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McClean, VA - Nice Restaurant

That could work. Thanks, Klaus.

McClean, VA - Nice Restaurant

Thanks, Indy. $35 was for the entree. Thanks for the great tips and for taking the time to reply so thoroughly. I can always count on Chowhound for great tips.

McClean, VA - Nice Restaurant

Looking for a nice restaurant to take a client.

Reservations will be at 5:30pm, but can certainly do cocktails beforehand if the joint has a bar. Price Range: $35 and under would be prefereable.

These folks look to me as one who knows food, so I'd really like to impress them with the cuisine, but still have it accessible for all kinds of folks (meaning, no foam and other oddities).



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Um...that's what it says. "liquor lost to evaporation during the aging process". Aging = "storage". Aging, like "storage", is done in where the bourbon is lost. Have you seen my bourbon?

Jul 19, 2008
Brian_Adams in Recipes