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Where to buy food for home cooking

Westside/ish suggestions:

Farmer's Market schedule is attached. I've been pretty happy overall, for LV.


There are not a lot of options as you stated. Whole Foods is where I buy most seafood and poultry.

The Butcher Block for meats. Two locations. Personally, I don't think Mull or Larry's is comparable but they are mentioned often as evidenced here. TBB charges a premium but is worth it to me. Its selection of prime + above (including A5) is great and singular in town.

Italian: Siena Trattoria and Market. I really hate the prepared food here, but the market is good.

Asian: there are plenty of good options. Ranch 99, Nakata, etc.

Bon breads is excellent and sold in several stores. Whole foods and Roccos come to mind. Worth searching for, damn good bread. They had a small storefront on Hualapai/DI but closed for some reason.

Mar 03, 2014
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Max Jacobson - get well soon

Saw a mention from SI Virbila. Apparently, Max was hit by a SUV and is/was in critical condition. If anyone has more info...,

Dec 28, 2013
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Spago - Strangely never mentioned here

It enjoys an underwhelming reputation perhaps because it is a chain or 20 years old. Mr. Puck's success may an additional detraction. Who knows but IMO it is one of the best, most consistent meals in town.

The food is excellent. How refreshing to see a spot where the menu truly changes and evolves. I know of only a handful of restaurants that take great dishes off the menu to make room for something new and untested. No doubt Chef Klein deserves much of the credit. Cocktail program A+. The wine list is another bright spot. Unlike so many of its strip brethren, deals abound and markups are very reasonable. A few notes: We usually dine at the bar (maybe 70%) but the service is outstanding anywhere and always. Ask, if not told, about daily specials - a testing ground and seasonal outlet for the chefs. Also, it's not cheap, apps are 15-25, pastas in that same range, with entrees slightly higher.

For comparison, we give the edge to Spago over Country Club for best long lunch, view notwithstanding. I'm not an employee in full disclosure, just thought it deserved a mention.

Dec 21, 2013
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Best fries on the strip?


Nov 17, 2013
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Where to watch Mayweather/Alvaraz

Coming in town tomorrow afternoon and am looking for a place to watch the fight. Westside bar or restaurant would be great. Thanks

Sep 13, 2013
palmdoc1 in Los Angeles Area

Quick trip this past weekend.

Napa Rose (DL) and by chance was seated at one of the chef's tables. We had several dishes. Food was good, not great, and generally underseasoned. Fun night though, service was as expected from Disney. We would definitely go back when trapped in Anaheim. Good view of busy kitchen was interesting as well.

Brunch at Baco Mercat. Chose because was sort of on the way from Anaheim to KL Wine, but happy we did. A beautiful in every way salad with peas, grapefruit and pears to start. Belgian waffle, torn bacon, and classic baco followed. We liked this place a lot. A note, they don't serve OJ. I get it, you're a hip restaurant (they have shrub though) but I like few things as much as a fresh-squeezed screwdriver.

Dinner Shunji. Discussed elsewhere. We'd return.

Farmshop brunch. Neat store, ordered potatoes, best french toast I've had recently. Less successful with its version of the omelet. Anyone know if this is cooked in a water bath? Would return.

Dinner Son of a Gun. I have wanted to go here since it opened but it never made the final cut in previous trips. Even with that added expectation, we both thought this was the best meal of the trip (top to bottom). We sat at the communal table, with perfect service I must add. Great flavors, outstanding product. Based on what I have read, this opinion seems above the consensus. I know its possible that everything was firing that night (guessing coinflip 6x correctly). Regardless, I wish these guys would come out here.

Lunch Milo Olive. Again, picked more based on convenience en route west. Glad we decided to eat there. Simple panzanella salad was delicious, pizza was pretty good too.

Mori. Saw east traffic was bad so we snuck into Mori for a quickish bite before the drive. One of our fav sakes there so we felt compelled. Great as ever. Maru-san is the man.

Aug 06, 2013
palmdoc1 in Los Angeles Area

N/Naka or Shunji?

Wanted to say thank you for the input. I appreciate the help. We ended up at Shunji (on the wait list at n/naka but never official so not sure if Shunji would have been the selection). Overall, we were impressed and had a great evening. My only regret is forgetting to specify sushi heavy as advised here. Shunji-san prepared about 12-14? items (highlights were soba, snapper tasting, chuwanmushi, and califlower soup). We only could eat a few pieces of nigiri because we were stuffed. A wonderful bonus was the Ichigo JG. I really thought this is a well-crafted sake, and nice compliment to Shunji-san's deft work. I'm interested to try it again. Food cost was very reasonable for both the number of dishes and product quality.

