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Help me decide: Luzzo's vs. L'Asso??

Which has the most delicous pizza and nicest atmosphere? Looking to take pizza-lovin family for a casual dinner this weekend. Group includes foodies and school age kids.. Thanks

211 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

192 Mott St, New York, NY 10012

Dec 29, 2010
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Review: Per Lei

Visited Per Lei on the Upper East Side, 71st and 2nd, for the first time Sunday night and was truly impressed.

It's a great looking spot, very airy and white. Live jazz playing and cool decor. I really liked the overall vibe and the service was good.

While we perused the menu, we received some bread with a delicious dip that I believe was sundried tomatoes and was absolutely fabulous. I could have made a dinner of that alone.

We tried the cocoa pappardelle with duck confit, which was so so good. The duck was shredded very fine and the pasta was cooked perfectly. I had the Paccheri Bolognese which was also perfect. Two of the best pasta dishes I've had outside Italy for sure. He had the sliced NY strip with broccoli rabe and some potatoes, which he enjoyed.

Desserts were also really good. My favorite was the vanilla crepes filled with Nutella and served with strawberry ice cream. We also had the chocolate lava cake, which was very good, but the crepes blew this away.

We had some wine and dessert wine and espresso and had a really great night overall. We'll definitely be back soon.

Aug 11, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

The Harrison or others for 30th Bday?

We just ate at the Harrison a few weeks ago for the first time and were thoroughly disappointed. It was just OK, not good enough for the prices they charge. My fish dish, the monkfish was very bland. The only good thing was the duck fat fries, but how can you go wrong with that. The desserts were forgetable and the service was indiffrent. I'd go elsewhere.

Jul 30, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Great Scallop Dish at Paradou

We visited Paradou on LIttle W. 12th St. Sunday night and we really enjoyed it. We sat in the garden, and although its roof was closed b/c of the rain, it was still very bright and lovely. I had a wonderful scallop dish with purple Peruvian mashed potatoes and a tomato vanilla sauce. wow! The scallops were nice and brown on top and really looked perfectly. He had the entrecote with potato gratin. He loved it. For dessert, we split the nutella and banana crepes. Light and really good. We also had a bottle of Riesling from the Alsace region. very nice. Overall, a great dinner.

Jun 23, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

44 1/2

I went to 44X a few weeks ago and it was also really good. I had a delicious crab/lobster cake appetizer that I"m still thinking about. The decor is really bright and the host (possibly the owner) was very kind and welcoming. HIghly recommended

Jun 23, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

44 & X or 44 1/2??

Never been to either one but their menus sound great. Any opinions of one over the other? I like that 44 1/2 has pizzas but are the entrees as good? Are the entrees equally upscale? Desserts soound great at both spots.. thanks

May 17, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Great Dinner at Stanton Social

Tried Stanton Social for the first time Sunday night, just two of us. Great looking place, but very tight tables for two. Squeezed in between two other couples in the banquette area, no big deal..

Ordered cocktails and took some time to peruse the menu, every item sounded really good. So we ordered a lot of food!

Herb-dusted frites with two dipping sauces -- great
Pierogies -- wow, amazing cheese inside
pizzetta with hot chile oil -- very light, really tasty
duck empanadas -- good
chicken and waffles -- great
hanger steak with onion rings -- really good, great presentation
kobe slider -- awesome
kobe philly -- awesome
social mac and cheese with chorizo -- the night's winner! Creamy, smoky and a great crust.

Dessert -- warm donuts with dipping sauces -- delicious

It was a fun night and we got to try a lot of things. There are even more things I'd love to try. Portions were a good size for tapas. Highly recommended for groups or couples..

Apr 14, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan


I went a year ago and thought it was good, just not as good as Apizz, not as warm and cozy..

Mar 30, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Hell's Kitchen Suggestions

Marseille on 9th is excellent. Great vibe, french bistro food, still thinking about the merguez dish there..

Mar 16, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Any place compare to Alta -- Mediterranean tapas?

thanks sounds like stanton fits the bill best as far as non-Spanish small plates..I'll report back

Mar 12, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Any place compare to Alta -- Mediterranean tapas?

