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*ANY* suggestions in Princeton-Skillman-West Windsor?

I'm possibly moving to that area soon and my priorities of course are very responsible. Instead of checking on cost of living, schools, etc.......I'm checking on FOOD! RESTAURANTS!

Regardless of the type of restaurants, most reviews on other sites seem to be average at I'm here on CHOW to find out more!

*Family Restaurants....typical American sit-down place. Any recs?

*Thai........any recs?

*Indian (authentic)



Basically, looking for non "foo-foo" places. ANY suggestions? I can't go live in a place with bad restaurants, so here I am asking the experts.

Jun 08, 2012
JEDIKNIGHT in New Jersey

COUPONS, RESTAURANT.COM question please,,,,,

Thanks for the great reply, and the helpful tip!

Happy eating to you sir and may the Force be with you.

Jul 20, 2011
JEDIKNIGHT in General Topics

Coupons and Deals- July to August 2011

CEE FINE THAI DINING. I love the place.

CEE's coupon on is a GREAT offer but it's one of the few disclaimers that says "present coupon when ordering".

If the want to see the coupon when I order, does that mean the food portion or quality will be reduced?

Or am I too skeptical for my own good? Thanks

COUPONS, RESTAURANT.COM question please,,,,,

Ok, so "Restaurant.Com" has all of these super coupons.

As an example, a local Thai place I really like is offer $100 worth of food for $40,00.

Ok, great. Dine-in only, I get it.

BUT it's one of the ONLY restaurants to say "must present coupon when ordering".

Am I too skeptical? I'm worried that when they know I have the coupon, they'll reduce the portion or the food won't be as good.

Any thoughts?

Jul 19, 2011
JEDIKNIGHT in General Topics

*HELP* Rittenhouse Restaurants and "simple" food?

I am about to stay in Philly this weekend.

Bringing my in-laws (lucky me) and their palate is LIMITED, big time.

Within WALKING distance of the Rittenhouse Hotel (18th/19th/chestnut).....

*Authentic Indian Food?


Can anyone suggest something like this in walking distance of the Rittenhouse hotel....and how long a walk it might be?

Thank you.

Mar 17, 2011
JEDIKNIGHT in Philadelphia

Korshi Korean Buffet in Centreville

I live 10 minutes from there.

Been there once a few months ago and won't go back for a long time.

Sushi: Average. Wegman's Sushi was better.

Food: Average, with some dishes slightly better than average.

Staff: Rude, rushed. That's a big reason I won't go back. It's not like Centreville has a shortage of mediocre sushi/Asian places with rude staff.

Yes, their's lobster.

But they limit it to one per person. Fine.

But, it comes out once per hour and frankly, I don't like having to "time" my meal according to their dinner bell.

This is far from the neighborhood but in Woodbridge, the chain "Hibachi Grill" opened up and the staff is PLEASANT. All the entrees are nice and fresh and delicious, sushi is excellent as is the stir-fry bar. I'd drive 30 minutes to Hibachi before I'd drive 10 minutes to Korshi.

But who knows? Maybe something has changed. If I hear a few recent positive reviews I would try it again. But until then, I'm not missing Korshi at all.

Upscale, Quality Catering needed in Northern Virginia

Hoping to get a few recs for caterers.

Thanksgiving/Christmas type food for a small company, 35-50 people.


Turkey-Gravy, Carving Station, live action stations would be great too.

Good service and staff.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Transplant from Oregon to Woodbridge, VA

One more came to mind.

MY KARMA INDIAN BISTRO....excellent Indian food. My Wife is from India and loves the food from this place. It's pricey in my opinion but great stuff. Sometimes they want to steer you to the buffer and that's fine if that's your thing, but the menu is too good so I just go a la carte.

Transplant from Oregon to Woodbridge, VA

I've been IN Woodbridge many times. Just there last week. Bought a new GMC there and got a sweet deal and met nice people.

