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New Restaurant in Yonkers

Went to the one in Bay Shore last night.

It sucked big time. The only thing good were the stuffed potatoes.

Birthday Lunch / Early Dinner in Central Nassau

This is for my Mom's 80th birthday for 20-40 guests on a Sunday afternoon. I am planning on Milleridge Inn... It starts at $33 a head and the menu isn't that different from the regular price menu.

Any other ideas... it should be a place with windows and trees, etc... I don't like rooms with no windows. Any good places on the water in PW or Freeport?

Great Food, Bad Service

It was the second time there. I'm going to send the restaurant a note that they should hire help with personality and when you walk in, you should not wonder what to do because there is no host or hostess.
I eat out frequently and almost every place I go is friendly. A waitress should know that their tip increases with their helpfulness. Fortunately for them, I give a decent tip even if the service sucks...which I shouldn't do.
Chinese restaurants can be a different matter since the help may not speak much English. But if you smile at me and give me water...that's good enough. But I stay away from those type of places (usually in Flushing) since they are usually interested in serving only Chinese families anyway.
Lots of great Asian restaurants with friendly, English speaking help no need to go to those other type of places.

Jul 24, 2006
tastyorange in Not About Food

Great Food, Bad Service

There is an seafood restaurant in my neighborhood with excellent food and ambiance. However, the service is cold and if they don't want you there.

Would you go back?

Jul 23, 2006
tastyorange in Not About Food

Finding a lobster dinner

Did you mean Bayville?