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Help with low sodium restaurant ideas

Need a restaurant or maybe in home chef, 40 year anniversary and birthday same day in November. Husband is extremely ill and can't eat sodium. Want to celebrate the day and need some help. Any ideas?

anniversary and milestone birthday rec

Looking to celebrate 2 big events that are on the same night, so I get one blow out dinner; As it's mid week want to stay within 15 to 20 minutes of the downtown Silver Spring area. Am open to about everything, love Addies but tired of it, places in Bethesda seem to be too crowded and too rushed, guess I'm just bored with alot of the usual. That said anything new, good,off the beaten track?

Market Price of a Bushell of Crabs

Where might you have found an overstuffed bushel for that price?

Recs for Anna Maria Island visit

If you go over the bridge to Cortez, Star Seafood restaurant . It is behind their seafood store on the water. Wonderful place, very reasonable with the greatest most reasonable food. About as casual as you can get and it gets very crowded.

Aug 19, 2010
cappie in Florida

Where do you get your live hardshell crabs (for cooking at home)?

Mels crabs on route 4 huntingtown md. ; about 20 minute from the beltway. His prices are very fair and the crabs are amazing.

platter for shiva

] need to get a platter , maybe sweets for a shiva. It's in Owings Mill anyone have any ideas, I'm not from the area but, want something nice. Thanks

Grocery Stores that sell meatloaf mix?

Sniders in Silver Spring has it. I know this is after the fact but, maybe next time

Five Super Supermarkets

In Silver Spring, and I can not believe no one has mentioned it, Snyders, my number 1-5. Nothing fancy, good prices, good produce, good meats, great service. I go other places to fill in but Snyders is just the best, they even bag your groceries and bring it to the car.

Wong Gee - Wheaton

I absolutely love this restaurant. The Cross Bridge Soup is my new favorite comfort food. I have enjoyed many good dinners here.

Breakfast in Silver Spring?

Several in the garea:
Parkway Deli,
General Store at Forest Glen
Woodside Deli
Tasty Diner

All have what I consider fairly good breakfasts for this area

looking for good liquor store between Tampa and Longboat key

Flight gets in to Tampa and then driving to Longboat Key, any recommendations for good wine liquor stores between the two?

Jul 10, 2009
cappie in Florida

Kensington question

This place is not typical pub food. It is just bad. Years ago ordered the soup special, turns out it was canned soup with cut up Jimmy Dean type breakfast sausage. It is so bad that no one that I know ( and I live and work in Kensington) goes there.

Wong Gee in Wheaton

The owner of this new restaurant said she used to own Eat First, sold it and opened Wong Gee, The reviews that I have read do not give it stellar marks but; I had wonderful hot sour soup and what they called baked bean curd with spicy salt. In my mind fried bean curd but none the less wonderful. Maybe some of the problems may be language. My husband got kung pao chicken and their cooking was different but, good; had green pepper in it.
The barbecued meats looked and smelled wonderful and people who seemed to know the owner were buying that,

near Largo

Need to meet up with friends staying in Largo, so where can we go for dinner?
I have not a clue, Franklins is the only thing I can think of anybody know anything in Greenbelt or whereever. My first thought is this is a total wasteland , sorry to those that may live there. A few chain restaurants are out there but other then that? I turn to you all the expers

birthday gift on the strip

Grown son's bday tomorrow and he is staying at the Wyndham on E Harmon, trying to have breakfast delivered, cake would be ok but any ideas?

Dec 22, 2008
cappie in Southwest

help for a long weekend

First time in NO getting in at 7:30 pm staying at Westin Canal Place. I have gift certificate to GW Fins so that is the only given. Here is sorta what I plan-

Sat night Acme Oyster House

Sun early Cafe du Monde

Sun Brunch Brennans

Sunday dinner GW fins

Monday -- no plans, thought I may have to do GW fins on Monday because so much is closed and think they are open.