Aug 06, 2013
palmdoc1 in Los Angeles Area

N/Naka or Shunji?

Coming to town this weekend and have one free night. Read a lot of favorable reviews for both. Thanks

Jul 31, 2013
palmdoc1 in Los Angeles Area

2 nights in Vegas

A good summary, updated in March.

Apr 16, 2013
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Strip House - Restaurant Week

This year's offerings are pretty weak with Bellagio/Aria/Cosmo absent again. Strip House at PH looked appealing and turned out to be excellent, and great value as well. Very decent salad, if overdressed. Choice of Ribeye or Filet, both perfectly cooked, well seasoned. Worth checking out. As usual, you have to ask for the RW menu.

Mar 13, 2013
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Great uni. Where?

I have had some trouble finding top quality uni here(either Santa Barbara or Hokkaido). Kabuto's is never more than decent, Sen's is usually slightly better. Last couple times at Bar Masa it was terrible. Went to Yonaka last night, they talked it up, was B/B- at best. I know there must be somewhere with great uni that I'm overlooking. Thanks.

Feb 12, 2013
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

French Fries

Such a simple thing, the french fry, yet it is so hard to find well-executed versions here. My favorites of late, Spago's - incredibly consistent each time, and the Country Club at Wynn. Other notables?

Nov 27, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

NY perspective on Vegas trip

Kabuto is very, very good for Las Vegas (unqualified best IMO), though for me not in the same league as NYC or LA's best....with an optimistic yet. As to your question, I've only been to Yasuda(3x, most recently three months ago) and 15 East (2x, one at bar). Both I find to be superior; however, I obviously cannot comment on the others. For comparison, I recently ate at Mori within 2 days of Kabuto. This only served to highlight the difference in the top notch places and second-tiers like Kabuto. Based on numerous factors, are comparisons with some of America's best really fair to Kabuto - probably not.

Rcurtism, I saw your other post where you stated how you thought Kabuto much better than Yasuda. Care to expand - the selection pales but obviously the quality of fish and shari impressed?

Having said that, I usually eat at Kabuto a few times a month. It is definitely a great space and Gen-san(from Megu) serves up quality product, at a great price. Remember too that Kabuto is only a few months old and getting better with age. I think you will enjoy it very much. Ask Gen-san what he has in the back(off menu).

Jul 10, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Raku - Kaiseki or Omakase?

Be my pleasure

Jun 20, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Raku - Kaiseki or Omakase?

LVI's points are worthy of consideration. I am a local and eat there very often. Both the kaiseki and omakase are good to great but I always prefer to create my own tasting based on the daily specials and the robata standards.

Jun 14, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Omakase at Mori Sushi: A Pictorial Essay

A quick thanks JL. I've read many of your posts and stopped in Friday night while in LA. What a meal (3 small apps and about 20-24 nigiri). Maru-san said over and over how lucky I was - with 34 different items that night and the one-year anniversary of his purchase. In fact, it became a running joke throughout the meal as he would present each item, about 50% of which he said this is very, very special (indeed, 4 or 5 pieces were reference-worthy). There are the rare times when you catch a restaurant operating at its highest levels, and certainly that was the case on Friday.

I was meeting friends for dinner later so came in at 6 and was literally the only person in the place until ~720, a treat to say the least. And what a host. Maru-san is an absolute pleasure to be around. He reminded me very much of Hiro-san in that way. Outgoing, kind, humorous, drinks, etc. - an exact opposite of Keizo. Comparisons are unfair based on singular experiences but my evening with Maru-san was as pleasurable and delicious as any I've had in the states. Lastly, I thought the bill was quite inexpensive for the value @ $145/food. Many thanks again for your posts, truly a memorable night.

Jun 04, 2012
palmdoc1 in Los Angeles Area

Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Village Square

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is finally opening here at Village Square (NW corner of Sahara and Fort Apache) today.

May 25, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Which high end places (twist, la atelier,etc...) have a bar menu?

+1 for Guy Savoy. Excellent food, five bites (small plates) for $50 and bread service. It really is an excellent value. Good champagne btg list too.

May 10, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Raku grill vs. Sushi Raku at Caesars

Raku and Sushi Roku are in no way affiliated. Raku is better, by far.

