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Beef Tar Tar

I am looking for some good beef tar tar or an interesting raw beef dish.. Pref not at a sushi place.

Any recs in the bay area?


Looking for SF restaurants on twitter NOT CARTS

Wow I only had one from that whole list! Anybody have any others? Thanks Robert.

Looking for SF restaurants on twitter NOT CARTS

I have been looking online for Bay Area restaurants to follow on twitter. I have found only 40 or so and most of them are carts.

While I have seen many lists of carts who use twitter I have not found a good list of sit down or take out restaurants on twitter.

I have found over 100 for places like Chicago. I have trouble believing that such an internet and food savvy place like SF would not have more.

Please let me know!

Rice Ball Truck on 55th (Park and Mad)

151 union st in Brooklyn

In my mind hands down the best around. I recomend buying a few and taking them home with you. They are great the next day...just pop em in the microwave.
Hopefully this truck will start a trend. So few places in Manhattan sell rice balls. The places that do don't really do such a good job..

Jul 24, 2008
village hunter in Manhattan