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Ingredients in Caribbean Curry (as served at La Bodeguita Del Medio, Palo Alto)

I recently went to La Bodeguita Del Medio and had a terrific meal. I got the Caribbean Curry, which had thin slices of something delicious, but I cannot identify with any certainty what it was! Hopefully a Bodeguita regular can help me out.

The ingredient in question was thinly sliced (maybe 1-2mm thick) and a little crunchy. It carried a lot of the flavor of the curry, but had its own flavor as well. It might have been cassava, but I wouldn't know cassava unless a fellow hound told me I had eaten it.

I'd like to cook my own curry and put it in mix.


La Bodeguita Del Medio
463 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Hot Date with a $100 Bill (Palo Alto or SF)

Thanks for the replies so far! These are terrific recommendations. I should have noted in the original post that I am a pescetarian but my girlfriend is a meat-eater. She is also a massive fish snob especially with salmon because she grew up catching them in the river herself.

Hot Date with a $100 Bill (Palo Alto or SF)

My dad handed me a Franlkin and told me I had to spend it all in one place on a meal with my girlfriend. I would prefer a place around Palo Alto, but we have a car to get to the coast or the city.

Aziza and Incanto both look like good choices for the city. I don't know what's good in the valley in this price range, though. As a student in Palo Alto I have mainly been eating cheap chow for college hounds.