We had a great meal at Alta this weekend and were looking for any similar places. We don't want the typical, authentic Spanish tapa, but something more creative with more fusion style flavors like the tapas served at Alta..thanks

Mar 10, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

White pizza with fontina?

I love this too and I'm always on the lookout for it. The best I've found is actually in Jersey. Franco's Metro in Fort Lee, right over the GWB. It's personal size pizza with fontina, mozz, parmesan and ricotta on thin crust.. Amazing. I'd also love to hear of some places in the city though.

Feb 08, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Bar Boulud -- Won't be returning

Went to Bar Boulud, on Broadway and 63rd, for the first time Sunday night. We were really excited

We were sat near the front of the house where all the two tops are, which was fine as there was a space heater warming the area nicely. We both really liked the decor and the construction of the restaurant, clean lines, airy. Tables a bit tight, could hear our neighbors' entire conversation, but used to that in NY.

Ordered drinks, got nice cheese puffs at the table and crusty bread. For appetizer, he got the scallops, two of them. He really enjoyed the dish. I ordered the skate stuffed with mushrooms. Sounded great. Looked great when it arrived, mushrooms were delicious. However, after I few bites I noticed the fish was bloody inside. I was completely grossed out and couldnt' even eat another bite. I had eaten all the vegetables at this point, so I felt bad turnign it back...His steak frites he said were delicious.

For dessert, I had the chocolate mocha tart. It was really tasty, but really really tiny for $10. Service was fine. I won't be returning. Aside from the fish fiasco, nothing on the menu really popped at all.

It appeared as if everyone around us had ordered a pate and seemed to be enjoying it, so maybe that was the route to go there.

Feb 04, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Trip Report from a weekend in Manhattan

Great report. I wish I could have warned you about Mercer Kitchen. Ate skate there a few years back when it was in its "heyday" and it was disgusting. And by the way, Oscar's is an unsung gem.

Jan 07, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Market Table Dinner Review

You're absolutely right, nothing spectacular, just very well cooked greenmarket food. Not creative, just solid with a nice vibe. I probably could cook it at home, but then it wouldn't be a night out without the little ones and some peace and quiet!

Jan 07, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Market Table Dinner Review

Visited Market Table for the first time Sunday night after falling in love with LIttle Owl last year. At 5:45 p.m., the place was packed, not a seat in the house except for our waiting table. The host, one of the owners, was charming and welcoming and sat us right down.

Place was very warm and had a great vibe, all big windows on the corner of Carmine. We ordered a wine and a beer then onto the small, but well organized menu. I had the crab cake dinner, which was delicious. One very large crab cake, almost all crab, sitting on a crispy slaw with a ramekin of fries. Simple but just great flavors.
He had the gnochi with parmesan broth and short rib for the app, and loved it. NOt a big portion, just right. Then he had the steak, which came with I think a watercress salad. He said it was great. For sides, we had the hush puppies and the brussel sprouts. The sprouts were really good with walnuts. I tried a hush puppy with some type of sweet butter for dipping, really good again.

Dessert was the weakest part of the meal. Andif any improvements are to be made, it should be here. I ordered the only chocolate thing on the small menu, a devil's food cake with chocolate gelato. The gelato was good, but the cake was on the ddry side for me. Just too blah. Needed some oomph.
He had a pistachio muffin with some kind of pear. He said it was good, looked paltry and not appetizing to me.
Overall, loved it and would return. Unless desserts improve dramatically, would go elsewhere for a sweet ending.

Jan 07, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Periyali vs. Pylos or other?

I convinced him to have pre-dinner cocktails and go to Pylos and enjoy beer. I'll report back. Thanks all..

Jan 07, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Periyali vs. Pylos or other?

thanks for the great info. Pylos sounds great but he has to have his martinis.. so unfortunately it's out for us, so we'll give Periyali a whirl.. Sounds like I can't go wrong with either. Has anyone tried the mousaka at periyali or the desserts?

Jan 05, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Periyali vs. Pylos or other?

Looking for a nice Greek dinner spot in Manhattan, nice decor, great food, great desserts.. He's a chef, want to impress.. Alcohol license preferred..

