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2 ravenous bikers seek London Sunday dinner near Regent Park

Greetings London chow'ers,
My brother and I are doing RideLondon in a little less than 2 weeks.
That's 100 miles on our bikes in 1 day.
When we're done, suffice it to say we'll be ravenous...but also tired and somewhat lazy.
We're staying at the Melia White House by Regent Park and would hope to find terrific comfort food (ie not fancy food) somewhere relatively nearby for what could be an early dinner (around 6p-ish)
A Sunday roast perhaps?
A great poulet frites?
A gastropub?
Wonderful Italian?
Open to any other thoughts as long as it's not too far and we don't have to get too dressed.
Thanks in advance!!!

Jul 29, 2014
goldstt in U.K./Ireland

Great shrimp in a lobster pound south of Freeport?

Odd question, perhaps, but: I'm driving up to Maine with the fam.
Want the kids and wife to have a great lobster pound experience, but I prefer shrimp.
This is for lunch and we're going as far north as Freeport.
Any ideas welcome!

Aug 16, 2013
goldstt in Northern New England

Non-sports bar to watch March Madness?

I know this might sound sort of odd.
But i'm looking for a non-sports bar where I can watch an NCAA hoops game tomorrow night, enjoy good food and a good glass of beer/wine, where i can hear my friends speak and not worry about getting beer spilled on me, etc.
Anywhere on the west side - from 42nd down to the West Village.

Mar 24, 2010
goldstt in Manhattan

Vegas Mother's Day Brunch

We're probably staying at the Four Seasons. Having no information to go on, I was worried Verandah would just be generic hotel dining...i guess not?

Apr 26, 2009
goldstt in Southwest

Vegas Mother's Day Brunch

No car...but would rent one for right opportunity...budget is ~$75/each.

Apr 26, 2009
goldstt in Southwest

Vegas Mother's Day Brunch

My wife and I are stealing away to Vegas...happens to be mother's day weekend.
Anybody have any ideas of great brunch places on the big day (Sunday the 10th for those of you who might have forgotten!)?
I'm not interested in a buffet (with lobster tails or without). Just good food and good atmosphere.

Apr 26, 2009
goldstt in Southwest

best chicken for roasting? - manhattan/UWS

ok...i'll make the trek...you've convinced me.
I'm also a little squeamish about cutting off the head, but i guess i'll get over that.
thanks for the recommendation!

Oct 22, 2008
goldstt in Manhattan

best chicken for roasting? - manhattan/UWS

OK...a mini-report from me, the OP.
I cooked a pollo rosso chicken last night.
It was quite good - and not too gamey.

I'd like to try other suggestions (Chinatown's a little too far). Anybody else have a chicken they love for roasting?

Oct 19, 2008
goldstt in Manhattan

best chicken for roasting? - manhattan/UWS

ok. my beloved neighborhood butcher shop has gone to the great butcher shop in the sky (Oppenheimers on the UWS, RIP).
I used to go almost every weekend in the fall and winter to pick up a chicken for roasting.
Now i need a new source. Supermarket chicken is tasteless. I haven't found a whole foods or fresh direct kind that i like.
The union sq greenmarket is do-able on some weekends, but not all.
anybody have a great chicken source on the UWS? If it's a REALLY great chicken source, i'll go anywhere.

Oct 12, 2008
goldstt in Manhattan

Fried Zucchini Blossoms

It seems to be the season (or the end of the season).
What restaurants have great versions of this dish?

Sep 06, 2008
goldstt in Manhattan

Italian on North Fork?

I'm riding in the North Fork Century this coming Sunday...and am looking for a place to do a little carbo-loading...with some great pasta.

We're staying in Greenport...and in the past we've gone to Pepi's in Southold...but we're definitely ready to try something new...a water view would be great...

Any suggestions?

Dinner at Waterfire?

Going to Waterfire this coming Saturday in Providence...
And would like to find a restaurant where I can park once...and eat nearby...and walk to Waterfire...
Good chow is key (obviously)...price not really an object...
Thoughts? Ideas?