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Restaurants Tempe/Scottsdale

Any good reasonably priced recommendations for dinner in the Tempe or Old Town Scottsdale area? My parents are coming into town and they tend to like plain American fare. Nothing spicy or ethnic. Entrees under $20 would be great. We'd prefer non-chains, but good food is the number one priority. Thanks!

May 04, 2010
ckwheat in Phoenix

Santa Barbara suggestions

My girlfriends and I are headed out to Santa Barbara this weekend. Our hotel is walking distance to State Street. We won't have a car, so somewhere walking distance or inexpensive cab ride. We're looking for one inexpensive dinner (entrees $10-15ish) and one a bit more upscale (entrees $20-30). Also any really delicious really cheap lunches? We love all cuisines, so we're completely open.

Mar 07, 2010
ckwheat in California

Chowhound recipe help - moved from Southwest board

Chowhounds--I respect your restaurant opinions, so now I ask for your recipe suggestions. We're having a potluck at work and I'm making two side dishes. I wanted to try to mimic Roaring Fork's green chile mac and cheese or Cuban rice and beans, but I started worrying about both dishes drying out. I'll have to cook the dishes the night before and heat it up before lunch in either a microwave or a large electric roaster that my friend will bring. What do you think? How to keep food from drying out?

Do you have other side dish suggestions that are good for reheating the next day? I'm a decent cook so it doesn't have to be a novice recipe, but I want something super tasty and fast.


Dec 09, 2009
ckwheat in Home Cooking

Good Eats in Phoenix Area?

I second Cafe Lalibela. It is unique and always satisfying.

Are you looking to stay in a particular price range? In the Scottsdale area, I'd recommend Carlsbad Tavern for a variety of New Mexican dishes that hit low to medium price points (i.e. delicious enchiladas for around $10 or a fantastic ribeye by approximately $25). Cowboy Ciao in Old Town Scottsdale is also good.

I had a great lunch at House of Tricks in Tempe although the service was extremely slow.

Oct 13, 2009
ckwheat in Phoenix

Upscale New Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque--birthday dinner

Hi all,

I've read through the previous postings for ABQ, and I'm still not sure where to take my boyfriend for his 30th birthday. He will be working a conference and I'm flying in to take him to dinner on Saturday night. Neither one of us is very familiar with ABQ, but we will be staying near the university and will have a car to drive.

His favorite special event restaurant in PHX is Richardson's, so I'm hoping to find something along those lines in ABQ (delicious steaks/seafood served with a NM flair--we love the beef tenderloin and shrimp served with stacked enchiladas)

I'm hoping to find a restaurant with a nice, mid-to-upscale atmosphere with great service and bar: more adult, romantic than family friendly chain. The price range is pretty flexible: entree's in the $15-35 range.

From what I've read on the chowboard, these restaurants kept popping up and just wanted to see which would be closest to what I'm looking for or if you had any other good recs: Antiquity, Rancher's Club, Monica's El Portal, Corn Maiden, Artichoke Cafe, El Patio, Sadie's.

Oct 13, 2009
ckwheat in Southwest

Looking for great Mexican in Tucson

El Charro, the original location downtown. My whole family LOVED the food.

Dec 05, 2008
ckwheat in Southwest

PHX: Carlsbad or Richardson's

Taking friends from out of town to dinner and we want to give them a taste of NM. Which do you think is better for overall food quality, service, and value? Carlsbad Tavern or Richardson's?

Hubby vetoed Los Sombreros since his meal was clearly undercooked last time and the customer service trying to take care of it was horrible (my seafood crepes were unbelievably delicious--so I'll be going back with my girlfriends soon!).

Dec 05, 2008
ckwheat in Phoenix

PHX area: Reviews on Sabor Latino and Babaloo's

So I drove the 25 minutes to Babaloo's and was disappointed. I ordered the Lechon Asado ($19) which came with black beans and rice and yucca. I only have two Cuban places (Havana Rumba in Louisville, KY and a small cafe in Manhattan) to compare my experience to and Babaloo's fell short of both.

The pork was flavorful, but served in chunks rather than shredded, the way I am used to. The chunks were a bit a dry, but tasty. The rice and beans were nothing special. They tasted like the ones I make at home and I'm no chef. The yucca was not great either. Strangely one end had flavor and the other did not. I'm used to yucca having a nice creamy texture on the outside and a bit more firm, starchy in the center. This yucca seemed undercooked and tasteless.

For the price, the portion seemed small. If it had been tastier, I would have cleaned my plate easily and still had room for more (usually I take home leftovers since I eat smaller portions). When I went to Havana Rumba in Louisville, I literally made two meals and a snack out of my Lechon Asado meal that was $14 (granted everything in Kentucky is cheaper), but the quality was so much better. I woke up looking forward to my leftovers. At Babaloo's--I ate because I was hungry and as soon as my initial starvation wore off, I stopped eating and didn't bother with the leftovers. So disappointing and I wouldn't spend the money there again.

Aug 23, 2008
ckwheat in Southwest

PHX area: Reviews on Sabor Latino and Babaloo's

I did a search on the forum and just wanted to see if anyone had more recent experiences/reviews of either Sabor Latino (Chandler) or Babaloo's (Phoenix). How is the food? Value? Best dishes?

Aug 23, 2008
ckwheat in Southwest

Arepas in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

Just got back from NY and had arepas at Caracas in the East Village. I"m craving them now! Does anyone know of a Venezuelan restaurant or a South American restaurant that serves arepas anywhere in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe/Mesa/etc. Will travel for delicious de Pabellon!

Aug 09, 2008
ckwheat in Phoenix

Help! Dropped the ball on Anniversary Dinner (PHX)

It's a classic case of "I thought you were making the reservations" for our 1 year anniversary. Our plan was to go to T. Cook's, but of course, it is booked solid for tonight.

We going to call all of the below, but in case we're lucky enough to get to choose and not have to go with whatever is open......what would you put at the top of the list and if you can add a restaurant, please do.

Lon's at the Hermosa
Estate House
Richardson's (I know they don't take reservations, but this is the only restaurant on the list we've been to before and we really enjoyed it)

We've ruled out Binkley's and Kai due to distance. What else would make for a tasty romantic evening?

Jul 19, 2008
ckwheat in Phoenix