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what foods does your city have that mine doesn't?

i live in rochester ny and we have things like white hot dogs, franks hot sauce, a tons of other sauces for chicken wings, meat hot sauce, french onion dip, etc. etc.
my sister came to visit from south carolina. she brought some kinda cheese spread that i wish i could buy up here. it got me thinking that there has to be tons of foods in our country alone that arent in the major grocery chains. so here is the question. where do you live and what kind of foods does your area have? for example, rochester has a thing called a garbage plate. its 2 hots or cburgers with fries, mac salad with meat hot sauce all over it. perfect @ 2am. i'm almost positive that no place else has that. there a spice rub that everyone in atlanta uses or bottled sauce that you can only get in say, utah.?

Jul 17, 2008
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