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Taste like Rubio's Hot Red Salsa recipe finally!

Hi Everyone =-)
I agree with Jtsalk, a bit salty
Here's a Rosarito's version/original Location, the way it was given:
Heat 1 Tb oil into a small pan, add 9-10 whole chile de Arbol [where the papper flakes come from] once they turn deep red and the aroma is released, drain on paper towels, let cool. Broil two medium tomatoes for 4-5 minutes turning once, remove core and char/skin, place in a food processor [blender ok] add chilies, 1/2 can of tomato sauce [4oz] and 1/2 Ts salt, zap in the food processor to desired texture, some like it runnier....whole can of sauce will do.
Regards & enjoy!

Jul 18, 2008
LilyCat in Home Cooking