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Best Restaurants in Northern Michigan and UP?

yeah..I know..but it's still pretty funny

Best Restaurants in Northern Michigan and UP?

I'm not gonna lie. Somehow I found that on my own and thought about it just because it's funny....:)

Best Restaurants in Northern Michigan and UP?

Is this the place?

We're actually thinking about staying there..

Best Restaurants in Northern Michigan and UP?

Thanks..really wanting to try a Cudighi somewhere. Only place I've ever seen one before is at Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids...

Best Restaurants in Northern Michigan and UP?

Definitely looking for regional foods. We're going all the way through the U.P. to get to northwestern Wisconsin eventually.

I've been to the Cooks' House before. LOVE IT. Considered taking a detour just to go back.

Not really looking for fine dining...great pubs, diners, local places. I'm more of a burger and pizza guy. We do a lot of sandwiches.

Just wondering really if there's any must hit dives along our route. The trip the the northern part of Michigan will be quick...probably just one meal, so looking for the best of the best. We're planning on staying in Newberry for one night, but that could end up being three or four meals in the U.P.

Best Restaurants in Northern Michigan and UP?

Taking a trip this summer. Starting in Kalamazoo, ending up in Wisconsin via U.P. Probably spend a night in Newberry.

Looking for some great spots to stop along the way. What are the very best local spots the Northern Michigan and the UP have to offer?

Mother's Day Brunch - South Suburbs

Looking for someplace in the Orland Park area for a Mother's Day brunch...having a hard time finding anything that isn't already booked up...yup, I'm a procrastinator...

Big Rapids, MI - Ferris State

Heading up to Big Rapids next month for work. Wondering if there's anything in town I should check out. I'll only be there for a day or so, but I will be staying overnight.

Prefer pubs, burger joints, sandwiches, cafe's, or pizza places...don't do International cuisine other than Italian or Mexican....

Also wouldn't mind knowing if there are any places that I have to stop between Kalamazoo and Big Rapids (Grand Rapids excluded)

BBQ in Eastern TN

ok, so I know this is a little late, but we did find a couple really good places.

In Nashville, we did go to Neely's. We also went to Martin's in Nolensville which was some of the best BBQ I've ever had (never been to Memphis unfortunately).

In Seveirville, we found Tony Gore's Smoky Mountain BBQ which was really good. Passed on the way from the Interstate to our cabin and decided to drive back and give it a try.....totally worth it. <--Neely's <--Martin's <--Tony Gore's

Thanksgiving Dinner SW Michigan/NE Indiana?

I thought of Four Winds of Blue Chip....figured I had a last resort with one of them.

Thank for the suggestions, I'll look into them!

Thanksgiving Dinner SW Michigan/NE Indiana?

Anyone know of a place that will be open on Thanksgiving in the New Buffalo/Michigan City area? Doesn't have to be the traditional turkey and stuffing, but a nicer restaurant would be nice...I like pubs and pizzerias, but my parents would like to meet halfway for a good dinner Thanksgiving if there's anything open..

BBQ in Eastern TN


BBQ in Eastern TN

My wife-to-be has to be the best wife ever. For our honeymoon, she actually suggested going to Tennessee to stay in the mountains and eat BBQ.

What are the best places between Pigeon Forge and Nashville. We'll be in Pigeon Forge for two days and Nashville for two days...looking for some good, local places as well as the trendy tourist places. Not afraid to drive a little ways if there's something worth going out of the way for.

Big Trip - Chicago to Knoxville to Nashville to Lansing

thanks! We'll be heading through there around dinner time.

Big Trip - Chicago to Knoxville to Nashville to Lansing

bump to try again

Pizza recommendations for Lansing/MSU area


Pizza recommendations for Lansing/MSU area

we order Cottage Inn all the time. Their thin crust pizza is delicious...only the thin crust. The other pizza I've had in Michigan that I really like is Buddy's in Detroit

We had Guido's once too and really liked that as well. Again their thin crust pizza was really good with the cayenne sauce.

Fat Boys Pizza in Holt is another of our favorite.

I just don't like a whole lot of crust unless it's the Chicago deep dish which is why I'm not a huge fan of Deluca's. Iiked it, but it wasn't something that I thought was really great. I prefer the really thin crust. I had high hopes for Izzo's, but the pizza I got had a thick crust.

Pizza recommendations for Lansing/MSU area

I thought Deluca's wasn't much different than Pizza Hut. It was good, but it was too much crust. Everyone I talk to always points me towards the place though. We enjoyed their breadsticks more than the pizza.

Izzo's was OK....I got a small pizza and there was way too much crust. I haven't been back to try a larger and hopefully more thin crust.

You've got Izzo's twice...what was the third one?

Traverse City, MI

The Cooks' House right near downtown. Awesome little restaurant. Reservations recommended.

