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What Will You Be Drinking While Watching "Mad Men" This Sunday?

Where did you see Don drinking straight rye and what brand was it? And what is a Golden-Age cocktail?

Aug 07, 2008
insectrights in Spirits

Greg Cox N&O-reviews and ratings [Moved from South board]

I'm officially starting a Greg Cox post that will hopefully be updated weekly by the Triangle foodie community. I'd love to see some critiques from everyone on his writing style and choices in stars for reviewed restaurants.

Let's start the posting with tomorrow's review. Maybe we'll see another japanese-steakouse or better yet, a fast food chain.

Favorite Triangle-area bartenders

I second the CP reccomendation. Dude knows his stuff and is in a good position to do great things.

Bryan, what exactly do you have in the works that's Duke centric? I'm curious as to how you've got so many things lined up as a recently turned 21 year old college student with little to do with the bartending industry.

And vodka is by the way a perfectly acceptable mixer, just a little boring, that's all.

Stocking a Bar in the Triangle, NC

Short there is no place to "geek out". Not sure what you mean by real rye, but there's only two kinds available here, wild turkey and jim beam, the only mescal has a worm in it and isn't very good, chartreuse cannot be had by a consumer here and buy your vermouths from whole foods or harris teeter, not from the abc store. Welcome to NC ABC law suckage.

Boston Shaker and Other Bar Supplies in Durham, NC

Search for a restaurant supply company in the area. The closest one that I know is close to garner, but still, everything is super super cheap. Probably less than $10 for everything mentioned.

Dinner for 60 in Raleigh

The Pit which took over Nana's is huge. Also consider Red steak, but seafood and hot pots galore.

Grocery Store Fresh Turkeys in RDU

Alison Farms and Tanglewood Farms are the same people as far as I can tell.

Best Meals in Raleigh?

I was drunk when I wrote that, but I still stand by what I said. No, I don't think some white American can do justice to every Asian country's cuisine(which is what Fin's menu covers). And about the South East Asian, I meant to say that the only place that it's well represented is in Greensboro, so don't waste your time hoping to get a great experience in Raleigh.

Best Meals in Raleigh?

J Betski's-most underrated overrated place in town....great food, great prices, awesome cocktails and service

Frazier's-used to be awesome, but i hear things are still inherently good

Neomonde-simple middle eastern food, cheap prices, go for lunch

Raleigh Times-bar food and beer, enough said

Forget Waraji-most overrated sushi in NC, go to NYC instead, if that's too far, Whole Foods might be better(sorry people, but waraji is a joke)

La Vallarta-Mexican open until 2am in the week, 24 hours on the weekends....there's better mexican out there, but it's authentic and open late. the torta cubana is off the chain.

Pho Cali is terrible, Dalat isn't much better but if you want Vietnamese, go to Greensboro, Van Loi II will blow your mind.

Fins-people say this place is great but i don't trust white people and their pan asian weirdnesses, plus he keeps chilean sea bass on the menu after 10 years of being endangered.

Tasca Brava-used to be in cary, but is now in north raleigh. Was very good spanish food, but the menu is bigger and that often means bigger problems, but still the owners are really from Spain.

Stay clear of South East Asian in raleigh unless you're in greensboro, Indian is the most reliable thing in the triangle.

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

Snoopy's-Raleigh, NC
Speedy Chef-Elkin, NC

Oct 14, 2007
insectrights in Southeast

Weekend Recs (Loop Area)

In search of a good liquor store, a late night place on friday night for dinner or bar snacks, a cocktail bar focusing on "crafted" cocktails and also a place for breakfast/brunch on Saturday. Thanks in advance for any leads.

Oct 09, 2007
insectrights in Chicago Area

Beer (or Bloody Marys) & Breakfast in Raleigh

If it's on Sunday, Player's Retreat on Hillsborough and Oberlin is great. Super cheap, alcohol and their breakfast is one of the best. It might be the only greasy spoon breakfast that serves alcohol that I can think of.

Buying fresh NC shrimp in the Triangle - where and what price?

Earp's or the Grand Asia in Cary. Both have very cheap shrimp and while Earp's is almost all NC seafood, Grand Asia has about 1/3 NC seafood. Either one would be good for shrimp, whichever one you're closer to.


This place has hands down, the best breakfast/brunch I've ever had in the triangle. The ham they serve with the croque madame is made in house. Everything tastes fresh and prepared correctly. A lot of places don't hold themselves to the same standard for brunch as they do dinner, but here this is not the case. Also, for the first time in my NC dining experience we had a knowledgeable server. To top it off, it was just around $35 for two and we left full and slightly buzzed(caffeine and alcohol). I hope this place makes other restaurants in the area step up their game a little bit because right now they're putting everyone else in their category to shame.

