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Current recos for Madison needed

Heading to Madison for a few days and wanted to get some current recommendations.
Thanks for your help!

Aug 25, 2010
aubergine in Great Lakes

Matsuya is closed???

I drove by Matsuya tonight. It's on Clark St., south of Addison. Have been going there for years. I couldn't tell if it is gone for good or is being remodeled or something...was driving. But it looked pretty gone... Does anyone know what's up?

Matsuya Restaurant
3469 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

May 22, 2010
aubergine in Chicago Area

Sushi Grade Fish???

sea ranch is a wonderful place...really good quality fish.
have not been to the fish guy yet.

Mar 01, 2009
aubergine in Chicago Area

Chinalite out of business

I think Chinalite on Southport is out of business. They were closed on Friday night and have a 'For Rent' sign posted.
I loved their food for delivery...some of my favorite food in Chicago, and healthier with all the veggies, non-goopy sauces, and no MSG. Huge portions, great eggrolls(with peanut butter), really good food.
They were sometimes very rude at the restaurant itself. Not letting people come in if they were closing in 30-45 mins, etc. I think they had a thriving delivery business, but wonder if their manner towards people in the restaurant played any part in their closing, or if it was just the economy.

Feb 23, 2009
aubergine in Chicago Area

Sushi Para II, Katachi, Ringo???

Have you been to Sushi Para II, Katachi, or Ringo for AYCE sushi?
Feedback is needed. Thanks!

Jan 07, 2009
aubergine in Chicago Area

Good places w/ coupons???

I have some coupons for
There is a whole long list of eligible restaurants but I have not had time to research all of them. I am looking for places with in 5 miles of 60618. I'd prefer to use the coupons that have a $35 minimum with a $25 coupon, rather than a $50 min. but I would consider the more expensive ones if the places are really good. I really like Italian and Japanese food, and also Brunch, but would really consider anything. Does anyone know of any good places on the site?

Thanks...I will also add my own feedback as I use the coupons.

Jul 31, 2008
aubergine in Chicago Area

"new" logo next to my post?

How can I get the "new" logo next to my new post? It didn't show up automatically.
I posted about brunch in Chicago a little while ago.

Mar 02, 2007
aubergine in Site Talk

Need *nice* Sunday Brunch place for Aunt's B-Day

My aunt is visiting from London and would like a nice Sunday brunch place to celebrate her 60th birthday. She has had a lot of very good food all over the world. We are on the N. Side, so N. side or downtown would be good. I would like a few recos for Buffets, and a few recos for Non-buffets. Price can be up to $30-$40 per person. Thanks!!!!!

Mar 02, 2007
aubergine in Chicago Area

Feedback on Sushi Para II or Katachi????

Seeking feedcback on the sushi....Para II is in Lincoln Park, Katachi is near Irving and Sheridan. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

Oct 19, 2006
aubergine in Chicago Area

Good bakeries in AKRON???

Will be in Akron and need to get a birthday cake (not too expensive hopefully). Any suggestions for good bakeries there?

Also any more suggestions for good restaurants, inexpensive to moderate, in Akron, would be welcomed.....

Thanks for your help!!!

Suggestions for good restaurants in AKRON

Hi -- Am going to Akron for a wedding weekend, and am wondering if anyone can suggest some good restaurants that are inexpensive or moderate cost for meals that are not included in the wedding festivities. Having some veggie or fish options on menu would be helpful. Also possibly will need lunch on the drive between Cleveland and Akron. Thanks!