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Marben recs?

yes. it was fine. I dont remember any our dishes being exceptionally noteworthy and its hard to give advice on dishes without knowing your food preferences but, you'll enjoy yourselves.

Terroni.. not up to snuff

interesting. never really considered that. I guess with the table turnaround at most restaurants being what it is , in addition to it being a Sunday night @ 5Pm we thought 1hr and15mnts for a pizza and some pasta would be enough..

maybe you have a point. perhaps to compensate for service inconsistencies one does need 2hrs..

Terroni.. not up to snuff

Greetings hounds, thought I'd report on a perplexing and somewhat disappointing dinner we had at Terroni (Yonge and St. Clair location) the other night and get other hound’s opinions.

Last night the SO and I had tickets to the Bigger is Better comedy show at the Panasonic Theatre so we thought it'd be nice to have a casual dinner before the show.

We decided on Terroni and we were quite disappointed with the food and the service. Now I'm not apt to complain about restaurants for the most part and I know exactly what Terroni is; over priced decent pizza and pasta geared to Midtown yuppies, (which much to my poor Colombian mother's dismay I have become!!) but, last night's experience will be the last time I voluntarily go to Terroni.. Here are the details

Arrive @ 5:15PM (show starts at 7PM meeting friends at 6:45PM).
Get seated quickly (good start). But, it takes 15 minutes after that for waiter to show up & ask about drinks. Order drinks and inform him that we need to leave by 6:30. He nods.

Drinks and Bread come 5 minutes after. No oil. We have to search down staff to inquire about oil. It then arrives.

Waiter comes back to take order, it's now 5:45. We order our apps and for a main my wife goes to order the seafood pasta and asks for parmegian on the side. Now having been partially raised in Sicily, my wife knows that seafood pasta and cheese don’t mix. But, hey it’s what she likes and at no restaurant we have dined has this request been denied. Until now..

The waiter states quite firmly that "No can’t do that". We're surprised so I ask him to elaborate and he says "I can not bring you cheese on the side and if I do I will be fired. In fact I have to collect all the cheese from your appetizers before bringing you the main". I tell him that's the single weirdest and dumbest thing I have ever heard at a restaurant.

My wife is now faced with ordering another dish or eating her pasta without the cheese and thus, the waiter says he'll be back in 2 minutes.

At this point, I'm ready to cut our losses and leave but, my wife is starved (breastfeeding has made her super hungry at times) and we have little time to go somewhere else. Upon the waiter's return she does order the seafood pasta (sans cheese) and I order a white pizza. It is now 5:55.

We get engrossed in a conversation before looking at my watch and noticing its 6:20 and we haven't been served. I spend 5 more minutes trying to flag down my waiter, when I finally just get up and go to him to inquire. He says it should only be 2 more minutes; which it was. The mains arrived at 6:27. We had to go by 6:30.

My wife quickly eats the pasta which she says was fine (but not to her liking without cheese) and I do likewise with my pizza which was also adequate. I get bill, pay cash because we would lose too much time waiting to go through the whole credit card process, and leave. It was 6:45 when we left and we were quite late for our meet up.

The whole experience left a bad taste in our mouth and upon reflection I wonder if Terroni's is heralded as the best pizza in the city in because it’s trendy and at the higher price range. The food is just ok and if it really is the best pizza in the T. then we're in some trouble.

I also believe what they charge for their dishes is not in line with their staffing expenses and use of ingredients. My pizza cost $17 and had such minimal amount of toppings that it was almost humorous. That combined with the utter refusal to meet a customers simple request is what will ensure we wont be visiting Terroni anytime soon.


best burgers in T.O.

oh yeah...Harry's drive in...that place and Johnny's bring back some good memories. and the burgers aren't bad either.

I also like the Steak Pit in Mississauga banquetburger

Camp 31 Review

I like Camp 31 and its proximity to the GTA, The problem have with Dino BBQ is that I dont know Syracuse well enough to find other activities to warrant an weekend trip..cant trek the family down to Syracuse just for my ribs,,

Greek Gourmet on Avenue Rd. - delish.

big thumbs up from me as well on Greek Gourmet..I just had it for the first time while walking by yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Its not the rainbow room by any stretch of the imagination but, it's a good neighbourhood find.

