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Mouse in the oven!

We had the same problem. You cannot burn off the stench with heat. We contacted J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. 805-643-3532. They carry all the hard to find stove insulations thank God. It was easy to cut. We cleaned the stove at the same time. Now it's perfect again. Glad we didn't have to buy a new stove. They sent us a tip sheet on how to keep those rats out too! Good luck.

Jul 30, 2012
Turnover in Not About Food

Chowhounders and Vintage Stoves?

We bought a 1950 Roper from ebay. The stove looked super, but had horrible mechanical problems. My wife believes the previous owner really screwed up the thermostat and a lot more. What saved our stove was a retired serviceman that worked for our Gas Company. He connected us with the firm they used for all their antique stove valves and thermostats. J.E.S./ The Old Appliance Club - Hope it helps someone out there. Our stove will stay in our family forever. It works better than any new range we ever owned and it looks sensational. It's easy to clean too!

Jul 22, 2008
Turnover in Cookware