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Arancini, Supli, or Italian Rice Balls - Best?

Francesca is the best place I tried so far in Scarborough! -- Other places I've tried are Calabria (on Midland) and Bona Via (on Ellesmere)
They have two kinds available: beef and chicken. I've tried both and I prefer the former kind. The arranchini are a large and I've been lucky in several times I've gone, the rice balls have been just pulled from the fryer.
CurryCue is right about them going fast, too.

I'm on the look out for other places selling Italian rice balls in SCARBOROUGH.

Chicken shawarma on Yonge between College and Dundas

Tummy Time is different for Red & White. I tried it recently, months after the name change, ordering the beef shawarma plate. The taste and style (pressed meat) of the beef was very similar to kebab I tried in other parts of the world. It was "okay", but there are better places in the area.

BTW, the "lunch special" pricing is bullsh*t, they'll charge you the regular price--the difference is a dollar, meh.

Chicken shawarma on Yonge between College and Dundas

Milo's fries their falafel fresh?!
The guy at House of Kebob, does the same, but I wish he'd crisp them up a bit more.

Is the Toronto Life Square the building with the AMC movie theatre? I've only gone through to use the subway. If so, I should check it out this week!

Chicken shawarma on Yonge between College and Dundas

I just tried Lebanon Express (near Carlton & Yonge) yesterday and was dissapointed. I had the beef sharwarma sandwich combo and the best part was the can of Sprite. Although the beef was blander in taste than some other places, the part which I did care for was the chucks of rubber fat that dominated the sandwich. Not a good experience.

My mainstay in the immediate area is Doner Kebab, just south of Gerrard. I love their red sauce. It's not hot, but goes great on the chicken.

I've read there's another place further north on Yonge named "The Best Shawarma Place". I'm looking for new places so that may be the next.

Looking for pressed kebab/shawama places in Toronto.

A friend went to Sweden this summer and fell in love with a particular late night kebab place there. The restaurant chain offered kebab (shawarma) in a pressed meat style, similar to the way gyros if often found. [The place was Lebanese/Turkish rather than Greek.] All the places I frequent have a stacked meat format, but are there any places in Toronto which serve kebab in the pressed meat style?

Looking for a place to Eat in Sudbury

Okay this is much later than the time you would have been in the Sudbury area, but I was very recently in a place called Grumblers on Regent St.

Now I'll admit that the exterior and main room looks at bit distant from a traditional steakhouse (... I think it's really a pub), but there is a section for such fare. I ordered a rare 16oz t-bone (which happened to be at a relatively ridiculously low price), and was not disappointed at all. The steak was tender, very tasty and went immaculately well with a glass of Australian red. If I was in the area again, I'd go back!

Is there anything in Toronto like the Korean hof restaurant in this review?

The description you quoted has also aroused my interest (and my appetite as well)! First rotisserie and then deep-fried for crispy skin... Mmmmm mmmm mmmm!

It reminds me of a chop house in Chicago where you could have the edge of their prime rib char-broiled on the steak grill. That there was some good eating!

I'll be keeping track of this thread to find out if a place selling the twice cooked, Korean chicken is posted.

BTW, what does "hof" mean?

T&T in Mississauga Now Open

Yup. I was talking about the Miliken Store (5661 Steeles Avenue East). Technically, since it's on the south side of the Steeles, it is in Scarborough. I've only been inside that one and the one on Warden. Beside this latest one in Mississauga, the only other one I know of is the one in the Promenade Mall.

I'm not sure if there is an H&H in the east end, though.

Who are your Fav Ribbers At Ribfest - Which booth are you going to visit this weekend in Burlington?

So the tour is in burlington this weekend?
Hmmm... it may be worth the drive. Anyway, I thought The Purple Pig was a bit overrated. I did like the tenderness pf PP's shorter ribs, but Gator clearly had the better tasting sauce.

Unfortunately, the full rack I bought from their stand was overcooked which detracted form the full tasty experience.

Peach Ice Cream in TO ?