Good Irish-style brunch/breakfast?

awesome rec. love the Tara Inn. we used to go there when we lived in the Bluffs.

Help! North York/Midtown Restaurant Rec, dinner for 16 Monday

Miller certainly has some aspects to it but, I wouldnt recommend it for a chow experience. How about Herbs on Yonge just north of Lawrence?

turning 30!

ive heard quite good things about Messis on Harbord

Bombay Masala - Excellent New Indian Restaurant at Bathurst and Eglinton

I think what many are saying by stating "foodie wasteland" is that Bathurst and Eglinton is not a destination point for foodies who live outside the neighbourhood and I to a certain degree have to think they are correct.

While some of the restaurants you mentioned are fine, and as you state some are 'neighbourhood institutions' this is not a neighbourhood that foodies flock to. Part of it is probably because Bathurst and Eglinton is a relatively boring neighbourhood and doesn't really have the ' foodie vibe' of other destination areas.

To the point of this thread, Bombay Masala is ok. Inconsistent but, if you live near by, certainly can be worth it.


could not possibly agree with more. Joanne Kates is a self absorbed bore. few foodies of substance take her and his self indulgent rantings seriously.

Jan 15, 2007
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Jewish Restaurant - anyone?

jewish food? wow. have to admit that's a cuisine i havent really thought about before!

weddings in Toronto restaurant with private courtyard

funny we're going through the same planning.

Columbus centre has a very nice courtyard (but may be a bit big for your needs)

Graydon Hall has a very nice courtyard as well.

Torito Tapas - pleasant evening with good food and great service !

they're on vacation. another poster reported this in another thread also.

estates of sunnybrook

how about a halal wedding?

Current Best Greek on the Danforth?

One of the best Helenic restaurants in TO isn't on the Danfoth but in midtown. its, IKAROS on Yonge street, 3 blocks south of Eglinton. Authentic Greek food in a much more refined atmosphere.

Advice on Wedding Venue Options.

we're looking at mid-to late Sept. And by location something in from lake up to St.Clairish. Wil consider, restaurants, hotles, halls, etc.. I will check out all options mentioned so far and hopefully more ideas present themselves as well ;).


Advice on Wedding Venue Options.

Hello all,

I am presently in the process of planning my wedding and am looking for any thoughts/advice on a venue that would accomodate 125-175 people, be centraly located and of course provide a wothwhile food experience. Wouls be interested in opinions from all.


Canoe - A Hit & A Miss

Canoe is a expense card visit when wowing clients. I wouldnt call it a foodie experience.

Katz Deli

^^ dooo tell.....


Went back to Ikaros last night. last minute gathering with the rest of the family. again a very good experience, got to know the owners a bit better this time. Their spanakopita is very very good.

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

Chef of India is a great find. It was a Sidharta previously. The lunch buffet is a steal.

Jamaican Food

yeah we were thre recently. nothing to get too excited about it. however, I would have to go back and give them another chance to further gauge. I think the OP having been a regular there would have more to say.

Greek Bakery

Donlands is one that comes to mind more so than Serrano's.

Greek recs near Yonge & Eglinton? TIA

It's quite nicer than Mr. Greeks and, for almost the same $$ you need to try Ikaros which is on Yonge st, south of Eglinton across from the St.Louis wings place.

Katz Deli

agreed. I also found the owners surly. Cant say I enjoyed Katz's.

Greek Bakery

Um. No its not. Serrano's is a fine bakery but, not a destination point as you have described.

Work lunch - Yonge Dundas

I have a standby place I enjoy that few ever go to for lunch which always baffles me as Yonge/Univeristy and dundas doesnt have that much foodie going for it. Its called One Up and its at 130 Dundas st W ( a few blocks west of Yonge) We often go there for lunch/martinis and there lamb shank is very good.

website below

Fiesta Azteca on Bayview - anyone been?

It's ok. I would also lean towards Mariachi's if you want to stay uptown.


yeah one could make a comparison to Pan. I like both but, I think Pan is doing more of a fusion feel while Ikaros is doing traditional Greek in a more subtle, upscale version. Plus its close to the office :)