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Problem with noodle kugel (pudding)

For generations I have had the pleasure of eating noodle kugels on the holidays. However, for the last number of years my wife and I have struggled to get the noodles to bond together. It was never a problem until a few years ago. we have changed proportions, cookware and everything else we could think of. The taste is the same but the consistency isn't there anymore. Is it the noodles or something else?

Sep 30, 2008
cantoncrazee in Home Cooking

Old Fashioned Chinese Eggroll

Does this still exist anywhere? Since Tung Hoy closed in Mamaroneck I have been totally foiled in finding this delight that is at all acceptable.

Belly Clams and Steamers

I have had great luck at the Shoprite in Monticello NY for steamers. They have been superb for the last two weeks. I don't know about other Shoprite fish departments. BTW this same store has the best large lobsters and run sales at $6.99/lb at times.