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What is the best steak?

I have never bought dry-aged steak before. I have, in contrast, DRY BRINED a rib eye then seared to rare and enjoyed the results enough to never want to try any other method or pay more since.

May 29, 2013
globalgourmand in General Topics

Can you ID this mystery kitchen gadget?

A friend recently procured this kitchen gadget which, as a coffee connoisseur, first reminded him of a coffee ibrik or cezve. I'm wondering, however, if his love of coffee has skewed his perception and it is, instead, just a primitive multi-purpose kitchen tool à la Pampered Chef.

Take a look and offer your two cents? I'd be thrilled to find out we're both wrong.

Aug 22, 2012
globalgourmand in Cookware

Hamburgers not "beefy" enough

Put me in the umami camp, assuming that salt is not the issue and you're incorporating the flavorful cuts. I will post this article link despite that I keep getting an error and can't find a cached version:

With mouth-water detail, it outlines all of the thoughtful, tested techniques that go into this highly-esteemed and supremely beefy burger. From what I can remember, Maws uses dehydrated miso for the umami kick, three flavorful lean grass-fed cuts (short rib, flap and brisket) plus 100% bone marrow in a 85:15 lean meat to fat ratio . I hope that one day the link will be repaired and you can read about this very special burger.

Oh here! Someone on CH has summarized it already!

Jul 09, 2012
globalgourmand in Home Cooking

Where in Seoul for HIGH END for anything help !

Smilinglion-- did you make it to Pierre Gagnaire? I hope to make it later this month (now May) as well!

Where in Seoul for HIGH END for anything help !

Don't be silly! I've only scratched the surface of Seoul fine dining but I know enough already to know that your exaggerated emotions are far from the truth. A little too late, but for the record and future reference:

A small handful of very, very many.

Other immersion blender options

Does help a lot careme! Hope others who've looked at and/or tried the bamix v. dynamic will chime in for future reference.

Aug 10, 2011
globalgourmand in Cookware

Online sources for freeze dried yuzu?

I am also on the hunt for freeze dried yuzu. This is all I've found so far...

Jul 26, 2011
globalgourmand in General Topics

$1 Oyster HH Every Day of the Week...

Ah, that's perfect-- I can swing by Alba after yoga in Quincy. Do you know the origin or if its random?

Southern California Hound Visiting Boston for First Time, Seeks Best Upscale Dinner for $100/150pp (post tax/tip)

LOL, you can see we love helping plan itineraries! You can hit some of these for brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner... we love fantasizing what we would do with your weekend. :)

Anyhow, opinionatedchef gives great advice as usual. I'll second Prezza and barleywino's suggestions. You could probably even blow past your pricepoint at O Ya but most definitely upscale and among Boston's finest.

O Ya
9 East Street, Boston, MA 02111

24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

North of Boston, please help: clean, child-free restaurant?

These are excellent suggestions with helpful input, I am so grateful! I will pass these options on to my parents and see what they feel comfortable with.

Also, might I ask about a place called Summer Winter in Burlington? Its pushing a 30-minute drive but looks like an easy one and, considering that we try to be SOLE eaters, it seems particularly appropriate. Can't tell if it would be frequented by families with kids (seems possible) and haven't anything in terms of the food.

Southern California Hound Visiting Boston for First Time, Seeks Best Upscale Dinner for $100/150pp (post tax/tip)

A mile from Fenway park could make a difference in terms of walking/public transport, can you specify?

Uni came to mind for seafood. Craigie on Main came to mind for meat.

I haven't tried Island Creek Oyster Bar... can others comment if it does/doesn't fit upscale and pricepoint?

Craigie on Main
853 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

North of Boston, please help: clean, child-free restaurant?

I don't like adding new posts when there is a wealth of information here on CH but my request is rather particular and critical so please bear with me.