Periyali and Pylos seem to fit the bill best..

Any suggestions?

Jan 04, 2008
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Best Mousakka in Manhattan?

Can anyone help me find the best mousakka or pastisio at a Greek place in Manhattan.... Only must is that the place have a liquor license as my date likes martinis with dinner..


Pylos (no alcohol, right?)


Dec 29, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Great Dinner at Centro Vinoteca

We visited Centro Vinoteca, 7th Ave. and Barrow, for the first time Sunday night. Overall, it was really really good and will definitely return.

We were seated in the upstairs dining room right away for a 6 p.m. res. The downstairs bar area was really buzzing, totally packed, great atmosphere for drinks and apps or taking a friend from out of town, etc.

Right at the table they have the piccolini menu and we couldn't resist ordering two: the fried cauliflower with garlic tip and the fried zucchini with parmesan and tomato dipping sauce. Both were amazing, particularly the cauliflower. Soo good.

After drinks, we ordered the oxtail cakes app for him and the ribeye steak for him. I chose to have the lamb bolognese gnocchi with fried onions. Wow, that was delicious. It wasn't a huge portion, but since it was a heavy dish, the size was just right. The bolognese was some of the best I've had (and I order this dish A LOT).. He loved the oxtail and the ribeye, which was served with a fontina cake, which was really tasty.

For dessert, I had the hazelnut cake with nutella cream. Small, but really good. I would have preferred real nutella on it rather than a watered down nutella mousse, but it was still good. He had the tartallucci with salted caramel, kind of like butter cookies with a caramel dipping sauce. They were also good. I would have liked to see something chocolate on the dessert menu, however.

We had a great dinner and recommend Centro. The server was really knowledgeable and a good guide. By 6:30 p.m. the room was packed...

(The only negative in my book was that it was REALLY cold in the dining room. Asked server to turn on the heat and she said it was broken...I had to put my coat on, but by the time my gnocchi came I could take it off. But that was a strike in my book.)

Nov 05, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Zoe Townhouse Review

Visited Zoe Townhouse on 62nd and Lexington Saturday night. We loved the Downtown Zoe a few years back and decided to check it out. Overall, it was good.

We were seated in the second floor dining room, told there were no specials...After inquiring about the pizzas I had read about, I was told I could only have them in the bar area. So we took our drinks and went downstairs. The manager apologized, explaining that the pizza oven was too small to accomodate the whole dining room or something. The restaurant was fairly empty at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night, later more of a senior crowd came in..

I ordered the mushroom pizza with parmagiano and truffle oil. Wow..That was delicious. Square, good size and healthy amount of toppings.
He ordered the scallop app with beets and was very happy. He had the sliced NY strip with mashed potatoes, which he also said was good. The desserts were very nice. I had the "Black and Tan," a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream, sitting on fudge and a chocolate cookie crust with some kosher salt and a chunk of toffee.. It was pretty good, not great. He had the cheesecake with truffles and said it was amazing..

So, overall, a nice dinner, but not to go out of the way for..

P.S. The bar ran out of Ketel One Vodka at 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday night for my husband's martini... odd..

P.S.S. Kitchen ran out of brussel sprouts that accompanied of the dishes, offered asparagus.

Oct 14, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Market Table -- a review

Sounds great.. Do you remember what other desserts were offered?? Also, how was the cod cooked??

Oct 14, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Gemma at Bowery Hotel Review

Visited Gemma at the Bowery Hotel on Sunday for dinner for the first time. They don't take reservations, but the place was pretty dead at 6 p.m. anyway. Things started poorly when I had to stand at the host stand for roughly 10 minutes with no one there at all. Finally, a bartender noticed I was still standing there, so he hunted down a host. We sat at an outdoor table.

After a fairly long wait, a waiter showed up and took drink orders. I ordered the burrata, olive and cheese pizza and he ordered an artichoke/truffle oil salad with the ny strip steak. The salad was OK. The pizza was good and I'm told the steak was good. But nothing fancy at all. Just a slab of meat on a dish and a small side plate with roasted potatoes. They brought me out a stand for my pizza, then removed it when the pizza arrived. What?

