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Loblaws and Superstore ?

my dogs food is also unavailable recently...and theyve been out of sriacha, yet bulk barn up the street has it. I think they went too big too quickly. Some of their stuff is fine but soo much is garbage. The frozen desserts are constantly coming and going, each week I see something new. They had a low sugar greek yogurt which was there one week then gone the next. I never go with a list because I refuse to pay the prices but they are the only convenient place. I meal plan based on their sales.

Loblaws Bathurst/St Clair: cashiers' hours cut? long lines. Mgr: "I don't have to respond to you"

I always wait at this one, even in the express lines. So irritating. A world of difference from the carlton location

Requesting a discount at the deli counter

I work at a high end deli/butcher, and if someone asked for a discount off of deli meat I would laugh at them. We live in north america, not the middle east. It is not common. In fact we do not give large volume purchases either, although we do wholesale discounts if prearranged with a manager/owner

Jan 07, 2013
cupcakez in Not About Food

If the cafe only accepts cash should they get pissy if you want to include some coins in your payment?

I remember while shopping in a JCPenney in Buffalo, the sales staff refused to take my canadian pennies. The rest of my tender was american. I was shocked and appalled, this girl was absolutely dumb. I had to grab my mom for a few cents because I didnt want to use my canadian debit card when I had to get rid of my american money.

Aug 19, 2012
cupcakez in Not About Food

ISO: Kimchi

I just purchase it in 1L tubs ready made from the korean market on bloor just west of bathhurst, on the south side of the street. I believe its 4 or 5.99 a L.
Just googled the addres is 675 bloor street west. PAT Korean Market

New PC Insider's Report

I love the smores pie...the cudleighs (ie apple blossoms) make those pies, and they are great. I tried a prototype in the winter, and then bought one a few weeks ago. So tasty.
The avocado mayo lasted a week in my fridge..with siracha..put it on everything.

Diners/Greasy Spoons - what are your best recommendations?

chew chews has a whole selection of poutine, like 10 maybe? saw them on the menu when I went for breakfast a few days ago! I love it there.

Bourdain at Beast

Travel and Escape says he is in toronto today on facebook

Summerlicious apparently blown off by Chowhounders...??

I went to byzantium last week and loved it. Reserved a spot on their charming back patio. Had jump shrimps with mango for app (friend had coconut mussels and another the gazpacho, both enjoyed) and about 3-4oz of lake trout on lentils for main. Another friend enjoyed the lamb burger, large portions. Dessert was the best key lime pie Ive ever had. We had amazing cucumber mojitos and the homemade bread for an extra $3. Id go back in a heartbeat. I wont try other restaurants though, I just dont trust many.

Lemon Liberte - so good

Coconut is also amazing. Love the pineapple and lemon, but its hard to not eat a whole tub in one day
I just bought organic pear and it was very rancid, despite being 2 weeks away from the date. Ive had a few of the organics be "off" and it is a little bit traumatizing, and just the smell of the organic scares me a bit now.

$5 meal?

I posted this on another page too...sobeys at college and bay has a proscuitto/bocconcini/arugula sandwich on a ciabatta for 5.99. They will heat it there and there is seating at college park. It is amazing. I had it twice last week. i take mine home and microwave it ( I like soft bread) and everything melts together.

I second the ginger baguette. Also love the hot and sour shrimp soup and tempura yam and avocado cold rolls.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

The best lunch, hands down. Sobeys at college park has proscuitto, boccocini, and arugula sandwhiches. I heat my in the microwave for about 30 secs to soften the bun, Pure magic for 5.99

Fabranak - anyone been?

Absolutely fantastic. It can get busy at lunch and theres not a lot of seating, but the food is wonderful. The square peg is usually my choice. There is a sign up for liqour license application.

Deep Fried Pickles ISO
This is the only place Ive had them. They were ok, nothing special.

Just got 100 dollar Moxie's Restaurant gift card. Is this a good or a bad thing...?

There was nothing else open in the mall and I had to TTC there from downtown...not going home after that. It was a date,

Just got 100 dollar Moxie's Restaurant gift card. Is this a good or a bad thing...?

I went on the 1st when the movie I wanted to see was sold out. The lobster grilled cheese was amazing, and my bfs order of fish and chips was huge, and nicely done. Ceasars were also good.

