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No power - hot breakfast Christmas Day?

Anyone know besides a Tim horton's drive thru? We are in south Scarborough. Trying to avoid a hotel as have two kids under 5. Greasy spoon would fit the bill.

Your favourite grocery store in GTA (chain or otherwise?)

Thanks! I'm happy to hear it's a good choice. I might still travel west to my old No Frills haunt (Golden Mile) -- love their reduced produce -- allows me to get creative. Thanks for the scarberian reco -- will have to connect to find some good food places. We are fairly lucky here in west scarborough -- southeast Scarborough, not so much.

Your favourite grocery store in GTA (chain or otherwise?)

Re: Highland Farms.

Moving away from my 'hood in three weeks from the two No Frills I have fallen in love with. Am trying to figure out where my new fave grocery store.

Moving to an area with a dearth of store options (Guildwood).

The West Hill Highland Farms was a staple for us growing up but all I remember were the grumpy women who used to weigh our produce and put the stickers on.

Is this HF one of the ones everyone speaks so highly of? Or is the Kennedy Rd location the better of the two?

Birthday dinner for wife at "kid-friendly" restaurant?

I was just going to suggest Le Papillion on the Park but JamieK beat me to it. They LOVE kids there -- we often bring our 8-month old and they love her there. We go for an earlier seating and we've never had any problems. The food is great too.

Loblaw's = downhill

Re: bag issue.

I put my bags on the conveyor belt just before my groceries so the have to touch the bags. I don't touch the groceries. I will just wait until they bag them (this is at Loblaws or Metro, not the places where we've always bagged our own like No Frills).

It's usually easier for me as I have a baby with me when I shop. They need to help me.

When I was 8 months pregnant, I actually almost lost it on a cashier. I was doing a big prep shop for baby coming and I was trying to bag all the groceries. I said to the cashier, "I need some help with this" and she helped but was grumbling. She's the one who looked like a jerk.

Next time I get crap service from Loblaws, I'm going to the manager. Might not do any good, but at least I'll feel better.

Where do you buy your organic groceries?

We have our veggies and fruit delivered by Wanigan. We buy our milk from The Natural Food Depot (Lawrence and Warden). All others are either from Loblaws or The Carrot.

Visiting with an 8 month old -- need suggestions for anniversary lunch or dinner

My husband and I are visiting next week and we'd love to book a reservation somewhere for our 3rd anniversary lunch or dinner. We will be bringing an 8-month old. She's pretty good but is a baby so you never know (she hasn't had any dining-out meltdowns to date). She is used to dining out, we just make sure we are home by her bath time (7:30pm).

We are staying off the Magnificant Mile near the John Hancock Centre.

We'd prefer a place that had great food (no real preference, we like everything) and cost isn't an issue. I just don't want to end up at a crazy loud restaurant with crummy food just because we have a baby in tow.

So -- any suggestions for baby-friendly with fabulous food?


Jul 06, 2010
geoprincess in Chicago Area

West Scarborough brunch?

When we are looking for a no-frills type of breakfast we go to:

Watt's -- Eglinton Square -- cheap and good blueberry pancakes
The Crackin' Egg -- plaza at Danforth and Birchmount -- good but can be greasy at times

We avoid The Wexford if we can -- If find it overpriced for what you get IMO

2072 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z5, CA

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs -- delisted at Shoppers?

Did try the Life Brand eggs. The texture of the filling is more syrupy than the Cadbury ones which I find to be thicker with a bit of a grainy texture. Cadbury eggs are one of my guilty pleasures -- I don't think I'll buy the LIfe Brand ones again.

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs -- delisted at Shoppers?

I noticed the size shrunk this year as well -- probably a cash grab (I do believe lots of items like cereal and cheese have been quietly downsized as well).

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs -- delisted at Shoppers?

My husband was in our local Shoppers in East York and they were nowhere to be found. Only their Life Brand ones were available. They were there two weeks ago, now they aren't.

Anyone have some insight to this?

need scotch suggestion -- LCBO

Hi all again -- the Christmas Scotch tradition continues :) I'm looking for another great bottle for my husband. My shopping mobility is sort of limited right now as we have a 5 week old so getting out is hard. Would love some advice from you all.

I bought Highland Park 18 last year and then for husband's birthday I bought him the Tullibardine Port Wood Finish Single Malt.

Is there anything new and notable at the LCBO this season? Would love suggestions again.

Just to recap -- what we have now is:
Bladnoch - 23 years
Glenmorangie - quinta ruban - post cask - extra matured
Highland Park 18
Tullibardine Port Wood Finish

any comments about wanigan organic produce delivery?

We have used Wanigan now for two years. We don't have anything to compare it to but we are generally very happy with them. We get the Fruit and Vegetable Box. The variety is good but there was a stretch there when we were overun with carrots and bananas. We have it delivered every two weeks and it's enough for two of us.

The quality is good. Any issues have been dealt with via email (eg, we got a mushy peach last week -- all I did was email them and was credited on my next delivery, no problem).

Our delivery day is Thursday -- we have until 8pm to add/change our order online - it's super easy.

questions about organic produce delivery in winter

We just leave a cooler on the front porch and we've never had a problem with our produce freezing -- even when returning home later in the evening.