May 09, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Japanese, Sushi Off Strip

Based on two meals in the past week, it seems to be the new gold standard for Las Vegas.

May 03, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Sage or L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon?

Elle, I couldn't agree more(and I really like L'At). Last weekend we had 8 courses and, although I nearly ate myself ill, I found the food to be uniformly excellent and at a price point nearly 1/2 of what I'd have spent at L'At. Pairings ranged from good to outstanding as well.

Apr 30, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Where to watch Mayweather/Cotto fight while eating/drinking well?

Sadly LVI, it may be a pipe dream. I doubt anyone will be able to help you for the reasons mentioned above. Anywhere decent that might show it would be doing so illegally. We have attempted the same at several restaurants in the past (i.e., offer to purchase through cable/satellite provider) and often times the provider's settings prohibit the purchase outright. Unlike the UFC which offers packages to bars etc., boxing does not. If you want to watch Cotto smack Floyd around in real time, it probably will have to be on CCtv.

Apr 27, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Late night eats in Vegas (budget friendly)

Pho Kim Long is a popular option, cheap and open 24 hrs. Pho's pretty good too.

Apr 24, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Any place for good soup dumplings (Xiaolongbao) in Las Vegas?


Apr 24, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Japanese, Sushi Off Strip

From your list: Raku(a must), Sen and Ichiza.

Apr 05, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Old Homestead?

Went last night, it was ok. LaFrieda PH for two ($98) was good, not great, though cooked correctly and seasoned well. But I don't think I would return any time soon. Service was marginal and I do not like the space/buildout. Imo, too many other options in town that have as good or better product, great service, better winelist and nicer ambience.

Apr 05, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Blue Fin Tuna / Expensive Dining

Depending on which cut you want to try and wild vs. kindai, Bluefin is found at many Las Vegas restaurants: Bar Masa (wild akami and o); Blue Ribbon (kindai akami and o); Shibuya (kindai o); Sen of Japan (kindai o); Raku (usually a hybrid cut of akami - chu); Nobu (wild o) to name a few.

KK makes a good point that the top quality (o-toro especially) is rarely seen here. From time to time Bar Masa will have a near-reference worthy offering, but such an example is rare. Top quality akami is easier to find.

If you are going to try it just once, you may want to select a place that offers several cuts, for comparison.

Mar 09, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Bartolotta or B&B? Spanish/Tapas?

100% agree with LVI. There is no comparison.

Feb 15, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Yummy Sushi and Grill - West Lake Mead

Been here several times over the past few months and thought it deserved a brief highlight. Not to be confused with the Henderson location(unaffiliated), Yummy Sushi is located on 7331 West Lake Mead. From the strip mall parking lot, Yummy's glassed exterior, replete with large pictures of sushi rolls and the like, appears similar to many of LV's ayce crap joints. Once inside, however, you will find something more. Candidly, when a friend took us here I was skeptical. I was pleasantly mistaken.

Eric, the head chef and proprietor, is trying to provide quality ingredients. He focuses on seasonal Japanese ingredients. Past visits have included kinmedei, kanpachi, hon hamachi, shima aji, real tai, ahi/bluefin, and assorted shellfish. He has a preference for using live scallop and live uni (which I disagree with and always find to be a gamble), but the overall quality of his product is very good. Unlike Sen’s emphasis on Hawaiian fish, Eric really does try to source the best product he can given his limited customer base, restaurant size, and fiscal resource.

Sashimi and nigiri are what make a visit worthwhile. The rice is well seasoned and serviceable. The kitchen food is not different from any of the dozens of places in town – that is to say unremarkable. He is working on the sake list as well. I ate at Bar Masa and Yummy within days of each other and found little discernable difference (in fish quality) for a fraction of the cost. If you enjoy quality raw Japanese fish and shellfish, you may want to check it out.

Feb 08, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas

Upscale Dinner for Two, first trip to Vegas, Swan Room at Aureole or Sage?

I'd pick Sage. Swan is nice without a doubt. A beautiful setting, though I think Sage's room is nice as well. My last few meals at Aureole, with one in Swan room, were good. For me however, Aureole's menu (overall) feels dated and tired - stale presentations with little evolution. I feel the same way about many of Mr. Palmer's places, thus the above is not without bias I suppose.

Another consideration that may factor into your decision is whether you plan to drink, be it btg, bottle, or pairings.

Feb 01, 2012
palmdoc1 in Las Vegas