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Stockholm in May (Part 1)

Yes, thanks for posting! I'm headed to Stockholm on my way up to Umea in a week and was having a hard time finding info. Thanks for the tip on Ostermalmshallen! I went to their website ( and found info on the restaurants and cafes within the food hall. Nybroe Smørrebrød - an open-faced sandwich place looked great for picnic fare! Can't wait to try it.

May 15, 2010
meggersLS in Europe

Seattle Bars and cheap eats

You're close to tons of good bars in Belltown! I'd do a search on Belltown Happy Hour for a good list. Barolo is basically across the street from you and have an amazing HH. Pretty expensive restaurant but HH prices are reasonable. If you're there on Monday, check out Dragonfish for their all day HH. Umi Sake bar in Belltown is good for HH food specials. Icon Grill should be pretty funky but I've never been so can't comment on the quality of food/drinks. For cheap eats, check out Saley (amazing crepes), walkable from the Westin.

Jul 19, 2008
meggersLS in Pacific Northwest

Seattle dining options with pre-teens

Pike Place Market would be great because most of the non-sit down/non-table service restaurants have you eat in communal areas--you can each get your own thing. My faves are the Russian perogies at the Russian place and the seafood bisque at Pike Place Chowder. Ivar's Salmon House (Lake Union) is a good option too. Lots of families and great salmon/Northwest experience/views. At Alki, right where the water taxi drops you from the Waterfront, there's a tiny spot called Alki Fish Co. or something (only thing there). Halibut and chips are delish! Last choice for picky kids would be Uwajimaya. It's a big Asian grocery store with an all-Asian food court but the food's way better than your typical food court. Good for picky eaters because everyone can eat at a different place. Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Korean, Chinese. That's in the Intl. District so kinda outta the way but close to the bus tunnel and a good Seattle experience. Hope this helps!

Jul 19, 2008
meggersLS in Pacific Northwest

Sea. Thai places & Chinese broccoli in Phad See Ew??

Does anyone know of any Thai places around Seattle that use chinese broccoli in their phad see ew (sp?)? My favorite place in LA did and now up here everyone just uses regular old broccoli which makes it completely different! I unexpectedly found it at May Thai in Wallingford once but the place was overpriced and I didn't really like the taste of the noodles. Jai Thai in Northgate wrote it on their menu but when it came it was american broc. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Jul 19, 2008
meggersLS in Pacific Northwest