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Pho Noodle Bar at 1011 Pape Ave

A great place for pho also in the East York area is Little Coxwell on Coxwell and O'Connor. It is family-run. Awesome fresh rolls. Their pricing for pho is a little more than places you may find on Spadina, but the broth flavour is fairly rich.

LARGE Reception Dinner

I will be getting married in Las Vegas next month. It is getting down to panic-mode. I had my mind set on hosting the Rehearsal Dinner at Vintner's Grill for about 20 people. Both families would now like to be involved and the guest list has climbed up to 60. The restaurant can still accommodate us, but given the distance from The Strip, and my consideration of our guests' travel times and mode of travelling (ie. I cannot expect everyone will be renting a vehicle during their stay in Vegas), I feel as though I should look at other options.

I have inquired about Mon Ami Gabi in Paris and the minimum for food and beverage (before tax and gratuity) they are asking for is astronomical. Given the fixed menu they sent me, our food cost would just be half of the minimum and I don't believe we would be able to drink the rest.

My family tends to have higher standards for their food, but I don't want them to have to break the bank. For example, VG's prices were around $50 to $60 per person (which was perfect) and the Wynn's restaurant's menus start at $85 per person. I totally understand the reason for the difference but obviously am hoping to stay around the VG prices. So... something not necessarily ON The Strip, but closer than where VG is located, and decent food?

Apr 27, 2012
alleycat81 in Las Vegas

Stone road grille in NOTL

How are the prices at Stone Road Grille? I see the menu online, but as Full Tummy commented earlier, I'm also not sure if the menu is old or current so I wasn't sure about the pricing. Just ordering a salad and an entree for lunch, could we get out of there around $25 per person (not including tax and tip)? I'm hoping to arrange a one-day trip with a few friends and would like a sit-down lunch and then head to all the other "sweet" places noted on this board for a treat... so just want to make sure Stone Road Grille's prices would be suitable for the group.

The best make your own salad spots?

There was this salad place, "Salad House" that used to be at Roy Square (Yonge & Bloor) before they tore down the whole complex for a condo. (the infamous 1 Bloor E) that's now not going ahead with construction due to the economy. It was to my dismay that the Salad House got shut down, but found out that it actually moved to another location, still in the Yonge & Bloor area. They are now inside the Cumberland Terrace, across from Esther's Soups. The space is even smaller than what they had at Roy Square, but same price and idea.

$4.99 for a large salad and you pick 4 toppings. Add $2 for a whole chicken breast and $1 for generous scoops of tuna. Although their ingredients may not be as distinctive or fresh as Sandwich Box, the price and quantity are incredible.

I don't even think they have a name for their store front...

AnJu Calgary

Just wanted to echo what most people have posted about Anju.... YUMMY!! Great food, decent price.

I was just in Calgary for a wedding and after researching on Chowhound, decided that the SO and I had to have a meal at Anju. Great late-dinner place (we got there at 10:30pm) and kitchen was still open. Entire restaurant was empty other than just us and the chef (I assume he was Roy... the owner/chef). Started off with the Anju Platter (Grilled Eggplant, Crispy Tofu, Truffled Yam Fries and Kim Chee). It was definitely larger than expected. Everything was so tasty. The Eggplant, though, was a little saucier than I would've liked it, but I would just have a bite of that and follow it with the tofu or yam fries. I had the Kim Chee Ramen, while my boyfriend had the Hot Stone Bowl with the Rib Eye. I loved the Creme Fraiche in the soup as it cooled the spices in the soup. My boyfriend who doesn't usually have an appreciation for good food and doesn't usually express enthusiasm was so impressed and agreed that this was a good restaurant pick on my part.

Anyone in Calgary should definitely check this place out!! If I ever have to go to Calgary again, I would love to come back here!!

Jun 17, 2009
alleycat81 in Prairie Provinces

Splendido - Best of 8 Years Menu

Really looking forward to tonight's reservation and tasting menu!!! However, my SO cannot have seafood. If he orders from the menu and I go with the Tastings, you think the timing and everything will compromise either of our meals? And would this just be too troublesome for the restaurant? Should I just suck it up and order from the Table d'Hote???

Bliss & Co. Cupcakes Calgary

I will be visiting Calgary next weekend and would love to stop by this little place for a cupcake and pie, perhaps! However, I'm staying in a hotel and was wondering if there were tables and chairs for me to enjoy these sweets right then and there?


Jun 03, 2009
alleycat81 in Prairie Provinces

Harlem restaurant. Any reviews?