Dealing with Food Hoarders

I have a nutrition degree and have taken food science and microbiology. One of the specific things I remember learning was the pathogens still grow, although at a much slower pace, when products are frozen. We examined a variety of pathogens in frozen and fresh foods, and the frozen foods had quite a bit of bacteria after a few months. I wouldnt suggest keeping meat for longer than 6 months. It may not kill you, but better safe than sorry, especially with the elderly.

Jan 01, 2012
cupcakez in Features

restaurants in Niagara on the Lake

Im from Niagara and can second the Niagara golf club and the epicurean. Havent eaten there in years, but they were good. Highly recommened the Maple Leaf Fudge store as well ;) Pick up some jam if you are on Queen street.

Maple Leaf Restaurant
1076 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S1P3, CA

Coldstone Creamery...........First & Last Visit

I hate everything there except the cherry cheescake milkshake. Yum!

Apr 21, 2011
cupcakez in Chains

Nutritional Value

Its semantics really. But the point the "professionals" are trying to get across when they speak of empty calories is that your body will not function very efficiently on these empty calories, and for many people, weight loss is a goal, and losing weight eating these types of calories is not likely.

While your mac and cheese or twinkie may sustain you (barely), the nutrients such as flavonoids, fibre, phytochemicals, and other even unknown compounds in plant foods and whole grains/fish can help you to thrive. While not the same, its like putting shitty gas in your car, it will run, but probably wont have the same life span as it would when you give it premium.

Eating highly processed, low fibre foods which spike your insulin levels also puts you at risk for energy crashes, and over eating later on throughout the day.

Jan 06, 2011
cupcakez in General Topics

Green Mango closed??

I went to na siam twice in the last couple weeks. There are spicy noodles, although Im not sure if they are the same as they used to be. I got the combination of spicy noodles with 2 sides for 8.95
The peanut chicken, golden chicken curry, and tofu and eggplant were wonderful. The sweet and sour tofu and the pork stirfry were awful. It comes with a typical springroll and side salad.

The food is by no means fantastic, but it gives you 2 meals worth of food for $9, and hits the spot in the chili weather. I wont go back often, but for the price beats a lot of the other available options.

so bad...yet so good...

Shoeless joes on the dessert menu...yummy!!

Crepe it Up – review + pics

When I dont feel like cooking and need a quick, satisfying dinner I grab the Hawaiian crepe. I just really hate the kraft thousand island dressing they put on the side salad. Otherwise, a fave comfort food.

About Cheese on Church

I know stephen myself actually.
Just curious as I hadnt heard anything about that, and thought maybe someone had some top secret info.

This thread is making me want cheese though

retaurants in st.catharines

its called spice of life. I was served bad scallops there once and have been afraid to go back, although its a lovely restaurant. I believe moslty vegetarian, quite healthy. Probably not a good choice for unadventurous in-laws

retaurants in st.catharines

Some of my family thinks like this too
We had a very nice family dinner at coppolas. I had excellent carpaccio.
Spicy thai is nice, but good luck convincing a boring family.
Cafe amore on martindale could work.

My mother likes pow wow, although I havent been in years. Treadwell is great, but pricey, i dont know many friends/family in st.catharines that would want to eat there, as they wouldn't appreciate it. Some of them like to gorge at the all you eat.

Brock University Student looking for Inexpensive Good Eats in St. Catharines/Niagara area

If you are going across the river be sure to check out gagsters for amazing pizza. My fave is the white. Also located downtown niagara falls, close to la hacienda (i second this approval although I havent been in over 10 years).

About Cheese on Church

Its a great little shop. The staff is fantastic, and we needed a place for cheese in the area so badly! Cole and Warren have been hard at work and doing a great job.

finelydiced- where exactly did you hear anything about having prepared cumbraes foods in the back? The back half of the building is cumbraes wholesale division...could you have been mistaken?

Latest Drink Trend

I love forty creek! my fave, and I do drink it on the rocks. there's always at least one empty bottle on my floor, waiting to be returned. its a fixture in my house.
there is a lot of whisky promotion going on in ontario at the moment, which im not complaining about.

Nov 02, 2008
cupcakez in Spirits

Fave Ontario Beer

Love both of these
My fave is great black oaks nutcracker