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Daiya (vegan cheese)

Hmm. This *just* became kosher? That's interesting, because many of the NYC vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants that have a hashgacha (though, granted, it's usually not the most reliable of kosher supervision) use Daiya cheese in their dishes.

Nov 22, 2010
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Help me find a wine for my wedding

It seems you've already found a wine for the Chuppah, but...

As was already stated, the Golan Moscato is one of the best kosher moscatos around, but it's not mevushal. For something less sweet, try the Bartenura Pinot Grigio or any Dalton white wine.

Nov 18, 2010
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Moshe's Falafel Truck - 57th & B'way

Does a Moshe's truck still park at 27th and Park?

Nov 18, 2010
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Mevushal wine - Which are the best?

I recently had the Goose Bay Pinot Noir, and really enjoyed it. I believe it's mevushal.

I would also go into some wine stores that carry good kosher brands and ask them. Many wine stores are great with help and recommendations, and some even open kosher bottles during their tastings.

Nov 15, 2010
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Kosher Artisanal Breads

Bread Alone ( ) is an upstate bakery, but their breads are available at farmer's markets in NYC. I have had their bread before, and it's excellent.

See for information on their kosher certification, and for information on where you can find their bread in NYC.

Jun 29, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Kosher vegan restaurants

As mentioned, Caravan of Dreams is excellent. I don't know how recently you mean when you say "restaurants that have opened recently," but Blossom, a pricey but well liked vegan restaurant in the Chelsea district of New York City with some sort of kosher certification, opened Blossom Cafe on the Upper West Side about a year and a half ago. It's excellent - every dish I have had there is delicious.

Jun 08, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Noidue Cafe UWS Opening this Sunday

I ate at Noi Due last night and loved it! Showing up 2 nights before Passover, I expected it to be crowded, and it was. But the staff was super nice about it. While waiting, they were attentive, and gave us mochaccinos to try, then when the wait was a little longer than they'd hoped, they gave us some wine, too. I was really impressed with the patience and politeness of the staff - putting up with Jewish restaurant goers on a crowded evening is not the most pleasant task.

We had a salad and a large pizza, with limonatas. Limonatas are a personal favorite and theirs was very good - lots of mint, well blended, not overly sweet. The caesar salad was tasty though the portion was not as large as I would hope for. The salads are more side dish sized. The pizza was excellent. I, too, was disappointed that paninis were not available at dinner time, but everything else on the menu is good too. They have a lot of interesting appetizers that aren't up my alley but that sound (and looked) really tasty. Also, they have mozzarella sticks! As it was near closing time, we got a free desert, too - these cannolis with sweet ricotta inside that were very tasty. Everything was presented very well and the overall experience was perfect. Waitresses were available, friendly, and helpful.

I loved the ambience and the space. Everything about it is just a very welcome addition. It's just casual enough without being a hole in the wall. It felt like a cute cafe - rather than a typical Jewish restaurant - despite being filled entirely with observant Jews. The prices are good. It's a classy kosher cafe experience, and I will be going often.

It's also great that there is now a place kosher observers can go for brunch! There are so few kosher brunch spots. FYI they have a website where you can see their regular and brunch menu:

Apr 07, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Moshe's Falafel Truck - 57th & B'way

So you're saying the truck that had been parking at 17th and 5th is now parking by 57th Street? That is sad news for those of us who work downtown.

Apr 02, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

San Francisco Kosher

I ate at Sabra last time I was in SF because I needed a place to sit down and eat with people I was meeting up with. It's not inedible, I just remember the food being highly disappointing. It is not somewhere I will refuse to step foot in, but it is somewhere I would not give business to if I had the choice, which is why it's a shame that right now, there is no other option in SF. It's also a shame simply because I loved the food at both the SF NY deli and Ristorante Raphael.

I am taken care of for meals throughout shabbat plus one other night I am in town; it is really only 2 lunches and maybe 1 dinner for which I will need food. I'm sure I'll manage.

But I am curious about the status of Shangri La. I haven't heard any positive endorsements of its rabbinic supervision on this board. I know that its being open on shabbat means that it cannot get hashgacha from the standard mainstream Orthodox supervising organization of the area. But where I'm from, there are tons of places like that with a variety of supervising organizations, and some are okay to eat in, while some are really not. Does anyone have information on is current hashgacha and how reliable the rabbi is?

Mar 09, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

San Francisco Kosher

I'll be in SF in a week and a half. Sadly, I assume this place won't be open in time, though it would be a shlep anyhow (but it sounds like it would be worth it). But with the SF NY deli and Ristorante Raphael in Berkeley closed (both were open last time I was there, June 2007), I can't believe that Sabra will be my only option.

Mar 02, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Good kosher meal before the Rangers game on Sunday

I would not go to Mr. Broadway. The menu is varied but the food is eh and the place is almost diner-like.

Places near MSG I would suggest:
Colbeh (43 W. 39th Street bet. 5th and 6th) Yummy Persian food (kebabs, rice, etc.), good service, never crowded.
Mendy's Deli (61 E. 34th Street by Park Ave.) Standard kosher deli. The ambiance is, well, nonexistent, but all of my non-Jewish coworkers love the food there. It is a little bit cross town from MSG though, but not so far.
Abigaels (1407 Broadway bet. 38th and 39th) If you're looking for something more upscale.
Clubhouse Cafe (155 W. 46th Street bet. 6th and 7th Ave.) If you're willing to eat 10+ blocks from the arena, go here. Yummy menu, serves alcohol, somewhat trendy. One of my favorite kosher restaurants. (Le Marais, previously mentioned, is across the street, and it's an awesome steak house, if that's more your thing.)

Feb 19, 2009
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

off the beaten path kosher restaurant recs.