THOMAS'S PIZZA .... it's on Jeff Davis Hwy...excellent NY style pizza.

MR HUNAN.... Chinese food on that same road. It's a NASTY decor. Clean, but just neglected totally. Also, I wouldn't go at night as it's dark with little traffic.

But in the daytime, it's a great place. Delicious food.

There's some bad reviews online of these two places.

But, I've gone to Hunan for 10 years, and Thomas's for 4 years and have only had great food each time.

Recs for DELIVERY Chinese food in Fairfax or Clifton area?

There's only a bazillion Chinese places in this area so I was hoping to skip the guess work.

Can anyone suggest a good Chinese restuarant that delivers in the Fairfax-Clifton-Centreville area?

Good food, warm delivery, etc?


lunch in farifax/fair oaks area

NO SAKOONTRA for me. The 1st time, the owner was very rude. We asked to be seated by the window, the hostess happily did it but en route he stopped her and made us sit elsewhere. The food was good so when my parents were visiting we told them to try Sakoontra for Thai. LOL, they came back talking about the owner being rude, and we had not said a word about it.

We now drive further to Cee Fine Thai dining and love it. Won't go to Sakoontra for free. It's not right to allow people to be rude to you when you are a paying customer, or otherwise for that matter. This NOVA businesses sometimes get away with it, because it's such a populace area with plenty of customers.

Any nice sports bars in NOVA?

Looking for a nice sports bar to go to somewhat regularly. At times I'd be going alone. Basically to eat and watch hockey games and where it's okay to sit there 1-2 hours after the meal to watch the game.

Hoping to find a place with great food, great service, and somewhere that isn't TOO loud with drunk people being obnoxious. Upscale is fine also.

Was at Greevey's some years back, not to impressed with staff.

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you.

(Lorton area is okay too)

Good Chicken/Seafood/Whatever POT PIE in NOVA? Restaurant or frozen?

Been the longest time since I've had a good pot pie and hope to find a good NOVA restaurant for it. Chicken, Beef, Seafood, is okay.

Also, are there any frozen pot pie brands you can suggest? Thank you

Burritos in DC area

OK. In our great DC/NOVA there are obviously some burrito lovers in exile and personally, I think it's a grave in justice. "El Famous Burrito....Football Size Burritos" is a semi-chain in Chicago and as someone who lived there 8 years, I was hooked. We need El Famous to open up shop in DC/NOVA. Nice soft yet chewy flour tortillas. Refried beans. Steak, cheese, extra sour cream, extra onions, cilantro, tomatoes, hot sauce that almost is heavenly and there's always a little grease coming out when you bite into it....and it's so reassuring.

That's their website. Email em and demand they open up shop here. DC is a great economy, great incomes, etc. They'd do well.

Looking for good Fairfax breakfast

Doesn't have to be fancy.

Usually go to the Silver Diner and it's pretty good, but was hoping for other, better breakfast places in Fairfax-Clifton-Centreville?

Good breakfast served hot. Ham and eggs, omelettes, hash browns, etc.

Thank you.

Veal Parmesean in NOVA?

I've not had luck finding my go-to Italian restaurant in NOVA. Not looking for gourmet, just a typical lasanga-alfredo-veal parm type menu.

Any recommendations? Tried Vespucci and wasn't too impressed.


Any recs for Sushi in Woodbridge/Lorton area?

thanks for the rec!!!! I'll try it next week.

TJSH is the one I quit going to. I could go 4 minutes without interruption from the waitstaff how means well, but I like to be able to actually read a news article or have a convo while earing.

Any recs for Sushi in Woodbridge/Lorton area?

Hello everyone, was hoping someone knew about a place with good fresh Sushi.

I usually go to a place in Woodbridge called Tokyo but the Sushi is inconsistent, AND the waitresses while well-meaning, are just too bothersome. It happens all the time but yesterday at lunch I couldn't even read two paragraphs in a row from the newspaper without being interrupted.

