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UES Date Spot

I always wanted to go to fig and olive. Check out the menu.

Jan 05, 2007
chocolate pants in Manhattan

Dive restaurants??

You can go to a lot of adventurous restaurants without going to dives. Why don't you go to a cool ethnic restaurant in the east village? How about cafe mogodor for amazing cous cous? or caracas arepa bar? or dim sum in chinatown that's not on canal?

Sep 25, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

Best Tapas in the City, any ideas?

Definately check out Alta if you haven't been. It has some great flavors and it's in such a fun neighborhood.

Sep 25, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

St. Louis Birthday dinner for 10?!?

Hey I was asked to find a place that is fun and not wallet breaking. I'm thinking something fun for sharing...something with dessert..and something I haven't been to. Not Barcelona, not miso, not mosaic, not mango, not cyrano's. I haven't been to many places on the hill...but suggestions all around town are appreciated!

A 4-year Chow tour of NYC--we'd love your help!

I was a visiting college student at NYU last semester. At first I tried to learn everything about the NYC restaurant scene by reading books, and then walking around to find the places. This was really fun, but it became sort of a time costly obcession. I would suggest picking a few nights a week for going out and saving money during the week (because she'll be too busy with school to go explore most nights).

Take into consideration what her favorite meals are. Breakfast and dessert were most important to me. So I compiled a long list of bakeries and just walked around to the different ones. I also don't mind eating peanut butter and jelly for a month if I can go to a prix fixe dinner.

I would listen to chowhound suggestions and pick restaurants in different neighborhoods. Chowhounds know way more than zagat, and just finding the restaurants is a way to explore the city. One of the greatest days I had was finding a columbian bakery in Queens. I felt like I was on a different continent. I can't stress how overwhelming it can be coming from the suburbs myself. I always wanted good food for every meal, but I think it's better to pick certain meals for it. She's by H & H bagels and Zabar's grocer which are both key staples for any upper west sider.

Sep 03, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

St. Louis Coffee Shops

I live by Washu and I adore Kaldi'. Occasionally I drift to Kayak's, but I would like to branch out. Are there other great coffee shops in St. Louis?

Road trip through LOUISVILLE [Moved from Elsewhere In America board]

You are too kind. That sounds amazing!

For those that do not like Chocolate ... what's your dessert of choice?

People that don't like chocolate are crazy. I do like creme brulee and cheesecake though....something dense to replace the punch of chocolate.

Road trip through LOUISVILLE [Moved from Elsewhere In America board]

thank you!!!! Those sound great!

Suggestions for Ultimate Annual Manhattan Chow Crawl

I am still dreaming about the banana coconut rice pudding I had at rice to riches months ago. If that combo suits your fancy than its seriously unstoppable. I wish I had some now!!!!

Aug 17, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

KC Hound visiting- Dinner suggestions?

Coming through Nashville with my family of 4. Looking for somewhere to eat sunday night. Something where we can where casual clothes but still get great food....italian, southern, or european please. :)

Fancy Solo Lunch

I went to Jean Georges for the prix fixe lunch. The service is gorgeous but I didn't think the food was mind boggling. Don't get me wrong it was all very good-a creamy butternut squash soup, a light lemon saumon and fruit cake parfait with vanilla ice cream-but the flavors were all predictable. Don't go if you are expecting the greatness of their dinners.

Aug 17, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

Need Rec's- big fan of August, Five Points, Jane...

Alta, Blue Ribbon Bakery...

Aug 17, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

some help planning NYC trip November

Sunday in SoHo.

You've listed some of my favorite places. I would go to Mercer Kitchen if your idea of brunch leans on the savory side. They have great soups but minimal sweets. Balthazar has great pastries...but is it overpriced...probably. I've personally wanted to go to Prune forever. I would go to Prune!

Dinner...I would go to Otto's. A salad, light pizza ,and gelato in a warm italian atmosphere ...just sounds so good after shoppping all day. Olive oil gelato...mmmmm


I would agree with Clinton St. Baking Co. Their pancakes with the holy maple butter is an unstoppable combination. It's not busy on the weekdays but it's still SO good. I don't know where you are going to be for lunch...but I love Cafe Zaiya which has two locations. It's a really small informal Japanese cafe. It has fun things to snack on like rice triangles (sorry i don't know the right name, Crab salads with seaseme dressing that is amazing, and steamed buns. One of the Cafes is just below st. marks near astor place. Other hounds will have to fill in on more specific addressses if you are interested. Your meals sound so yummy, have fun.

Aug 13, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

Road trip through LOUISVILLE [Moved from Elsewhere In America board]

Hey KC hound just looking for somewhere to grab a sit down meal. any ideas? Preferably something traditional to the area, but anything good will do. thanks.

GREAT indian or asian by George Washington

Hey I'm coming with some friends to DC and I'll be staying by GW. Are there any really good indian or asian places near there? If not, I can travel for greatness.

KC brunch

What are everyone's favorite KC brunches? :)

LES Help for 1:30 lunch Today 7/23

Paul's Boutique, Jeeb

Jul 23, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan

Let's talk pancakes...

Clinton St. Baking Co. pancakes with the MAPLE BUTTER. The maple butter is the ultimate key. The pancakes are great but you could put fast food biscuits in the maple butter and it would probably be the best meal of your life. Get biscuits to go to save room for big cakes!!MMMMmmmm

Jul 23, 2006
chocolate pants in Manhattan