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Low-key rehearsal dinner

Know y'all just fielded a rehearsal dinner question a few weeks ago...mine is a bit different hence a separate post. Looking for a rehearsal dinner location for this October, max 20 people (pre-teen to 70s), one person who does not eat any fish/seafood, several who do not enjoy (read: will not eat) ethnic food. We are mindful of budget; hoping for someplace that is particularly good at whatever it does whether fancy or not, bonus if it feels unique/special to out-of-towners. Arlington/Lexington area down to Waltham would work well. Open to places that feel "local", no slickness needed, just great service and an atmosphere in which everyone can feel comfortable and celebratory and enjoy the evening. It is important to us to have a separate room or area with some definition between our party and patrons-at-large. Thank you!

Jul 16, 2008
Emarbee in Greater Boston Area