The worst part was that as we waited for dinner, we overheard our waiter telling the next table over about specials.. What specials? No one told us.

For dessert, we split the nutella calzone (the reason we ventured here in the first place). It was a huge doughy calzone with powdered sugar on top. When we cut into it, all of the nutella poured out. Inside there was some ricotta cheese. I loved the nutella with the sweet dough (then again I love anythign with nutella) but I wasn't in love with the ricotta with it. And the ricotta was cold, which made the nutella cold. Maybe if it was warm, it would have been better.

Overall, I wouldn't return. The service was poor, and it just simply wasn't worth the money. There was zero creativity in these dishes and the place just seemed like a lost ship with no captain.

Sep 03, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Enoteca Barbone Review

Went to Barbone, Ave. B and 12th, Saturday night for the first time. Seated right back in the garden, which was really quiet and romantic.. Menu is Italian but fairly creative. I got the black pepper pappardelle with short rib. Pasta was cooked perfectly, the short rib was in chunks. It was good but I personally prefer meat ground in my pasta, but that's me. He had the garganelli with mint and lamb sausage... Wow, that was amazing. Just slightly minty and the garganelli were perfect. I'd get this next time. He also had the flat iron steak with asparagus, which he said was good. Dessert was the only disappointment. Server told us "we only have three." that was encouraging. It was chocolate panna cotta with cherrries on top, pistachio cheesecake, and semifreddo. We picked the first two, just because we wanted something sweet. The panna cotta was actually pretty good. The cheesecake was OK, but both were teeny. This is where the restaurant needs improvement.
The owner did send us two complimentary glasses of moscato at the end of the night, which was nice and unexpected.
The restaurant was dead on a Saturday night from 6 when we arrived until 7:15 when some patrons trickled in...Makes me wonder how long it will survive. Overall, it was a nice quiet romantic evening, the food was good, but not sure I'd go out of my way.

Jun 03, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

opinions on Tre Dici

Tried it two months agao.. .Disappointed.. Pretty place, blah food. But I LOVE Cookshop, 20th and 10th, if that's close enough for you.. It's fabulous.

Mar 22, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Has anyone tried Harbor Bar Brasserie in Weehawken?

Will be dining there Saturday night and was hoping for some menu suggestions for dinner and desserts.. Thanks

The Harrison - a stellar dish to report

Can you tell me if the rabbit was in thick chunks or more like ground meat?? Also, how minty is this?? I've been fascinated by this dish, but not a fan of mint in savory dishes...thanks

Mar 09, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Sfoglia dinner.. Disappointed

Amateurish is a great word to describe Sfoglia.. Those cheap kitchen towels as napkins immediately turned my husband off (he's a chef)...I agree that Bruni only gave it 2 stars because of its lackluster location.. This place doesn' t hold a candle to the Italian spots I've enjoyed lately such as Spigolo and Crispo..

Mar 08, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan

Sfoglia dinner.. Disappointed

We were really excited to try Sfoglia, Lex and 92nd, but were left a bit disappointed last night..

For starters, we were sat in a communal table. We weren't too happy about that but the worst part was that they sat a family with a very loud child that kept dropping glasses and plates next to us.. (We rarely get to go out without our children, so this was our big adult night out .....)

I had the pappardelle bolognese, very tasty, yet not the best by any stretch.. Small portion for the entree size, maybe two more noodles than the app size...

He had the pappardelle as an app and the lamb cutlets.. The lamb was tasty but came with no accompaniments, luckily he ordered a side dish..

Most desserts had to be pre-ordered, which we didn't do, not knowing how full we'd be.. STill hungry, I ordered the semi-freddo, which was OK.. He got some chocolate flan-type thing with blood oranges named Moroni, or something.. the waiter didn't even know how to pronounce the name.. It was passable, but not at $12..
The meal was very expensive for what we had and the atmosphere didn't live up to the price tag.. There were babies being breastfed in the dining room and strollers blockign the entryway.
Won't be returning...

Mar 04, 2007
melodyt1313 in Manhattan