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Anniversary dinner in so. Westchester - X2O or what?

I made a reservation for our anniversary tomorrow night at X2O. We've been there before and liked it, though did not love it. Does anyone have any other suggestions that would not break the bank? Thanks.

Good restaurant in White Plains or Tarrytown for rehearsal dinner?

Try Gervasi's in White Plains. The chef is formerly of Mulino's which has a very good reputation.

Any good traditional bakeries in southern Westchester?

I'm a big fan of Delite Bakery on Yonkers Avenue in Yonkers. It's close to the raceway/Empire City gambling emporium. We got our daughter's communion cake there last year and it was terrific. They also have lovely donuts, crumb buns, danishes, etc. Their prices are also very reasonable.
Although I live in Fleetwood and could walk to the Fleetwood bakery, I never go there - avoid it like the plague.
If money is no object, try Rennaisance Bakery in Scarsdale village. Their stuff is very good, though too expensive for us, especially now.

West village picks

Hubby & I going to see Our Town at Barrow ST Theater in a couple of weeks. Looking for a good, but not very expensive meal before the show. I'm looking at Commerce, Annisa and LeGigot. Commerce intrigues me, but I've seen comments about being made to wait and I'm a very slow eater, so that could be a problem. Annisa has gotten some very uneven reviews. Any thoughts or recommendations on other picks in the area? Thanks.

Mar 04, 2009
Natmom22 in Manhattan

Frozen custard

We live in Mt Vernon (Westchester County) and are looking for genuine frozen custard. Had some recently in Pennsylvania and it was so delicious! We're willing to travel within Westchester and to the Bronx.