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Ruby Watchco or Woodlot?

It's ok. If I had known, I would have fully explained in my original post. I waited for RW to post the menu - I saw veal - veal = baby cow and I called Woodlot. The only reason I hesistated momentarily was that I was taking my dad out and wanted to take him somewhere nice.

Ruby Watchco or Woodlot?

Root beer, cream soda and cherry cola - they also had a honey hibiscus.

Ruby Watchco or Woodlot?

Having read the reviews ahead of time, I did notice the tiny bit of grit in my crab salad and the heavy salting of my steak (although I like salt so no big deal). I found the dessert selection a bit bland. After eating quite a bit of the delicious bread, I had to skip the bread pudding, leaving me with the pavlova which I found too sweet. The brussel sprouts were cooked to perfection as were the sweet potatoes. The homemade sodas are also delicious if you are off the booze as I am. I still would like to try RW, but not on a veal night.

Ruby Watchco or Woodlot?

Again - point taken. In my defence, I would add that the double booking only existed for the sum total of 1 hour - when RW posted veal on the menu I booked Woodlot. If they had posted it further in advance, I would have cancelled earlier. But again - one hour.

Ruby Watchco or Woodlot?

Point taken and thank you all.

Ruby Watchco or Woodlot?

I have made two reservations for this evening - Ruby Watchco and Woodlot. I have read the reviews, surveyed the menus and still can't decide. Here is tonight's menu at Ruby:
Arugula, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan Aioli,
Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

Barley, Grilled Radicchio & Red Onions
Broccoli Rabe with Olive Butter
Heirloom Carrots with Pine Nut, Raisin & Caper Relish

Spiced Pear Butter


Orange & Cherry Chutney

I have never eaten veal - seems like some love it and others hate it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thor Espresso Bar - anyone been?

I agree justsayn. Pretty much every long weekend of the summer they close up shop.

Best Cheddar Cheese

Empire Cheese - Supreme no question. My dad drives all the way to Campbellford to stock up but they do sell it in other places. I can taste it now mmmmmmmmm.

Urgent help! Three choices-help me choose

This is for a group of lawyers at my firm. The choice are:

Eight Wine Bar
Harbord Room

Any thoughts?

Thank you Chowhounders!

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

I've given up on The Patrician-I live right across the street and I don't go there anymore. I've been there enough to realize a few things 1) don't expect to have your coffee refilled - even when you ask..twice! 2) jam must cost a fortune because they hate giving it out..again even when you ask twice 3) how you order your eggs is largely irrelevant. Walk a few blocks east to Morning Glory at King and Gilead. Much better food, no lineup and they actually are happy to have you.

Unique Toronto Breakfast Recs.

Second this recommendation. Went there for the first time on Saturday..and went back Sunday as well! The coffee is to die for - much better than run of the mill diner coffee. The food is amazing and the prices are great. I'll be back again and again. Please put the apple pancakes on special soon!

Niagara Falls Restaurant

Not too sure about dinner spots. I sure couldn't find any when I was there worth posting about. For a quick light lunch, Cheese Secrets in NOTL has amazing grilled sandwiches-well worth stopping by. The Golf Club was recommended for lunch but aside from the view was very forgettable-skip it.

Stratford restaurant picks

York Street all the way-I've been there a zillion times over the years-never fails to disappoint.

Best winery tour/tasting at Niagara/Niagara-On-The-Lake?

I've heard good things about this tour: