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ATL to NOLA Road Food Advice

wow! these are great recs. unfortunately a little too late for that trip, but perfect for future runs down to new orleans. did hit up taqueria iztaccihuatl. we had a variety of tacos, of which the al pastor was the highlight. super friendly staff too! thanks to all responders.

ATL to NOLA Road Food Advice

good question. probably I-85 to montgomery, I-65 to mobile, and I-10 to new orleans.

ATL to NOLA Road Food Advice

a few friends of mine and i will be taking a roadtrip down from atlanta to new orleans and we're looking for bbq joint or otherwise good hole in the wall spots to eat along that route. shortish detours are totally acceptable. any suggestions from alabama to lousiana would be much appreciated!

Athens GA Wedding Catering Ideas?

absolutely! though a bit beyond our budget, sadly...

Jul 08, 2011
five pound possum in Southeast

Athens GA Wedding Catering Ideas?

i'm getting married at a farm outside of athens next may and, of course, i'm thinking about the food first. do any of you southeastern chowhounds have recommendations for a restaurant/caterer? there are a lot of pretty good restaurants in athens that have a few good items on the menu, but are largely inconsistent, which makes me nervous. if there's one thing i want done right in this whole shindig, it's the food. any suggestions/experiences will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Jul 06, 2011
five pound possum in Southeast

bone-in lamb shoulder--help!

i saw that recipe. looks great. i'm thinking i could adjust the rub for more of a greek-style roast. any idea how long an 11 lb roast might take? cheers!

bone-in lamb shoulder--help!

hi all,

i've got an 11 lb bone-in lamb shoulder that i'm looking to cook up for a greek orthodox easter-themed potluck next week and need some help. i was intending to roast a leg of lamb, but this was the only large cut of lamb they had at my butcher. what should i do with it? all the recipes i've been able to find deal with boneless shoulder roasts and shoulder chops. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Athens, GA - updates, anybody?

nice to see an athens update.

my girlfriend and i had lunch at the national yesterday and i must say it was fantastic. we've eaten dinner there twice before over the past year and were slightly disappointed (the food was fine--good even--but nothing to write home about especially for the price), but our lunch yesterday was great. she had the daily special, samosas with a wonderful cucumber yogurt relish, and i had the NC trout BLT. the trout was perfectly prepared and worked well with the crispy, thick cut bacon. and, oh man, the french fries and homemade ketchup were amazing. for $23 total, this was one of the best lunches i can remember.

i also second jimmy's assessment of just pho. the pho isn't as good as what you can find on beauford highway (or vietnam, for that matter), but not bad. beware of the rice dishes, notably the ginger chicken. we tried this recently and it was disgusting. there was far too much fish sauce (and i love fish sauce) and the rice was too hard to eat. all the same, it's nice to have a vietnamese option in town. stick with the pho tai and you'll be fine.

regarding mexican food, i'd like to put in a plug for el azteca on lexington highway. it's got a diverse menu with many of the dishes only so-so, BUT the burrito san felipe is massive and always wonderful. i usually get it with beans and skip the meat (it's unnecessary and somewhat low quality meat). the queso-hot sauce mixture that covers the whole thing is great and the size of it guarantees that i'll get another meal out of it at home. definitely worth a try, if you haven't already. also, the guys that run it are really friendly, which is a plus.

Jul 31, 2009
five pound possum in Southeast

ISO simple recipe for chanterelles?

chantrelles are some of my favorite wild mushrooms. your method for cooking up the morels in butter, etc. would definitely work, though chantrelles (like most mushrooms) cook down until they're pretty small and white wine might work better than red. a pint won't go that far for a main course, if that's what you're going for. personally, i like to saute them in butter and add them to scrambled eggs, seasoned with ground pepper and sea salt. simple, but very tasty. they also go well with long-grain wild rice mixes. happy eating!

[Bangkok] Want to take a Manohra cruise cooking class on August 15th?

Hi Lina,

On the off chance that you'll still be in Bangkok in September, I'd definitely be interested. I'll be there starting September 10th...

Bangkok chowhound rendezvous?

I'll be traveling by myself to Bankok from Vietnam in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if there are any chowhounds who either live there or are traveling then who might be interested in meeting up for a culinary expedition. Reading the posts on the list about Bangkok street food has made me salivate and now I want to eat everything I possibly can. So I figured, what better way to try a bunch of different things than to head out with a group of like-minded folks?

Having never been there before, I would eagerly defer to more knowledgeable people on the list about where to eat, though it sounds like there are plenty of number of good market/food court options. Feel free to contact me on the list or by email ( if you're interested.


Thai Basil Recipes Please

thai basil is also fantastic infused in fresh lemonade. i went to a wedding not too long ago where they served pink lemonade with genovese basil, but i've found the stronger anise flavors of the thai work even better. just tie up a few stalks and let sit in the pitcher for a while before serving, then garnish with a fresh sprig. also a good mixer with rum.

ISO: Chinese Orange Custard Bun Recipe

thanks, todao. as soon as i can get to an oven (i'm currently in rural vietnam), i'll have to try this out.

ISO: Chinese Orange Custard Bun Recipe

Does anyone out there have a good recipe for baked Chinese orange custard buns? My family used to get wonderful custard buns from a fantastic bakery in Boston's Chinatown (adjacent to the main gate) and now that I live far, far away, I'd like to try to make them myself. Many thanks in advance.