My step-father has a condition that compromises his immune system severely. He gets sick very easily, even in the open air. For this reason, I rarely (once or twice a year) see my parents, even for the holidays (flu season) and I almost never get to dine out with them (maybe 6 years ago.)

They are coming down to Tyngsboro for a few hours on Saturday and are cautiously willing to try dinner out at a restaurant. It must be clean and unlikely to see kids. I understand child-free is impossible to guarantee.

It should be within ~30 minutes of Tyngsboro. It can be absolutely any cuisine. It can be any pricepoint. If possible, casual attire or no dress code would be lovely, but I suspect that this is unlikely given the nature of my request. Small, private rooms that are sometimes found in Japanese restaurants would be great. Outdoor dining could work too but even still, no kids please!

If this request is a total pipe dream, I would also appreciate suggestions for well-executed takeout and a suggestion of an outdoor park that would make a good sunset picnic for 3-4 people.

I'd love to have a treat with my parents, thanks for your help!

Sukiyaki or okonomiyaki in Boston?

Nevermind, I'll wait until Taiwan. Once again I get excited before reading the full thread (serves me right). This will not satisfy my craving. Doh.

Sukiyaki or okonomiyaki in Boston?

Crap, I prefer Hiroshima-style. Oh well, I'm still going tonight.

Sukiyaki or okonomiyaki in Boston?

OH MY GOD, YES!!! FINALLY!!! I'm going ASAP!!

Trip Report: February 25, 2011

Such an awesome report-- the kind I wish I was organized and disciplined enough to do! Recently had some of the same items at Cragie. That marrow portion is incredible, right? And for the value, no less!

Sounds like you did Boston right. Makes me very happy. ...and hungry

India Samraat- any reviews

I recently dined with friends using one of's bargain deals. I would agree with other posters to say the food was solid though not exceptional. Certainly worth the deal!

We did have one app that was cold (previously frozen) through the center. Everything else was tasty.

Best butter in Boston area?

I ought to send a thank you back for an inspiration to pick up some of that goat brie from Russo's! We're big fans of goat-anything in this household. If my kitty wasn't snoozing so hard right now I'm sure he would agree.

Lumiere during RW

I would echo all of this praise. Having dined on many RW menus in years past (no longer,) only two dinners still glow in my mind. First, Lumiere where I had a braised rabbit dish that I still long (and fail) to recreate at home. The second was at Radius, which I wrote a review of in 2009:

Since then, I've always been VERY happy at Lumiere. And I will continue to sing Levitons praises for his involvement in local and sustainably sourced food for chefs and homecooks alike. I consider him a highly talented and respectable chef.

Lumiere Restaurant
1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

Weird! Avo, banana and eggs as well for my cousin! I really wonder what is behind this!? I've heard of a latex allergy being linked to avocado and banana. The mold theory makes sense for cheeses. I really have no idea about the apples and pears. And the egg one seems most bizarre! I really wish there were some conclusive studies on this since it seems to be fairly common.

Mar 14, 2011
globalgourmand in Cheese

Minibar reservations

I should update to say that this past fall (2010) we did succeed in getting a Minibar reservation and it was a glorious experience. I was in heaven the whole time. Having called hundreds of times since 2009, I was elated when I scored a reservation from the waiting list. I amassed a team of callers with a calendar of an entire week of possible dates to try for and one morning a friend managed to get very near the top of the waiting list. Minibar called back a few days later and offered us the seats.

I am deeply fortunate to say I have now eaten at Komi, Minibar, Enzo's Chefs Table @ Teatro Goldoni among MANY other delicious things to be had in DC and they are all different in mood, flavor profiles, and delivery. Given that I make less than $25K, I feel very priviledged. When food is your life, life is so good.

My advice now to others trying to get into Minibar is have a series of possible dates, have a team of sypathetic callers, definitely get on the waiting list, the day of the week that you're calling and the day of the week you're trying for both make a difference, and be kind to reservationist. Start calling a minute or two before 10 and be persistent.