I am also very tempted to try Harlem especially after reading all the comments on the food. However, my biggest concern is that I am getting the impression that it does turn into some kind of lounge spot after dinner hours. I would like to have a dinner with friends this weekend (Saturday) and saw on the website that they've got a performer coming in. For those that have been, is the dining area separate from the "stage"? My group of friends and I have a lot to catch up on and I wasn't sure whether the performance or lounge-music will be blaring if we don't finish our dinner until later on in the evening...

Wagamama on King Street, Toronto

I am hardly down in the King Street West area but happened to drive by Wagamama yesterday. I believe I was around the King and Bathurst area. I was a bit excited as I am familiar with the Wagamama chain in the UK for ramen noodles and other Japanese-esque fast food and take-out cuisine. However, when searing on the site, didn't see a Toronto location listed. A search on Chowhound is indicating to me that this King St. Wagamama is a place for muffins and lemon tarts!

Can someone please clarify? And does anyone out there know if the 2 Wagamamas are somehow related?


Asian Legend (Yonge & Finch)

Sorry, Sadistick, this reply may be coming to you too late.

I am a fan of Asian Legend; however, I find that there are differences at each location. I find the AL on Finch and Leslie, the one on Brimley and Shepperd and the Dundas (Chinatown) locations the best. There is just something remarkably different (in a negative way) with all the other AL locations.

A lot of the "dim sum"-type dishes are good. The steamed pork soup-filled dumplings, pan friend dumplings, etc. are all very popular; however, not great when taking out. They are probably best eaten fresh at the restaurant.

My personal favourite 3 dishes are:
1) Pan-fried pork buns
2) Mu-shu pork (pork and stirfry veggies wrapped in a crepe)
3) Pan-fried green beans (this would be ok to take-out!)

Best Desserts in Toronto

For take-out, I usually purchase my cakes from Dessert Lady on Cumberland Street and Yonge. I find their desserts are nicely presented and not sweet at all. The pastry chef and owners are great people to chat up as well. Somewhere closer to home is La Bamboche (Manor Road) and I find their pastries quite decent as well.

I am personally looking for a sit-down place for decent dessert and coffee. A place to meet up with friends for a long chat after dinner. And I'm not referring to Demetre's or the old Plantation, either...

Need restaurant suggestions

Would you consider teppanyaki to be "entertaining"? If so, there's Yamato in Yorkville and Benihana in the Royal York Fairmont Hotel. I assume your price range of $25-50 is per person?

There's also Korean BBQ or hotpot where one cooks for oneself. Those are in and around the city. More unique to those experiences is Stone Grill on Winchester (I've never been, personally) where you cook your meet on a slab of hot stone.


Does anyone know their other hours of operations?

Liberty yogurt alert

Just to add to all this... Liberty does make a tzatziki sauce. Haven't tried, but have seen it repeated times at my local Dominion store (Yonge & Eglinton) in the section by the yogurts and sour creams!

New Sushi Conveyer on Yonge

Yes... I work right around the area and it is right on the south east corner of Yonge and Isabella. I haven't tried, but went by yesterday and took a glance at their "Lunch Special" menu (served until 3pm). The pricing seemed quite good. The Lunch Specials consisted of typical bento box items: terriyaki beef, chicken or salmon (among other entree choices) and comes with rice, soup and a roll (I think it even said salad!) all for 6.95 to 7.95.

life is sweet cupcake house - now open

For those that have been, are there any tables and chairs set up to try these cupcakes in-house? Cord mentioned that they served fair trade coffees and teas, so I'm assuming there is somewhat of a seating set-up. I ask because when I treat myself to a cupcake at the Cupcake Shoppe on Yonge & Eglinton, I often really want a cup of coffee to go with it and it's not the most convenient to buy my cupcake and then walk over to Starbucks and feel bad having my cupcake inside the Starbucks!!

B-Day gathering at Trevor?

I'd like to arrange an upcoming b-day get together at Trevor Kitchen and Bar. Perhaps drinks after work and some snacks from their bar menu. After reading several positive posts from here I'd really like to try Trevor out. For those that have been, does this seem like a good idea? How much do their drinks cost on average? It'll probably be a group of 10 at the most.

Where can I buy "heavy cream"?

I was following a recipe for a veal dish with a "creamy mushroom sauce". The sauce turned out to be thinner and runnier than expected and so I attributed to the fact that I couldn't find any "heavy cream" (at least 36% milk fat) and substituted with "whipping cream" (35% milk fat). The recipe didn't call for any flour which convinced me more that I should've really used "heavy cream". I ended up adding flour or cornstarch (I forgot which) to thicken it. And so this peaked my interest in seeking out "heavy cream" because I've always seen the grocery-chains only carry up to "whippping cream".

Where can I buy "heavy cream"?