I-77 North between Charlotte and I-81

If you want something good, cheap, and some of the best authentic mexican tacqueria food around, there's a market/tacqueria across from the Burger King in Elkin, which is right off I-77. They press their tacos to order and their sandwiches are amazing. I recommend the cubana(which is more like the mexicana)or the pastor sandwich.

1401 North Bridge Street, Elkin, NC 28621 (across from burger king)

New Vietnamese Restaurant in Greensboro, NC

The only thing that seemed worth ordering that was different from Van Loi was some of their noodles....otherwise Van Loi is still hands down the best that I've seen in G'boro.

Cocktail and Wine Bars in the Triangle

I've never encountered such a place in the triangle only for cocktails, but The Lantern, Piedmont, and some others will have interesting things. Enoteca Vin has a great wine selection and flights that can be tried for $2-4 for a small pour. And for a book and make some old school cocktails, they're hard to come by in the NC area.

1 night only in Raleigh/Durham

Of all on the list, Piedmont is the better choice. Vegetarian friendly, and their atmosphere and drink list is better than the others listed, although I can't speak for Lantern. Support the growing restaurant scene in Durham....everything else is a little tired.

New to Greensboro - looking for good, down-to-earth restaurants!

Didn't see it mentioned and I have a feeling some won't agree, but Elizabeth's Pizza is quite a decent place. Cheap Ital-American subs and some very well priced pasta dishes. I only recommend the traditionals like aglio y olio, pesto, and the carbanara. Their "real italian" pizza is quite good as well.

For vietnamese which is what the city is best known for ethnically I second whoever mentioned Van Loi BBQ off of High Point Rd. Their bbq dishes over rice, vermicelli, salads and anything on their special menu are the best you'll find in NC as far as I'm concerned.

Seoul Garden is also very good and nicely priced. The seafood pancake and stir fried squid were two things that I had that were very good.

Had lunch at Natty Greens in downtown 2 weeks ago and the beer is pretty decent and the sandwiches cheap and relatively good. One of the best people watching spots that I've found in Greensboro. Crazy how much the downtown scene has changed in 4 years since I lived there.

Aug 01, 2007
insectrights in Southeast

Greensboro, NC Hounds! Show your stuff!

Van Loi Vietnamese and Chinese BBQ. Best food in Greensboro, hands down.

Greg Cox- is there *any* restaurant that he reviews and doesn't rave about?

I read his reviews for the same reason as you, rockycat. To see if something's slipped under my radar and to see if it's worth checking out, but that could be done with anyone at the N&O. My problem is getting through the poorly written write up and seeing his enthusiasm with the mundane.

Greg Cox- is there *any* restaurant that he reviews and doesn't rave about?

One great reason not to think he's a worthy restaurant reviewer:

What's next, Applebees?

Highly regarded Baltimore Restaurants?

2 or 3 star restaurants, nothing too stuffy or avant garde. Mainly a place with a well respected chef that is doing good things.....humble chef, great food I guess. I know that could be vague, but I just wanted to see some restaurant responses that I could figure out for myself what they're like. Thanks for your help so far, guys.

Highly regarded Baltimore Restaurants?

I was hoping to find some respectable restaurants in Baltimore that a cook looking for work may want to check out. I'm looking for something mediterranean that is up to NYC standards. Thanks for anyone's help/advice.

Buying fresh NC shrimp in the Triangle - where and what price?

Earps Seafood on S Dawson st going towards garner from raleigh. Almost everything there is from NC and always fresh. Cheap, too.


Let's see.....I think the one with the best prices and bartenders is DBA in the East Village. It's on 1st ave between 2nd and 3rd st. A lot of bottled beers with always changing taps with maybe 8 or 9 beers.

Dec 24, 2006
insectrights in Manhattan

The best cold beer to be drunk with warm stew

You cannot purchase Old Fezziwig unless you buy the 12 pack holiday seasonal, if memory serves me correctly. However, I could be wrong.

Nov 20, 2006
insectrights in Beer

Sushi with Scotch, am I crazy?

This is much more common with japan, and more specifically japanese whisky with sushi. It's a little lighter and sweeter than scotch if memory serves me correctly.

Nov 20, 2006
insectrights in General Topics

Best Baked Pork Buns?

Mei Lai Wah on Baxter is my favorite place for baked or steamed pork buns. It's more like a tea house, but more people come in for take out that those that eat there.

Nov 15, 2006
insectrights in Manhattan

Where can I find balut?

Elvies does and probably always will have them. And no it's not illegal.

Sep 14, 2006
insectrights in Outer Boroughs