Whatwhatwhat?! GUINESS ice cream?! Now that's adventurous!
Have you tried it? How is it? Is it available ONLY in March?

T&T in Mississauga Now Open

It must have been late in the day. I've been to a couple of the T&T stores (Warden & Steeles, and the larger one in Scarborough) and pricewise, their produce and staples are usually higher than several of the smaller chinese supermarkets dotted all over the area. The only time when things are relatively cheap is in the evening when they try to sell the remaining hot/cold foods made that day: dim sum, sushi, noodles, etc.

But I will agree on the how incredibly busy the stores can become. I recently went to the one on Warden, near Metro Square, and was surprised by the number of people streaming into the place. It was like Christmas in July, and not because of the weather. I kept wondering if there was some special occasion going on, a holiday, a blowout sale, some anniversary, something?

Panorama Lounge

Is this the place on top of the Manulife Centre in Yorkville? I thought this place had closed down or at least changed ownership by now. I was there only once, at least 8 years ago. Tell me the have at least updated the decor to something post 90's. Back then, there was a certain hype about it. It was a place to order overpriced drinks and then later tell people that you had the luxury of ordering overpriced drinks.
Personally, I couldn't help but feel the placed oozed of pretentiousness, and rightly so, I ordered myself a kamikaze.

But that was then... right?

Hero Certified Burgers....What the $^%#!!!!!

I've never had anything form Hero Burger (and may, now, never will). What I inferred from friends who had, though, was that the appeal of the place was their uncommon variety of toppings. If I recall, avocado was one of the listed items that struck me. It sounded like a cool novelty and was put on the long list of "places to check out in off-case I'm ever in that area (and hungry)".

Unfortunately, it seems that no matter how interesting the toppings are, they're not enough to cover a terrible meat patty.


Fish and chips for $24.00!!! That does sound crazy, even if it's labeled as fillet of "atlantic baby halibut".

On their lunch menu, the halibut & chips plate is advertised for $9.00. I wonder if the dinner serving is nearly three times as large?

best pie?

The Big Apple? Is that the roadside attraction next to Hwy 401? I have never stopped by but may have an opportunity to be travelling by it next month.

How good is their apple pie?
Is there anything else worth getting there (foodwise, of course)?

Foods that surprise you?

• garlic pizza
• pizza with portobello mushrooms
• grilled asparagus
• a freshly toasted whole grain bagel with extra virgin olive oil drizzled over it... (this was first discovered a couple of years ago while cramming with a studying group.)

Aug 25, 2006
juniorcruz in General Topics

THE EX - food and memories...

Yeah... the "buffalo burger". I grabbed one of those last year to see what the hype about bison meat was. Might have been a poor choice for a first impression, though. It wasn't terrible, but it was far from special. Suffice it to say, the best part of the whole thing was that I got to meet that guy in the listerine commerical (the one who was dressed in the yellow toothbrush suit).

BTW, he wasn't working there, he was just the only other guy in line.

Movenpick Ice Cream


THE EX - food and memories...

Weather permitting, I may revisit The Ex this weekend.
If I was looking for a good burger there, which place would you recommend?

MEATing (yonge and eg.)

'Boar Chops'?! Never had it, but it sounds quite tasty!

The location is a bit of a deterrence for me, though.

Miso in Toronto

There's a place on Steeles east of Hwy 404 (in Markham) called J-Town. I've never been inside the place so I can't tell you if they have the brands you may be looking for. But their website says they have a number of services including a grocery store.

This may be place to want to check out or research.
I've pasted their url below.

Food Around UofT

Thanks for the Greg's update!
If I visit the ROM this summer with the kids, I can still meander westward a bit for a double scoop o'heaven.

Movenpick Ice Cream

I suspected something occured, simply from the hearing name change. Hence, I'm wondering if ANY other place may have come in to fill the void. The Marché thing was a passing fancy, but the ice cream is all I'm looking for now.

I'll be checking the local supermarkets this weekend, just in case.

Movenpick Ice Cream

Good Morning Chowhounds!

