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glomming off "over-rated luxury" food items!?! What "luxury" items have you never tasted but would like to?

It's every bit of that. Way beyond the extraordinary food, it's the perfectly gracious service, the tour of the kitchen and wine cellar...amazing.

May 12, 2013
pam1111 in General Topics

"Don't Open That Bag!!!".....because I'll eat the whole thing.

After reading this thread straight through, I fled to the kitchen in a frenzy--have none of the specific items you all mention (as I can't keep any of them in the house), and have just devoured many rosemary Triscuits dipped in microwaved St Andre brie...mmmmmmm

Jul 24, 2008
pam1111 in General Topics

9 Items or Less, Your Culinary Time Capsule

Too many favorites, too little time...
1--Boneless skinless chicken thighs
2--Szechuan peppercorns
3--Dark chocolate
4--Wine, Cotes du Rhone or Burgundy
5--Counter Culture coffee
6--the authentic Chinese menu at China Palace up the road (especially Chinese Broccoli with Garlic or Dry Fried Tofu with Shredded Pork)
7--Caprese salad--nearly daily here since the tomato abundance kicked in
8--Okra--bought the last few Sat mornings at the farmers market, sauteed Sat evening with chili flakes and olive oil, mmmmmm
9--my Wusthof chef's knife

(and wishing I could squeeze in my prized Fuschia Dunlop cookbooks!)

Jul 19, 2008
pam1111 in Not About Food

food prep tragedies

Oh my yes. Hot new guy on his way over, and it was the first time I'd cooked for him, so I was looking to show off. While preparing dinner like a madwoman (trying to get the bulk of it completed before his arrival so I could look cool and collected when he got there), I got going on margarita preparation. Umpteen limes squeezed (since it must be authentic, after all), Cointreau, and then...well, the label on the Jose Cuervo bottle looks remarkably like that on the olive oil bottle, also sitting on the counter. Measure, dump in, aaaaarggh! So traumatized and rushed that I just dumped it all down the sink (a second later realizing that hey, lots of fresh lime juice, that could have been a great marinade for something! too late). No more limes, no margaritas.

Jul 19, 2008
pam1111 in Not About Food