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more Popeye's!

The KFC signs and "awnings" were coming down yesterday morning on Lexington and University in St. Paul.

Nov 20, 2012
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Return trip suggestions

I see you enjoyed Crave but I would encourage you to try some other places that are bound to be suggested. I think MSP has much better to offer.

Feb 28, 2012
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to get the best beef jerky in the Twin Cities?

I recently picked up some beef sticks from Tim and Tom's Speedy Market in St. Paul's St. Anthony neighborhood. I thought they were pretty good snack sticks and had many flavors. I will be going back to try the jerky.

Feb 28, 2012
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

On's Thai Kitchen

Are you still looking for the menu? If not, someone else might be!

I too was looking around for the menu online and could not find it. hopefully you can see the menu I am trying to post. I picked it up from On's a couple weeks ago.

As for my visit to On's, I will be back. I refuse to go back to many of the Thai places in St Paul.

Feb 21, 2012
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Bradstreet Crafthouse - new chef?

These were definitely sports bar caliber sandwiches.

Feb 01, 2012
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Bradstreet Crafthouse - new chef?

Has this been covered before...?

We went out to Bradstreet on Friday with another couple for drinks and small plates. We were surprised that most of the small plates were gone and they were replaced with sandwiches/sliders, served with chips or fries and a choice of dipping sauce. This is not what we were picturing should be served with these high end cocktails.

Our group got 4 sandwiches to share and made the most of it. My favorite the BLT is still there, but there was something different about it that I could not place - maybe the tomato jam was sweeter? Our group decided that the rib eye cheesesteak was the best of the 4 we tried. The dipping sauces were all left behind after each of us had just a taste.

I asked the server if there were any other small plates - there are not. They did have a couple of sides, we tried the slaw (ok) and olives.

We'll go back - for drinks only though.

Jan 31, 2012
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Spill the Wine Review

Going in the next couple days as my deal expires soon.

Is there bar service? I imagine it will be busy due to the deal expiring - their OpentTable reservations are for 4:15 or 9:15.

Aug 10, 2011
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Wine in Rochester

Hello fellow chow enthusiasts,
I'm visiting friends in Rochester this weekend and need to know where to pick up a bottle or two of wine for a host's gift. Since I am flying in so I cannot fit it in my quart sized zip top bag. Looking for a good cab and some prosecco. i've tried some basic searching, so please forgive me if this has been covered.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mintahoe Catering

Has anyone ever had food from or been to en event organized by Mintahoe Catering? My fiance and I are looking at one of the wedding venues they are the exclusive caterer for. We are interested in heavy hor dourves - not a plated dinner or a buffet line.

thanks in advance!

Apr 20, 2011
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for something similar to Park Tavern in SW metro?

Thanks for the replies!

I too am not incredibly enamored with Park Tavern either, I was just trying to provide a reference for what got positive feedback before - I didn't even plan the event earlier this week.

side note: I really need to get to Busters.

Jan 26, 2011
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for something similar to Park Tavern in SW metro?

I'll be honest I only did a cursory search of the archives and did not find quite what I was looking for....

The boss is in town and we went to Park Tavern in St Louis Park on Monday. He really liked the sandwich he had and the vibe of the place. Any tips for anything similar, food vibe, etc - we don't necessarily need the games.

I need a place to recommend for tonight, Thanks in advance for the help.

Jan 26, 2011
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Porter & Frye (MSP)

Looking to refresh this topic.

I was here recently and thought the meal and drinks were great. I've not been to Alma, so I cannot compare. The 4 of us were only joined by 2 other tables in the whole place. Does anyone else have a recent experience to share?

Jun 17, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

No more short ribs

Just saw some nice looking ones at Sam's Club yesterday.

Say what you will about Sam's Club/Wal-Mart (I do sometimes too...) however they do a lot of cutting right there in the stores.

May 25, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Onion rings - MSP

I've had the "fried plate of death" at Mac's and these onion straws were part of this sampler plate. I'd agree that they were a little greasy, and I would further agree that they were well paired with some beer. I'd get them again.

Mar 29, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Any senior citizen-friendly but good restaurants in St. Paul?

We've taken my grandmother to 128 Cafe on Cleveland before. We had a great time and it was very quiet. I do not know what it is like on a major dining holiday though.

Mar 26, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Il Gatto? (msp)

Its been a bit a little while, have they worked out any of their problems? Thinking about going tonight.

Feb 17, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - Bin Wine Bar - Lowerton St. Paul

does anyone have an update on this place?

aside from this article?

Jan 19, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - appetizer help

a selection of cheeses and a box of crackers from <insert cheese store here> examples: Surdyks, Lunds, Kowalskis, Cub, France 44, etc. if you go to a store that has dedicated cheese people, they will be able to tell you about it in an attempt to match it to what will be served if you want to go that route.

Jan 05, 2010
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Nice dinner in Bloomington, MN

Its been a few months - I'm trying Crave again. Any recommendations?

Dec 02, 2009
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul


Depends on which Von Hansen's you go to. Some only have it prepackaged, some of their locations have it in the case. I've bought 1 stick before to snack on during the drive home.

Nov 17, 2009
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP- Cafe Levain Sunday Brunch- unbelievable!

is Brunch still happening here? Anything for vegetarians?

Sep 25, 2009
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Uptown Minneapolis Lunches

closing, redevelopment of the site, retail, etc.

Keep the Monkey Cheeky - St. Paul

ditto - we tried it twice and we underwhelmed both times. But for those who enjoy - keep it up - i liked the atmosphere. keep the smaller places running.

Muffuletta - Sunday Prix Fixe and et al... [MSP]

until I hear some better things about Maude's service, I don't think I'll be stopping in.

Muffuletta - Sunday Prix Fixe and et al... [MSP]

My girlfriend and I both hold the cheese plate as a favorite - when we go (about 4 times a year) we get the cheese and a beverage or two and skip the entrees

MSP- Cafe Levain Sunday Brunch- unbelievable!

Can you report on the prices?

Apr 26, 2009
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

El Norteno Deli - MSP

I used to live in that hood - I always felt the dining options were limited... If you are interested in pizza I might suggest Parkway Pizza. I liked it for an easy quick bite. Liked their sauce.

i'm interested to see what I forgot about and what other people mention for you.

Parkway Pizza
4457 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Nice dinner in Bloomington, MN

I had such a bad experience at Crave. Our round table of 6 was jammed in such that servers asked us to scoot in every time they wanted to get to any of the tables next to us. Also, the bottle of wine we ordered was bad, after sharing this with the waiter he at first refused to take it back, upon us further pressing he took it. Upon returning he said the manager had decided to taste it and indeed it was bad. At the end of the meal he made a big deal out of notifying us that he decided to take the original bottle off the bill.

Granted, this was a while back. Have they improved?

Jan 30, 2009
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: "Best" Grocery Store

I have always has good experiences with Von Hansen's (Ford Parkway - St. Paul)

Jan 20, 2009
dc1515 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

CSAs - Big boxes of veggies all summer long - MSP

First of all, this is my first post. I have been lurking for a while so I figured now was about time to tap your collective knowledge for advice on my new endeavor.

I want to get a CSA share this year. I will probably need to share it with a friend or family member since I am only one in my household. I have done some cursory searching on the topic within this board as well as the internet at large.

How do you choose a farm? Many of the farm websites I have looked over offer a somewhat reasonable pick up location for me, so there has to be other factors.
How happy are you with your selection?
Where do you get your produce from?
Are "half shares" worth it? Or should I find someone to split a whole one with?
What else do I need to know before diving into the world of weekly produce?

Thank you in advance.