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Any one check out Eton for dumplings yet?

Love the place. We've eaten/snacked there several times per week, and it's interesting to see the fine tuning on the dumplings since 'day 1':

Overall, the wrapper have gotten even more delicate in the past two weeks, which might be the reason why the chicken- and meat-dumplings had to cut back on the soupy juice ... they have to walk a fine line, otherwise the little guys burst open during preparation.

I am not sure if they have gotten saltier, but sometimes i wish they had a tad less salt so that i could enjoy all the different dipping sauces.

Great news for us regulars: Eaton now serves a 'seasonal' dumpling in addition to his 3 standard types. Flavor of this week: mushroom!

Also, they switched to more environmentally friendly paper bowls and takeout boxes. And their new pre-order phone number is: 718-222-2999

Jul 21, 2008
nvo in Outer Boroughs