I live in Toronto, Canada. The big, grocery store chains I usually shop at only carry up to "whipping cream". I used this in a recipe, thinking the lack of a few percentages of milk fat will not be a big deal. My recipe turned out to be a little more runny than it should have been and so it's got me thinking that it's because I used "whipping cream" as opposed to "heavy cream". Does heavy cream have to be bought at specialty food stores? And if so, which one?

Pea Shoots

I love pea shoots as well. I've only had them sauted in oil and garlic, as well. They are difficult to prepare at home, apparantly. My grandma tells me that you should really only eat the middle leaves of the whole stem (very wasteful!). The rest of it is pretty "fiberous". If you purchase a plastic bag full of it and prep it the way my grandma and mom does (breaking off and eating only the middle), you're really just left with less than half a bag of what's considered edible. I would agree and imagine that you could treat them like spinach!

Jan 17, 2007
alleycat81 in General Topics

One good italian restaurant in Vancouver is all I want

Marcello's on Commercial Dr. ("Little Italy"). Year-round I hear my family telling me about their bi-weekly dinners here and I finally got the chance to go with them this time being home for the holidays. It's not necessarily "upscale" or considered fine dining, but it's definitely got that Italian-home-feel to it. Large portions (especially when you order the large-sized plates) to share with the table. This is the only way to taste everything the place has got to offer: great appetizers and salads, pastas, pizzas, and one of the richest tiramisus I've ever had!!

Bistro dinner tonight

I need a little help finding a place for a late dinner this evening. There will be 4 people in our party and we're looking for something bistro-ish, nothing real upscale or fancy. I called Globe Bistro and they are all booked up for tonight :( Any other suggestions? My SO has a huge craving for steak frites, so it would be a bonus if we could go to a place that serves a decent steak frites. Area doesn't really matter... can be downtown Toronto or uptown. Thanks!

Thai Chef Cuisine

I read Metro News' review on Thai Chef Cuisine on Roncesvalles last week. Has anyone actually been?

Sushi Marché

Unfortunately my SO is allergic to seafood. From reading other posts and reviews, Sushi Marche sounds like a pretty exclusive place for sushi/sashimi. Is this right? Do they have any rice/noodle dishes with meat?

Urgently seek help: Chinese Hot Pot Dinner this weekend

Where is Dow's? Is it all-you-can-eat?

PB&J with...???

In the past week I've been having mad cravings for crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches after not having a single one in almost 20 years!!! I just bought a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread, a large jar of Skippy's crunchy peanut butter and a jar for Smucker's strawberry jam. I'm planning on having PB&J toast for breakfast, PB&J sandwiches for lunch, dinner and snacks for at least the next few days! However, I've been wondering if anyone out there can recommend anything savoury to go with my sandwiches. I keep thinking that a sandwich for my larger meals (lunch and dinner) may not be substantial enough. I'm one of those people that need something savoury for my main meals. For instance, what soups would go with PB&J?

Sep 13, 2006
alleycat81 in General Topics

Airplane Food

I agree... Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines have been the 2 best airlines I've been on with food I'd actually be interested in. I forgot which airline I was on, but they gave out miniature Haagen-Dazs ice cream!!!

I definitely bring my own food, especially on those dreadful transoceanic flights. I'll have the "Cup of Noodles" sometimes, and other times I bring my own preferred brand of cup noodles and just ask them to fill it up with hot water. There are times when I can't be bothered to bring my own food, I'll ask for the meal but just eat the fruid salad, pick at the hard, cold dinner roll and eat the little chocolate bar.

Sep 13, 2006
alleycat81 in General Topics

pulled pork sandwiches in Toronto?

There's also a Black Camel right by the Rosedale subway station. Yonge and Crescent Road; 4 Crescent Road to be exact!

best pie?

I find The Big Apple's "Mummble Crummble" pie too sweet for my liking. The day I went they did not have any of the original apple pies. I was looking forward to purchasing some fresh apple cider/juice before arriving, but once there, I found out that they in fact don't sell fresh apple juice (I was VERY disappointed and surprised!) I bought a bag of apple chips and that was pretty good, although I was disappointed and surprised (again) to find out that the apple chips were not manufactured by The Big Apple... they just brought them in from some distributor. And IMO, marked up the price on them, too.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend making the trip out there just to visit The Big Apple.

Richmond XLB

It's been awhile since I've been back to this place, but on Alexander Road where MANY Chinese restaurants are situated in Richmond there is a Shanghainese restaurant on that strip across, and to the right of the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. I don't remember the restaurant's name, sorry! Its front door definitely faces Alexander Road, though. Their other Shanghainese dishes are also good. Hope it's still there!