Also, would go a little out of the way for "America's Best Ice Cream." Moomer's Homemade Ice Cream

Pizza recommendations for Lansing/MSU area

I've lived in Lansing for a year and a half and finding a good pizza has been a challenge. Unfortunately, my two favorites are chains. Cottage Inn's thin crust (only the thin crust...the regular crust is no different than the rest of the chains) and Guido's in Okemos.

Pizza House is pretty good but pricey. There are a few bars that serve a pretty good pizza including Art's Bar near downtown Lansing.

I would second Menna's. The Dubs are pretty good. I work at MSU pretty often and finding something different for lunch can be challenging. I've blogged about all of my culinary adventures in Mid-Michigan which may give you a little more of an idea about what's in the area.

Lunch in Sandusky, OH

we ate at Danny Boy's. I wasn't thrilled with it due to some additions to a sandwich that weren't on the menu. The rest of my group really liked it though.

Thanks for the help!

Lunch in Sandusky, OH

We're meeting some friends in Sandusky, OH for lunch. Since neither of us are familiar with the area, is there any place we have to go. I've been looking over some old posts and found Mon Ami and Margaritaville...both look good, but wondering if there's anything newer that's not a chain or a big tourist spot.

Thanks in advance.

Buddy's Pizza - Detroit?

ate at Buddy's over the weekend. Loved it! Very much reminded me of Lou Malnati's in Chicago. Neighborhood was kinda scary, but the food was worth it. Thank you all for you help!

Traverse City - Lake Leelanau

My favorite restaurant....maybe even the best lunch I've ever had...was at The Cooks' House near downtown. It is sort of a hole-in-the-wall with only six tables and a small kitchen, but the food is amazing! <--review <--website w/menus

Cook's House
439 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49686

Big Trip - Chicago to Knoxville to Nashville to Lansing

awesome. Sounds good to me. My wife-to-be loves breakfast, so that sounds perfect. THanks!

Big Trip - Chicago to Knoxville to Nashville to Lansing

That was the one place that I already had on my list. I've been hearing a lot about that place..can't wait to try it!

Big Trip - Chicago to Knoxville to Nashville to Lansing

I know this is a huge swatch of the midwest, but the future wife and I are taking a trip that will start in Chicago, make a stop over in Louisville, KY continue on to Pigeon Forge, TN, double back to Nashville, then take a turn north to home in Lansing, MI.

The purpose of the trip is good BBQ and country music as well as a few days relaxing in the mountains.

We've got a couple touristy type places we want to stop at just to say we've eaten there, but we're really going to be looking for some of the region's best.

Is there anywhere that we shouldn't miss on this trip? The route we'll be taking is I-65 to I-64 to I-75 to I-40 to get to Knoxville. Back to Nashville on I-40 then home I-65 to I-69.

I know it's a very large area and not really focused, but if there's something along the way I don't want to miss that either. Suggestions in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Nashville are also appreciated because we'll be spending most of our time in those towns....

Chicago - Best Deep Dish Pizza, and the specific locations that are best to have it at?

as far as the traditional Chicago deep dish, I do prefer Giordano's, but I eat at both Giordano's and Lou's regularly...mostly in the suburbs. I'm getting married in September...I'm having part of my bachelor party at Lou's and my rehearsal dinner at Giordano's....I don't think you can really compare the two. They're two different style pizzas. I like both and even alternate on which one I order and have shipped up here to the pizzaless wasteland of Mid-Michigan.

My favortie pizza in Chicago though is not the traditional "Chicago-style." I'm a huge fan of the cracker thin crust they do on the southside of town and the south suburbs. I like Vito & Nick's...and love the Italian beef pizza, but had better service and almost the same pizza at Vito & Nick's II in Tinley. Still, my number one choice for pizza in Chicago is Palermo's 95th in Oak Lawn. If you've eaten at a Palermo's not in Oak Lawn or bought a frozen one from the grocery store, it's not the same....Palermo's 95th has the best sauce in Chicago

Palermo's 95th Pizza & Restaurant
4849 W 95th St., Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Vito & Nick's Pizzeria
8433 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60652

Vito & Nick's II
7020 183rd St, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Midtown or just South of Midtown BBQ

I know of's on the northside, one's in Pilsen.

Smoque gets a lot of attention becaue it was featured on Diner's Drive-In's and Dive's. We waited for almost an hour one night to get BBQ. It was really good.

Just last week, we ate at Honkey Tonk BBQ in Pilsen. It really is a little hole in the wall, but they just won a trophy at Memphis in May for their pork shoulder. BBQ was really good, but I thought they skimped on the sides a little bit. <---Honky Tonk BBQ <--Smoque

3800 N Pulaski Rd Ste 2, Chicago, IL 60641

Honky Tonk BBQ
1213 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Near US Cellular

Grace O'Malley's was great before a show at Soldier Field -