I really like Caravan of Dreams in the East Village - If you live in the city, I'm not sure if this place is "off the beaten path" for you, but even if you head downtown often, it's more the type of food that's served and type of restaurant it is that's "off the beaten path" for kosher eaters. Wonderfully tasty vegan and live food that anyone looking for an "off the beaten path" kosher meal should appreciate, nice atmosphere, open late. On some nights, they have live music. Their tables are generally set up to accommodate 2 to 4 people, but they can combine tables, and they do have a back room. I would call ahead though to make sure they can accommodate a party of 10.

They do have kosher supervision, though it's not a universally accepted hashgacha, so you'll have to know how all attendees feel about the varying NYC kashrut supervisions. They do offer about 1 or 2 non-kosher wines for drinking, but the wine menu specifies which wines are kosher and which not, and I'm pretty sure that the sangria is made with kosher wine, as are any dishes that are cooked with wine.

Oct 16, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

best challah in NYC

Also, Alyssa asked about West Village or Upper East Side. But for picking up a challah in the East Village, Associated on 14th Street off of 1st Avenue stocks a brand of challah that's great, and Key Food on 1st Avenue near 4th Street stocks a decent brand as well. There's also always Zomicks at Whole Foods, which is probably the most ubiquitous challah in NYC but I wouldn't say it's the best.

I don't know where to get them on the east side, but Supersol on the Upper West Side stocks Bagel City and Zaidy's brand challahs, and those, in my opinion, are the best (though Zaidy's is technically a NJ brand, not sure about Bagel City).

My favorite challah not available in Manhattan is the challah from Mazur's in Little Neck, Queens. It's perfect. Cakey and chewy but without being too sweet or eggy. Most underrated challah around.

Oct 07, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Kosher or Kosher style catering in Bayside area

If all you need is "kosher style," there's a Ben's Deli in the Bay Terrace section of Bayside ( It's kosher but not glatt kosher (they serve Hebrew National hot dogs), and they're open on Saturdays, which is a problem for strictly observant Jews but should be acceptable for others.

There are plenty of kosher options near but not in Bayside, such as Mazur's in Little Neck (, and many places in Great Neck ( and Fresh Meadows ( I don't think all of them can do catering but many probably can. Call which ever places sound like the kind of cuisine you're looking for.

Oct 06, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Kosher Panko

I don't remember what brand it was, but I have bought kosher Panko breadcrumbs in the kosher aisle at the Fairway surpermarket on Broadway and 74th on NYC's Upper West Side. It was a year or two ago so I can't be 100% sure that they still stock it.

Sep 29, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Kosher Falafel Truck @ 5th Ave & 17th St.!

Has anyone been to the downtown Moshe's falafel truck lately? I tried finding it during my lunch hour today, with no luck. I have heard from others that they have tried a few different locations to see what kind of business they'd get, and that at one point they were on 23rd and 7th. I looked today on 5th Avenue between 14th and 19th Streets and 6th Avenue between 14th and 23rd Streets, and I could not find the truck. Last week, on two consecutive nights, between 6 and 8 pm I saw the truck parked in front of Bed Bath and Beyond on 6th Avenue near 18th Street.

Any idea where the truck can be found this week?

Jul 29, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

Lake Placid, NY or Vermont

There are no kosher restaurants in Vermont, but the Price Chopper in Rutland stocks a nice kosher selection. There used to be a kosher pizza place in Killington, VT, but it only lasted a few years, if that.

Jul 21, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

NYC - best, not too expensive, most interesting

I would highly suggest against Mr. Broadway, especially for foodie relatives. Some might appreciate the fact that their menu consists of basically every type of American Jewish cuisine - deli, Israeli, Chinese, sushi, American - but it leaves the place with no specialty or feeling. It's also overpriced, and their deli sandwiches are not good anyway. Its ambiance is, I would say, slightly better than that of a deli.

Jul 16, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher

NYC - best, not too expensive, most interesting

I would nominate Blossom Cafe or Clubhouse Cafe. Blossom is a really nice vegan restaurant. The original is in Chelsea and is pretty pricey. There is a Blossom Cafe on the UWS that is less pricey ( I have only been to the Cafe on the UWS, and it's a really nice sit down restaurant. I was with a large party and so we ordered a lot of different things to share, and everything was excellent. If your family members are foodies, they might appreciate the things some NYC restaurants do with vegan foods, and it's definitely an interesting type of cuisine. Just make sure you're okay with the hashgacha on the restaurant (see, as he's not one of the mainstream ones.

Clubhouse Cafe ( is not as much of a bar/lounge as it might have strived to be, but it's a really nice dining experience and a nice place, and is not like most kosher dining experiences. The feeling of the place is very chic and not Jewy. Every dish I or fellow diners have ever tried is great, and the waiters are very helpful with explaining the dishes. It's more of a bar type of menu, with options such as sliders, chili, and salmon sandwiches. Just be warned that the amount of meat in the sandwiches is not huge, but they taste great, and you should have some of the appetizers anyway - the duck empanadas are great. (FYI, Clubhouse is owned by the same people that own Le Marais.


Le Marais is also a good choice, if you all like steak. Their steak is great (my non-Jewish coworker goes there regularly because he loves it so much) and is not too expensive, as kosher steak goes. Wolf & Lamb is great as well. Their steak is good too, but you might want to try one of their excellent sandwiches instead.

For breakfast, you might want to stop into Magnolia Bakery on the UWS. It is a well known bakery (though I think the downtown location is older and better known), mostly for its cupcakes, and the UWS location recently got hashgacha. Other NYC cupcake places that have hashgacha are Crumbs and Buttercup Bakeshop.

Jul 16, 2008
downtownNYCjew in Kosher