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Best foodie experiences for bike trip in Dordogne

Heading to Dordogne for a bike trip (2 couples) in September and would love some suggestions for lunch and dinners along the way. Merci en avance!

Tremolat..Les Eyzies...Sarlat..Lacave...Rocamadour..Carsac...Belves

Jul 09, 2011
motherbugs in France

Atlanta need Restaurant or Caterer for Vegetarian Bachelorette

Coming to Atlanta at the end of March and am hosting my sister's bachelorette party. Any recs for Caterers or Restaurants that specialize in Vegetarian Foods? We will have the food delivered and served at her house. I just read about Dynamic Dish in Bon Appetit and will be calling them.

Marais Area Suggestions

Four Foodie women in mid forties traveling with 17 year old Foodie staying in Marais(Rue de Beaubourg) District Apartment. Need suggestions for decent price meals and a few special nights out. Also are there any local markets,butchers could suggest? Leaving the 2nd of April....Thanks!

Mar 25, 2008
motherbugs in France

Grand Cayman Rec for 20th Anniversary

I'm not leaving till mid September so keep the replies coming!!!!!

Thanks a bunch!!!

Grand Cayman Rec for 20th Anniversary

Going back to Grand Cayman after a 12 year hiatus and need to know local and special food favorites. This is for our 20th Anniversary and we are using Marriott miles for the Ritz Carlton. Heard Papagallo mentioned but if I remember it was quite a drive from 7 mile beach area.

Need Updated Recs for 2007 in State College,Pa

We are taking our son to PSU for a weekend for new students for next fall. We want to check out foodie/eclectic places to take him to chow. He likes all types of food. Are Zolas and Spatz still hot? Any new suggestions? I couldn't find anything since 2005.

Thanks, Motherbugs in Virginia

Mar 20, 2007
motherbugs in Pennsylvania

Bariloche famous for Chocolate? true or false?

Chocolate is very popular. The main street in Bariloche resembles an alpine village in Switzerland. The best chocolate store according to our local personal guide over Christmas was Mamoushka (Russian for Mother). That's where we bought our treats. Patagonian lamb is fabulous if you hit it in season, which it was over Christmas. Usually cooked on a spit over an open flame it is also referred to as served "bar-b que" style.

Bariloche Argentina Restaurants/Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendation

Mikey, any cooments for Naan or El Patacon in Bariloche? We ary trying to do an adult night.Thanks!

Bariloche Argentina Restaurants/Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendation

We will be spending Christmas at the Lao Lao Hotel in Bariloche. We are looking for a neat experience to take our brood for Christmas dinner. We have 4 adults and 5 teenagers/adults. Ages 16-21.

We will then be spending New Years and 4 nights in BA. I would appreciate any specials places there as well.