Last Supper before baby comes -- need suggestions

We are having a baby in 4 weeks. We have booked a room downtown Toronto for next Saturday as a last escape for a very long time. :)

I'm looking for a restaurant that is yummy with friendly service. Doesn't have to be an "it" spot but it's OK if it is. Price isn't really an issue. Can't do anything that's a chef's tasting menu type-of-thing as husband has a shellfish allergy and well, I can't eat anything raw or unpasturized.

Looking for someplace downtown. TYIA.

Inexpensive Wedding Venue... Toronto Area

Check out The Kortright Centre -- you can have a BBQ caterer brought in (one was
on their preferred list).

I loved the place but it wasn't big enough for our wedding. There is no banquet hall feel about it AT ALL.

I understand your frustration -- you have to check out a venue in person to get a feel for the place. I went through it all three years ago. Good luck!

Arkadia House -- Greek "Find" in Scarborough

Makes perfect sense -- thanks for clarifying :)

Arkadia House -- Greek "Find" in Scarborough

T Long: What do you mean by this comment?

I can't believe it is this hard to find somewhere...

I had my 30th birthday upstairs at the Victory Cafe -- it was private with our own bar and you could dance if you wanted -- this was 7 years ago so I don't know if they still would let you use the space like that. The price point may also be an issue.

Ci Vediamo Closed?

Walked by there on Friday night -- it was open -- has anyone been?

Tim Hortons

As a Torontonian who visited Manhattan last week, I was interested to try Timmy's in NYC.

The coffee was the same -- the service was slow -- and the bagels and cream cheese were pretty crummy.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by Dunkin Donuts -- my past experience here in Canada and in Barcelona was pretty bad -- I really liked the one underneath our hotel (Affinia Manhattan -- I think we were at 7th and 32nd?).

I am interested to see how Tim's does in NYC -- if I was trying it for the first time and I had the same experiences I had last week, I'd be turned off.

Jul 31, 2009
geoprincess in Manhattan

Spotted Pig: Very Bad Vibes Report

My husband and I were visiting from Toronto last week and we decided to try Spotted Pig -- I think we must have had the same server as you -- it's quite funny now that I think back to his crap attitude and total refusal to smile and his overbearing impatience. I am six months pregnant and I told him that I can't have a certain cheese on my buger -- he promptly barked at me "yes you can, it's ricotta you can't have". I just sort of looked at him and said "whatever, I don't want it on my burger please". Nevertheless, the atmosphere was nice and my company was good so I just chalked it up to the experience. All the other staff there were GREAT -- really friendly and eager to please. This waiter was a joke.

Jul 29, 2009
geoprincess in Manhattan

What do you think is the most romantic patio in Toronto?

The Rooftop Patio at the Hyatt -- but I'm biased too as that's where my husband and I had our first date AND got engaged there 14 months later.

Roast beef, yorkshire puddings

Try Feathers on Kingston Rd -- it's yummy!

ISO - O'Douls non-alc beer in Toronto

I am officially on the wagon for the next few months or so.

I love the amber O'Douls -- does anyone know where I can find it in Toronto? Non-alcoholic Becks is fairly easy to find.

Wedding Review - Liuna Gardens, Cullen Gardens

Got married at Cullen Gardens two summers ago. It was fantastic. The facility staff were very accommodating and the option to bring in our own alcohol was a bonus.

Had Pelican for the catering -- was not impressed AT ALL with Kingscourt and Bunny's. We did extensive research and Pelican was the most tasty and original of the three. We were very pleased with the end result.

Best of luck!

Caterers in the Durham Region

We examined all three for our wedding and went with Pelican -- ownership changed just over two years ago and the new owner/chef Kumar went above and beyond the call the duty.

Went for a tasting at Kingscourt -- mediocre food -- the tasting was in the kitchen and we had to sit by all the food supplies -- was not impressed with all the pre-packaged food (like Knorr gravy mixes).

Swiss-water process decaffeinated coffee

Thanks for the suggestions. My coffee is usually delivered with my Wanigan fruit and veggie delivery. It's Planet Bean.

Thanks for the Kicking Horse suggestion - that will keep things easy.

Still looking for a coffee shop/cafe that serves it -- looks like I might have luck with Merchants of Green Coffee but it would also be good to know if other grab 'n 'go places use SWP.

Swiss-water process decaffeinated coffee

I need to cut down on my caffeine intake (doctor's orders) but I love the taste so I'm going to switch to decaf where I can.

I've been reading up on it and it seems that the Swiss-water process is chemical-free which sits well with me.

I'm trying to find coffee shops and/or grocery stores that sell Swiss-water process decaf -- it appears that Tim Horton's actually uses this process but I can't find any info on any of the other chains/brands.

I also prefer fair-trade/organic if possible.

Any ideas?

Sunday Evening Dinner Suggestions


My in-laws are in town and are staying at the Harbour Castle down on Harbourfront. They are taking us out for dinner on Sunday night.

We would like somewhere nice but not necessarily high end. Any suggestions?