Does anyone know where I can find a place the sells/serves Movenpick ice cream. Friends and I used to go to the Marché chain when we craved the taste of Carmelita Caramel (with or without the waffle). Yet, since those restaurants have become "Richtree Markets", they don't seem to carry the original brand anymore.

Food Around UofT

Ah, "Cora's Pizza" ... *sigh*

It was almost ritualistic to grab a garlic slice before every calculus exam (well, until I dropped the course).
I still went there, however, don't get me wrong. Actually, it was the only place I could, after an unfortuante incident at the neighbouring "Papa Ceo's Pizza" (Is that still there?)

First, it's too bad about "Wokking on Wheels", I too bought many a styro-carton full of food from them.

A couple of places I'll add, from my time, include:

• Rower's Pub (Actually that was only in my first year, they changed management and the wings were NEVER the same!)

• Harbord Bakery (I fell in love with there large twisted bagels!)

• Cafe 338 (i think that's waht it was called? It was a tiny vietmenese? deli with a dark green sign, located behind Robarts library... now that i think of it, 338 may have been the address not the name of the place.)

• Greg's Ice Cream (It's not St. George, but it's still counts as in the U of T area -- just walk over to Varsity Arena and look north. Ah! There was nearly nothing better to soothe your emotions than a double scoop of Greg's Fugee-O ice cream right after bombed a Calculus test!)


While it is true their burger and fries were pre-fabricated, frozen items, Johnny's was a good place for to grab cheap fries & gravy or a fast cheeseburger. Nothing fancy! Nothing pretentious!

Unfortunately, it looks like the best thing about Johnny's burgers is gone: it's late night hours. I can remember, years ago, my friends and I piling into the car after a night out at downtown bar, taking a detour off the highway and getting that late night grease fix.

Yet, lately, whenever I drive by the place at night, it's closed. (Secondly, were they always closed on Sundays?)

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I recently went to this place called NAHA SUSHI on 16th (I think). It was in a unassuming plaza and could have easily been missed. The service was good, thep lace rather cramped, and the food was hit and miss. Yet, the serving sizes were big. I've been at other places from Vancouver to Markham were 1 order of salmon skin maki meant 1 piece: not 1 roll, but one slice of said roll. At NAHA, however, my sis ordered a couple salmon belly... we received 8 pieces, each piece being half a fish! My cousin ordered one fried tofu appetizer... we were given a minimum of 12 pieces! Huh?! I'm sure we did order a lot, but as the plates came in, it looked almost indecent.

As I said, the taste and quality of the food was hit and miss. I enjoyed the standard dragon rolls, the grilled steak, and deep-fried chicken. The salmon & white tuna sashimi were okay. I was disappointed in their hand rolls and other selection of sashimi. Also, I expect a 'sundae' to be more than simply a tiny scoop of ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on it.

Against better judgement, I ordered a single piece of Uni (maki). [It was my first time trying it and it was on the special sushi menu. Maybe not the best excuse, but an honest one.] At the very least, it was not disgusting; yet, it wasn't worth noting: a slight woody flavour, almost non-existant texture... and well, nothing else to remember. Kinda
ruined my impression of revered sea-urchin roe.

As for NAHA SUSHI,I'd go back, maybe for lunch. It wasn't bad. I'd stay away from the uni, though. Maybe next time, I'll try something form the a-la-carte menu... lobster sashimi, maybe. I have enjoyed that before at another place, so I can at least compare theirs with something.

Best Street Eats in Toronto?

I've heard that the Jamaican patties sold at Warden & Bathurst subway stations were Allan's patties. I remember, back in the day, often taking a quick stopover at either station to grab that oh-so-flaky treat.

Can anyone confirm if these were or still are that brand of beef patties?

Hot Dog Toppings: Crispy Onions

sadly (short of having another jaunt overseas) it looks like i may have to settle for the "home-dawg" in order to enjoy this topping.

Hot Dog Toppings: Crispy Onions

Yup, hungryabbey is correct. The place is called Messini located east of Chester (TTC) station. I make sure to pick an gyro up during Taste of the Danforth.

There may be other places, but this is the one I most know of.