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Ossingtons Newest-One Word PERFECT

Is this run by the same people as Salt? Interesting to hear the raves considering Salt is such a miss. I guess that's good news if it's the case.

Salt Wine Bar
225 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z7, CA

dim sum in downtown toronto?

Went to Crown Princess today. Was pretty good for Toronto Dim Sum. Ribs were amazing as were the scallop dumplings - sui mai has a dollop of foie gras on top - yum! All tasted very fresh and not premade at all.

Beware the Liberace-inspired decor.

Crown Princess
1033 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, CA


I know you're not saying that - someone else is.

Drake bbq has nice pulled pork downtown. And the trend I mainly speak of is the ubiquitous pulled pork sandwich - also the Cubano sandwich - it's like the new bahn mi, elk slider etc...


In fact, according to the chef, Dave, it is not a Southern bbq place just a place with a guy doing barbeque in Toronto. Aren't we all over the mush that is pulled pork anyways. I mean it's good, but does this town ever beat a trend to death or what?

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

I just tried Mont Jacob - it is wonderful and you are spot on about the old school Oka flavour.

Leslieville Cheese on Queen West has it. One thing about that store though - they don't write the names on the packaging - grrr.

CHOWFIND: Wasabi All You Can Eat Sushi - Parkside and Bloor

Fer reals? Anyone else coroborate?

Great coffee in Toronto's west end

Yup. I think I just noticed that blogto just did a write up.

Capital is exactly what the neighbourhood needs. Hopefully a good wine bar isn't too far behind.

What menu items need to be retired?

Their website has a cocktail named after Elvis on it. 'Nuff said.

Nov 18, 2010
Sui_Mai in General Topics

What menu items need to be retired?

bacon in sweets or cocktails

Nov 14, 2010
Sui_Mai in General Topics

Great coffee in Toronto's west end

Capital Espresso in Parkdale (used to run out of Blondies) has a great vibe and coffee is good.

Food Shopping in Kelowna

I'm staying in a fully equipped condo in downtown Kelowna and have eaten out plenty and would now like to do some cooking. The thing is, I can't seem to find anywhere in the downtown area to buy food except the Safeway. Is there a butcher/fishmonger/cheese shop, anything-not-chain in the downtown area? I find this very odd for a place of such amazing locally grown wine and food. I must be missing something. Can anyone help?

Aug 25, 2010
Sui_Mai in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Momo Sushi in Kelowna

Very busy, very affordable and quite good. Great service too!

It's fun, you should go.

Aug 25, 2010
Sui_Mai in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Diners in T.O.???

Skyline in Parkdale is a classic, and the owner is a sweetie

John's Italian Cafe - A Little Gem of a Place

I have always loved the one in Baldwin Village (same owners right?) for it's no-nonsense classic decor and very basic and yummy pizzas. Haven't been in ages - I was hoping this post was about that one.

Date night suggestions.

Go to Biffs. It's great, quietly just doing it's good thing. Vastly underrated.

Plus nice classic french cocktails on those Parisien rattan chairs is always romantique!

Recs: Bahn mi across the city.

I recently found a place on College and Brock - ish. She makes them to order. They are decent, if a bit skimpy.

Are Roses's better than the ones from the joints on Dundas?

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

The new guy in Liberty Village has a nice selection and is a nice guy. In old Thuet spot - forgot the name - Village Cheesemonger perhaps? He needs to sell bread though.

609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

I am very sad to report that Easy has gone way downhill. Stale spelt toast (or worse- freezerburnt). moldy greens. eggs not cooked to order - all these on repeated visites - what a shame, it used to rule.

Any new reviews of Mill St Brewpub?

It's run by the pub-in-a-box FAB chain - hardly known for food or service.

The last thing you'd expect from a funky upstart microbrewery like Mill St. Such a disappointment for a potentially great place...

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

It's true, Oka has gotten worse too - and so many kinds??? It really is hard to get anything from the grocery store of quality - all homogenized to $#@$!

Grocery store Asiago is another that went from hero to zero in just a few years flat!

"Foodies: Culinary democrats or cultural snobs? "

I prefer the term foodiot.

May 07, 2010
Sui_Mai in Food Media & News

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

Is it just me or has Port Salut changed a lot in the past few years? I hadn't tried it in a while and I just had some and man it tastes waaaay to creamy - in a processy kinda way. It is off my list.

Grab the Oka instead if you're in a supermarket-cheese jam peoples!

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

I find the service at Fromagerie rather tepid. Even when I ask questions, I get the shortest responses. It's not like they don't have the time, it's never busy in there - wonder why?

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

I second Chabichou - and obvs the superfantastic, but oddly located Cheese Boutique.

Cheese Boutique
45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

Toronto, Toronto, ON , CA

produce store at Queen and Euclid closing

OMG - Square Fruit will be missed by me. It was my last stop waking home for dinner things - veggies, flowers. that sucks.

Any new reviews of Mill St Brewpub?

Great Beer - even more selection in the store. Great location.

The food is atrocious. So is the service a lot of the time too.

Worst in Toronto


Worst in Toronto

Total shit - heavy and greasy and the worst service! How hard is it to be nice in Toronto these days?

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

Silver tray! How Parisien - comme chez Café de Flore!

Dinner recs near U of T (Convocation Hall) - Tonight

Thanks for the recommendation and tips Dimbulb. I checked the website, and the food (late night menu anyways) seems way less formal than I thought - perfect for tonite! Let's hope the cold keeps most of the crowds away.