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Italian Specialties Store Near Wilton, CT?

I live in Wilton (about 5 minutes from Norwalk), and have been looking for a good place to get Italian specialties. Imported pancetta, other meats and cheeses, if possible, etc etc...

I'm willing to travel a bit to get it, and I figure one of Westport, New Canaan, possibly Greenwich (although that's a bit further) will have it.

Babbo without Reservations

I've heard it possible if you get there early to sit in the bar area.

Is 7:30 on a Tuesday or Wednesday early enough? I don't think we will be able to get there sooner.

Would they say no chance, or suggest that if we wait for 2 hours (something we would probably be willing to do), we can be seated.

Jul 28, 2008
jsal22 in Manhattan

Mission Impossible: Rez for 16 in 2 days

Yes, I was harnessed with the ridiculous obligation to find a good restaurant, preferably Italian, for a group of 16 on Wednesday night at a reasonable (~8:30) time.

Not sure if it is possible.

Can anyone suggest where I even begin to start to call? I was thinking Crispo, possibly Pepolino in Tribeca. Tried to get a rez at Lupa (yeah, I know, no chance), but they have set menus for large groups, and I have a couple friends with food allergies so would rather people be able to pick.

At this point, open to options outside of Italian, as long as it's not Cuban / Mexican / S American foods.

Jul 21, 2008
jsal22 in Manhattan