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Rolling Rock Beer

I picked up 6 tallboys of Rolling Rock in New Hampshire last summer for $3.99. It was the absolute cheapest option at the gas station I stopped at. It's a typical adjunct lager, nothing special about it. It does go down easy though, if your looking to smash a few in short order.

Brew Pubs or Bistros In Peterborough

I'd reccomend Hot Belly Mama's. It's a cajun restaurant which has some great food. The plus here is they serve Olde Stone Brewing Company beers including their sampler. You get 5 - 4 ounce glasses of their various beers. It's located in the same building as Olde Stone Brewing - just hang right when you head in the doors.

Hot Belly Mama's
380 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9H3R3, CA

Olde Stone Brewing Company
380 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9H3R3, CA

5 Guys coming to Erin Mills Town Centre

I'm interested as well, my wife and I have been craving this since trying Five Guys in Ohio last month. We saw one outside Boston two weeks ago, got excited, parked and tried the door. They were not opening for another week...argh. We also missed out on Pinkberry while there which had its opening delayed a week.

A Taste of Downtown Oakville (Sep. 17 - Sep. 30, 2010)

Just noticed this and thought I would share it for anyone interested. Does anyone have any recommendations? I haven't tried any of the restaurants participating.



September 17 - September 30, 2010

Experience the finer things in food at “A Taste of Downtown Oakville.” From authentic Italian to Thai cuisine, pastries and French bistro flare, downtown brings you the world through food. Downtown Oakville’s autumn’s culinary event, whereby restaurants will be offering prix-fixe signature lunch and dinner options.

A Taste of Downtown Oakville -Visit the downtown Restaurants between September 17th to the 30th for prix fixed lunch and dinner menus. Taste what downtown Oakville has to offer. Participating restaurants:

Cafe Galleria - Caspian Grill - Colossus - Corks - Coriander Green - Jam Martini Appetizer & Wine Bar - Jonathan's of Oakville - Kleopatra's - Oilver's Restaurant - Paradiso - Ristorante Julia - Season's of Oakville - The 3S's - The Crepe Kitchen - The Griffin House.

Visit 3 or more restaurants - get your taste passport stamped and be entered into a draw with the top three prizes. Prizes include gift certificates, hotel stays and much more. Pick your passport up at the participating taste of downtown restaurant or print it here:


Smokehouse Restaurant to open in Georgetown

From their website:

Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm
Friday - Saturday 11am-9pm
Sunday Closed

Here's the menu:

Smokehouse Restaurant to open in Georgetown

I've been able to check out Hungry Hollow a couple times now.

My wife and I both had the Pulled Pork Sandwich both times which comes served with a plentiful amount of fresh cut fries, and a side of your choice. I've tried the Baked Beans which have a nice amount of spice and bold flavour to them, along with the Mac & Cheese which is tasty as well. The Pulled Pork is the real star though with great smoke flavour with a nice and tender pull to it. The Pork is not heavily sauced which is nice as there is a "sauce area" where you can fill a ramekin with your choice of sauces. From what I can remember there is a Texas Smoke, St. Louis Style, Honey Garlic, and a Spicy one. Portion size is huge for the price, and have left stuffed both times. Not bad for $7.95!

It's not a full serve restaurant, you simply order your food at the counter, and they call you back when it's ready. They are licensed though to grab a brew to go with the BBQ. The staff is very friendly with the owner coming by for a quick chat both times.

I need to check out the Brisket & Ribs next times I hit up Hungry Hollow.

I also loved when leaving today, they had a mascot pig waving to people at the road!

Smokehouse Restaurant to open in Georgetown

The amount of Southern BBQ places opening around the GTA / Golden Horseshoe is astounding. I'll have to check this place out once it's open.

Windsor Eats

I second Nico Ristorante, one of the best dining expieriences I've had anywhere.

Thanks for the other options, I am interested in checking out Mazaar next time I'm in Windsor.

Chicago Pizza Shack (Hamilton)

Hillbilly Heaven - BBQ in Burlington! looks like there are two different websites here.

