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Gyros in Arlington

Thanks for the heads up on the new Astor in Arlington. When I lived in Adams Morgan, the one down the street was my regular Sunday night dinner spot.

Now if the area could just get a decent, authentic Döner kebab joint, like the Turkish stands in Germany, I would be a happier man.

Wedding cakes

I got married in November in DC and we used Celebration Flowers and Cakes, which is a small business run by Pamela Hutzell out of Northern Virginia. She's based in Front Royal, but we had our tasting in Manassas (I think). Without a doubt, she is the vendor that my wife rated the highest. Pamela has an excellent choice of flavors, her prices start at $3.25/guest, very creative, she was dependable, and everyone loved the cake.

We had approximately 150 guests, so a similar size to your wedding. Big bonus was that Pamela also provided our flowers, and my very exacting wife loved her work there as well. We would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Because she's a solo operator, she sometimes took a day or so to respond to emails, but she always responded and was very attentive to details. She showed up early, stayed late, and was all around a pleasure to work with.

The website is:

Good luck.

Thirsty Bernie's in Arlington -- anyone been??

I recently checked it out and found the food to be pretty good, and they have definitely upgraded their beer selection. A few excellent draft beers - Franziskaner, Boddington's, Hoegaarden - and a nice selection of bottled beer - Paulaner, Pilsner, Löwenbräu (on special for only $3!!), Ayinger Celebrator, Spaten, Magic Hat #9, and some Czech beer that I didn't recognize. Many more that I can't recall, but an impressive listing in my opinion.

The drafts come in a large VERY FROSTY mug - maybe a quart, but it seemed less - though the $10 price tag seems a bit steep. There was a sign promoting Margarita Mondays for $3 or $4, I think, but I didn't try one.

The pasta special was a ziti served beneath a grilled fennel sausage coil on a hot iron skillet. That was fantastic and filling and worth the $11.50.

My sense is that the pricing - $14 burger which I did not try - is a bit high for a sports bar, but I did see some affordable options - a half smoke and fries special for $6.50, and Texas brisket sliders for $2 each. I enjoyed the sliders, but the sauce needs a bit more tang.

The $5 Belgian fries were not top shelf but not terrible, just a bit bland.

Lots of televisions with a variety of sports playing - European soccer, horse racing, mixed martial arts - not bad for a Monday evening.

I'll go again to check out the progress.