Jul 22, 2008
mboud in Los Angeles Area