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

Teatro Goldoni
1909 K St., NW, Washington, DC 20006

Best butter in Boston area?

I'm not a butter connoisseur. I do usually buy Kate's, the Icelandic Smjör, or any cultured buttter but frankly I've never paid close enough attention to really notice the difference at home. I will say a friend recently let me sample the goat butter I've seen at WF Dedham and I really enjoyed it. The unique piquancy of goat's milk carried through.

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

I forgot raw peas too. That one is real unpleasant.

Mar 10, 2011
globalgourmand in Cheese

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

Kiwis too!

Mar 10, 2011
globalgourmand in Cheese

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

I don't mind adding to the discussion 7 years later because people like me will still search discussions on various topics such as this one.

I get this reaction also. Certain cheeses, particularly aged, mature, or blue cheeses (but not always.) It happens with a lot of apples-- especially skin-on and eaten to the core. Ripe bananas. Anything other than VERY fresh eggplant. And more I can't remember. I still eat these foods despite the uncomfortable reaction. I know this is against Doctor recommendations but I think many of them are trying to avoid lawsuits. Me, I think of it as a sort of innoculization or desensitization process to keep exposing myself to these foods. Plus I'm a foodie-- what do you want me to do? :P Not eat cheese?!?

I also have a wide variety of reactions to various nuts and seeds.
Can't do walnuts, brazil nuts, pecans or peanuts at all, but eat most all others despite the reaction. Sunflower seeds are the worst of the tolerable.

My boyfriend gets it only with certain cheeses and nothing else.

Drinking fizzy drinks and gargling help the symptoms pass.

Mar 10, 2011
globalgourmand in Cheese

Craigie's "Road Less Traveled" Menu

I'm glad it was a success and bummed we missed it. I got the e-mail and then dropped the ball (had to work anyway.) I love offal but I go nearly all veg in the summer.

I've been wanting to get in for their Chef's Whim Sunday nights-- anyone know if offal is frequent on Maws' whim menus?

3/2/11 Azama Grill-Terrific Egyptian in Allston

No, haven't been yet but these are some of my favorite dishes/ingredients. I'll proceed to add Azama to the long list. or restaurants to visit (not quite as long as countries to visit and certainly not as long as books to read!) Thanks for sharing this review.

Seeking vialone nano or carneroli for Joe H's "absolute best risotto"

Thanks to you both. I'll be stopping at the Hingham WF for sure on my way out anyway and will check. If no luck there I can just keep going up Rte.3 to Formaggio South End & New Deal. Not a quick drive, but an easy one. Visiting specialty markets is never a drag.

Seeking vialone nano or carneroli for Joe H's "absolute best risotto"

Despite having just finished a grueling 12-hour shift, I perked right up when I saw gorgonzola dolce on sale on the sign outside the WF near my work! AHA! I can finally make Joe Heflin's famous "Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce"!

I bought pound of cheese and today I need to gather the rest! Specifically, I need help with the rice. I haven't been too pleased with the arborios I've been getting, I'd like to try the varieties he specifies. I live on the South Shore (Rockland, specifically) but I'd drive 40 mins to get the real deal. I can call around but thought I'd check to see if anyone knew a guaranteed source?

We did It! (Sortof) Roasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Risotto

I laughed out loud reading this.

I've had Joe's recipe in the back of my mind for a few years now since I first read it. Unexpectedly last night, while stopping in to WF for some quick provisions after an exhausting 12-hour shift, I saw on the sign outside-- gorgonzola dolce on sale, $4 off regular price, sale ending today!! AH! I perked right up, telephoned the boy-- can you look up how much gorogonzola dolce? So I'l be off early tomorrow morning to collect the rest of the ingredients. I can't wait to give it a try. FINALLY!

I also loved reading Zora's account of her invitation to Joe. It truly makes me smile thinking about how food brings people (even essential strangers) together. I really do love being part of this CH community.

Mar 02, 2011
globalgourmand in Home Cooking