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Bad winterlicious experience: Paese


Bad winterlicious experience: Paese

i'm going to beerbistro on thursday... looking forward to it after seeing these good reviews.

any suggestions which items to go for?

Breakfast - Bay & College

Hey... what about Brownstone's on Yonge, north of wellesley?

I've only been there once, but the food was decent and service was extra-friendly.


belgian/liege waffles

there's also Goed Eten in Kensington. This place specializes in both Brussels and Liege style waffles. Pretty good in my opinion. The guy who runs the store is also pretty fun to chat with. I think he's a retired graphic designer who decided to run his friend's waffle shop.

Where to eat? (University, between Dundas and Queen)

you should also explore some of the places on Baldwin St. its a bit north of Dundas west of McCaul St. good selection of places. my favourite is the yung sing pastry shop.

Family eats near the ROM?

You might also want to consider Sushi Inn in Yorkville. Not too pricey, decent atmosphere, pretty good food.