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Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

I'm in Saskatchewan, Canada with a Filipina mom and Romanian dad and I looove:

* Cheez whiz spread on poppy seed roll
* Cheez whiz on banana bread
* Good Host iced tea mix sprinkled on vanilla ice cream
* Hot dogs, tripe, white beans and peppers cooked in tomato sauce
* Hot dog fried rice
* Fried Klik (like Spam) and lettuce sandwiches on white bread
* Bacon fried, crumbled and dumped into a pot of Kraft dinner (grease included) with lots of pepper (courtesy of my mom-in-law - I'd never heard of such a thing)
* My favourite dish is one consisting of fried ground beef, peas, carrots and potatoes. I asked my mom what her special seasoning was that made it taste so good and she replied, "Ketchup."

Sep 16, 2009
achamberlin in Home Cooking

The Big CHOW

Yes, lame. I like it when they try to tweak the recipe or improve on the original. The "secret sauce" isn't even homemade!

Jul 18, 2008
achamberlin in Recipes