It looks like the Burlington location is no longer on the 'franchise' site. It was there on Wednesday when I went.

Here is the website of the Burlington location which I found on their takeout menu. Their menu was updated March 23rd, and the prices have gone up and descriptions are different from the menu I have in hand.

I've attached a snapshot of their current takeout menu. Here's a direct link for a full size picture:

Just a heads up so no one is surprised based on the original prices listed here.

Hillbilly Heaven - BBQ in Burlington!

I checked out this place now called "The Original" Pete's Hillbilly Heaven. According to their website they have franchises opening in May in Oakville, Stoney Creek, and Barrie. I assume the name change is to differentiate the first store from the rest.

Upon walking in it's a cute little storefront with 3-4 round tables to eat in along with an outdoor patio. There was a good smell of smoke as we walked in the door. Walls of hot sauce & bbq sauces line shelves on the walls. The young guy working did mention that you can sample any of the sauces which they have in the fridge.

On to the pulled pork sandwich didn't excite me, fairly dry. The beans and coleslaw were fantastic.

The price...

I must say, I had taken a look at their menu online and was surprised to see the prices on the menu upon arrival.

Their new menu is as follows:

Pulled Pork: (sandwich only)

Regular (1/4 lb) $6.20
Large (1/2 lb) $9.29
XLarge (3/4 lb) $13.27

The sides are roughly $3.00 each on top of this. The online menu still doesn't reflect the pricing found in store.

The part that blew my mind was the meats by the pound.

Here are the website prices:

By the pound

Pulled Pork 9.73
Shredded Brisket 11.50
Pulled Chikin 11.50

Here are the "new" in-store prices:

Pulled Pork 19.47
Shredded Brisket 23.00
Pulled Chicken 23.00

I am not sure what's going on but these prices are insane. While I was excited about the proposition of a new BBQ joint with good value, it doesn't appear to be that way anymore. I have a takeout menu and will try to post up a picture soon.

I'll likely check out the Oakville location once it opens to see what their menu will be like.

Virgil's Root Beer in Hamilton

While it's not in Hamilton I've bought it at Whole Foods in Oakville. I know they sell the bottled version there - and if i'm not mistaken I have seen the mini keg version as well.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Can you confirm how much a Pulled Pork Sandwich is at the Southern Rub Smokehouse?

What's the best "extra mile" a restaurant has done for you?

I was dining at Nico's Ristorante in Windsor with three colleagues for dinner. I had a craving for Garlic Bread but was disappointed to not see it on the menu. I casually asked the waiter if by any chance they had Garlic Bread - he stated unfortunately it's not on the menu, but responded by saying he could ask the Chef to make some as they have the ingredients. I did not want to cause any disruption so I politely declined his nice offer. We ordered our entree's and were enjoying a drink, when the waiter dropped off a plate of Garlic Bread for the table to share and mentioned that it's on the house.

I found this to be a wonderfully kind gesture and really went above and beyond. To this day, it's still the best Garlic Bread I have had the pleasure of tasting. They used fresh mozzarella, and a wonderful blend of garlic and butter on toast.

I can't wait to return for another meal.

Dec 24, 2008
Screwball in Not About Food

Ontario's greatest wings. Seriously.

I just called. They are 100% open.

However, it's only a take-out or delivery.

Are you sure this is the same location you spoke of in the original post? If so I am going to get their take-out special 3lbs for $19.97 next Monday or Tuesday.

Ontario's greatest wings. Seriously.

It doesn't look closed. Likely just a name change. That is of course if the address posted above is correct.

Here's the website for The Wingery.

I live right up the road from this place and have never discovered it. I have to try it and soon! I will report back after.

Ontario Ribfests 2008

While not right downtown - there is a Ribfest at the CNE for two weekends this August.

2nd Annual CNE Ribfest
August 15 to 17 & August 21 to 24, 2008; 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

A succulent rib fest takes over Bandshell Park each of the first two weekends of the CNE. Ribbers from evribwhere won’t want to miss this fabulous feast as a multitude of rib masters compete to win "best rib recipe"!