Anyway, looking for good Sushi in Woodbridge, Lorton, Manassas, Dumfries, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

Tony's is good. I live about 10 minutes from Tony's.

THOMAS'S in Woodbridge, VA on Route 1....blows it away in my opinion though. It's just so delicious. It's NY style. Even the fried calamari is delicious.

Whole Lobster Fans - Share Your Favorite D.C. Spot!


I've been eating whole lobster at Ruth's Chris for at least 6 years now. Everytime I go to Ruths I'm set on ordering a steak but at the last second, I order whole lobster.

They SHELL it totally and for me that's a plus. I want to eat it, not do surgery.

It's served sizzling HOT which is another big plus for me.

Been wonderful every time. Would love to find a cheaper lobster of course :)

More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

A tad avoid nights. I've eaten there during the day for 8 years.

More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

CHINESE. Here's one of the best kept secrets ever.

Mr Hunan, on Route 1 in Virginia. They've been there over 10 years.

The catch: It's RATTY inside. It's worn out, old. But clean. Also, don't go at night.

BUT...the food is delicious, fresh, served steaming hot the way it should be. General Tsos, beef-brocolli, egg rolls, chicken wings, fried rice/noodles. Lamb curries, Lobster dishes. It's all EXCELLENT and the only time I've had better is in some fancy 5-star Chinese place in San Fransisco or something.


Uncle George's Lebanese Grill - Falls Church (new)

THANKS for the report. Always happy to patronize a quality small business, so I'll visit this place in a week or so.

Can anyone give a KABOB comparison between Uncle George's and Ravi Kabob? Thanks

Olive Garden: Undeserved Reputation?

Cafe Lucci is in suburban Chicago and my favorite Italian place...owned by Italians also. Olive Garden isn't as good as that.

But for the VALUE, the food us USUALLY tasty, served hot and good.

I love unique restaurants.

But it's anti-chain snobbery that has gotten OG this reputation.

Nov 02, 2008

Anyone been to Backyard Grill?

Was hoping a few hounds have been to this restaurant?

How was it, what's good?

Thanks. Jedi

kerrygold garlic & herb butter -- where can i buy it in nova?

fwiw, I buy Kerrygold butter at Wegman's Fairfax all the time. Not sure if they have garlic, but sure they carry Kerrygold

Eating at Whole Foods vs Wegman's

I eat at Wegman's all the time. Enjoy the Asian food, some of it. Also the sushi and especially the Sub sandwiches.

Never eaten at Whole Foods and was curious if anyone here has eaten at Whole Foods AND Wegman's and could share what the differences are?


Sep 15, 2008

manassas virginia- your favorites pls?

Does Panino's do a Veal Parmesean and if so, pretty good? Thanks

Whole Lobster Fans - Share Your Favorite D.C. Spot!

RUTH'S CHRIS, Fairfax location. For years now when I go to Ruth's, I just order a whole lobster (4 pounds) and then mooch a lamb chop from my Wife. The lobster is fresh, not overcooked, moist, and two biggies for me:

1.)Served HOT. Now warm, but HOT.

2.)They shell the whole thing if asked. I'm not good at it and feel weird being a surgeon at the dinner table.

What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

GREAT TOPIC. (Many, MANY of these high rated places make it on hype, not on food. )

Ok, many fellow Hounds will disagree but I must pick Moby Dick amongst many others. I see many oooohs and aaahs about their kabobs, and after two visits to 2 different branches, I don't see it.

The Kabobs aren't too juicy, and the bread isn't fresh, it's already cooked and waiting.

For proof, visit Ravi Kabob. The meat is so hot, juicy and fresh. The 'chole', or chile, whatever you want to call it is authentic, hot, and fresh.

The bread? You can't touch it without feeling a slight burn on your fingers.

Moby Dick to me, gets way too much praise.