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"Hot Tomatoes" not so Hot

Intriguing. I have not heard of many people going to the North End for the salads. Seems a little like going to Maine and ordering chicken. Next time, order a pizza. They do a nice job. I have to admit...I have always do take out (and never a salad). But if I had to order a pizza in the North End, I would probably go there before a lot of other places in the area.

Aug 10, 2008
kcs1050 in Greater Boston Area

Ten best things to eat in Boston

Here is my everyman's list of top 10...
- buffalo wings from Red Bones (Davis Square) or Buffs in Newton
- slice of Sweet Tomatoes' pizza (Newton Center)
- guacamole from Don Ricardo's (South End) **Add a little salt**
- red bean ice cream from Kaze (Chinatown)
- speed dog from Speeds (Newmarket)
- honey ice cream from Picco (South End)
- sticky buns from Flour (South End)
- Doughnut's from Kane's (Saugus)
- BBQ from Blue Ribbon (West Newton or Arlington)
- Steak from Grill 23 (Back Bay)

Jul 17, 2008
kcs1050 in Greater Boston Area

Oishi Chestnut Hill quality declining?

Have you noticed the quality of the Chestnut Hill Oishii has gone down? I think all of the premium cuts are going to their newer / upscale restaurant (and twice as expensive) "O2" in the South End.

Jul 17, 2008
kcs1050 in Greater Boston Area

Best olive oil for general cooking

I prefer Sanso. It's a Spanish Olive Oil made from Andalusian Olives. Although I can get it at Whole Foods, it has the Whole Foods price. Fortunately, I have a little mom and pop grocery that carries it. My recommendation: if you really dig cooking, browse around the web. See what brand Cooking Institutes / chefs are using. I saw that the Culinary Institute of America had Sanso as their featured Olive I bought it and I've been a loyal follower ever since. If you find a great olive oil in your journey, would love to hear about it! Always looking to trying something new.

Jul 17, 2008
kcs1050 in Home Cooking