So need help to fill in the holes, open to anything, literally as long as it doesn't move. Trying to stay fairly moderate in prices, have never had a good po boy so suggestions for that would be good,

Thanks, Cappie

Oct 09, 2008
cappie in New Orleans

Time for Crabs

R may mean oysters but; the very best crabs are now; like jfish said, fat and I may add prices are way down.
If you want to cook your crabs try Mel's-they are wonderful.

Sunday breakfast Maryland burbs

Need some new ideas for breakfast. Gone to Kirstens, Woodside Deli, Parkway etc. any ideas for something different? Will drive to Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring or further just tired of the same old same old. Thanks,

fruit in season

So what fruit might be in season when I am in Longboat key next week? Will I be able to find fresh and local mangoes, limes, anything else? Should I bring fresh tomatoes with me or will I find any shipped from the north that will be good?

Aug 01, 2008
cappie in Florida

breakfast between tampa airport and ybor city

Will spend a night at the Tampa airport and then stopping at Ybor City before going to Longboat Key for my vacation in August. Anyone have any idea where a good place for breakfast maybe? It will be a Sat. morning,
Also anyone know a good store to stock up on things for my week. I like to cook on vacation and am used to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and farmers markets.
Any advice will be appreciated.

Jul 20, 2008
cappie in Florida

Mother's Day in Silver Spring area?

A good spot is Ferdinands in Wheaton, not great food; but, decent salad bar, ok prime rib and an average age of diners seems to be about 105. Nothing has changed there in at least 30 years. Perfect place for the elderly

good breakfast between AC and Cape May

I am driving from Atlantic City to Cape May this Sunday, along the coast, and wondered if there might be a great place for breakfast. Any ideas would be appreciated,

Mar 05, 2008
cappie in Mid-Atlantic

What's With "Chinese Food, Subs, Chicken and Seafood" in DC?

And the strangest combination of foods in a restaurant was in Long Beach Ca where they had burritos and Pastrami advertised. Makes the Chineese, sub, chicken and seafood pall in it's shadow.
One chain that serves the above mentioned mix is Danny's in Maryland and they have the best gizzards.Haven't been there in a while, I think they are still around

Decent brunch buffet

I am looking for a good Sunday brunch buffet, DC or Bethesda area. It is a family celebration so want something nice. I don't know if there are any good ones around, there used to be lots of places out there but it has been a long time since. So any help, we all eat about anything and there are no children,

R.I.P. Bob Mervine

I turn to Chowhound everywhere I go, and am planning another trip to Orlando so came here to get Bob Mervine's recommendations. I just couldn't believe that he has passed away. You have faceless personalities on websites like this who become your friend, your advisors, and trusted sages. Bob was such a person and although I never met him, I have had my vacations and business trips made so much brighter because of him. I know his family and close friends will mourn a person who I am sure was a wonderful man and bigger then life, but also know that the thousands who read his words will also mourn such a generous man

Oct 24, 2007
cappie in Site Talk

lobster in portland

I'll be in Portland this weekend and am trying to find a couple of good places for lobster. Are most places open this weekend? Is there anywhere that doesn't have good lobster? This is my husbands dream; to eat his fill of lobster; and seems like this is the area to do it. So any help would be appreciated.

Dim Sum buffet Sunday

Any idea for as decent as possible dim sum buffet in the Rockville area. I know, this isn't the best but, have a couple of huge eaters with no real idea of good or bad and quanity is important to them not quality. I on the other hand love good dim sum so this will be a big sacrifice on my part--figure someone may know the best possible.

great sushi nw or rockville, bethesda area

Husband's 60th Thursday and he loves sushi. So any suggestions? Don't want to drive downtown as we unfortunately have to work late.


Going shopping in outlet malls across the bridge..

In Stevensville there is a place called Love Point Cafe, was nice when I was there. Good crab soup. I take first exit after bridge take a left, then first right, I think(and I'm probably wrong) that it is route18. It was a nice local place.

Playa del Carmen - need rec's

I will second Yaxche, and add Babes, there is a Chicago something high end, carts are great, Go go great things by locals.

Feb 27, 2007
cappie in Mexico