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Looking for fast crepes to go, Parisian style?

Great suggestions, will have to check these all out. Thanks!!

Feb 27, 2012
colfaxBee in Manhattan

Looking for fast crepes to go, Parisian style?

Looking for restaurants, or food carts/trucks that make crepes to go, like you can get in Paris. I'm not looking for a sit down restaurant, I want to stand in a line, order a crepe, watch the person make it, then eat it out of its paper wrapping while I walk down the street. There is, or used to be, a place on west 3rd st where you could order crepes from a window of a restaurant. Anyone know of anywhere else like that? These seems like the ideal food truck food, yet I'm not sure if there is such a truck... yet

Feb 24, 2012
colfaxBee in Manhattan

lentil salad from Le Pain Quotidien

Yes! That salad was fantastic! I wish they would bring it back. I've been meaning to try to replicate it, but haven't tried yet. Agree with the other poster that they were puy lentils. The dressing seemed like it could be lemon juice and olive oil based. For me the daunting part is finely chopping all the other vegetables.

Dec 28, 2011
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

Kale Preparation

My favorite kale preparation is "crispy kale". Cut into thin strips, toss with olive oil and salt. Spread onto a cookie sheet, then roast at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes until it is crisp but not yet brown. I could easily down an entire bunch of kale that way. It probably has less nutrients than eating raw kale, but I see it more as a french fry alternative than salad replacement.

Dec 28, 2011
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

must eat Denver

As a Denver native living in NYC for 10+ years, I was really impressed with Root Down when I was last in Denver. A diverse and interesting menu, well executed and very much on the local, organic trend wagon. Plus good cocktail and not too far from the convention center.

Root Down
1600 W. 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

Oct 12, 2011
colfaxBee in Mountain States

Does Anyone Ever Wish Chowhound Would Bring Back the "Tri-State Area" Board?

i second the motion

Aug 30, 2011
colfaxBee in Site Talk

DH hates cilantro & bell pepper

Many people perceive the taste of cilantro to be soapy, which is an unfortunate genetic trait rather than an issue of personal taste. I agree with monavano's suggestion to use a mixture of other herbs as an alternative, and have cilantro on the side to add to your plate, since there really is no substitute for its flavor. Depending on the cuisine you could use tomatoes, sweet onions, snow peas or green beans to add a crisp or sweetness instead of bell peppers.

Jun 24, 2011
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

Greek Restaurants

Another vote for Kellari. The food is excellent, even my picky Greek in-laws love it. The fish is very good and fresh, but I always get the lamb chops-- divine!

Jun 24, 2011
colfaxBee in Manhattan

Healthy alternatives to honey for use in granola bars.

Try carob molasses. It will add flavor and sweetness with less sugar than honey/agave and help things stick together. Carob molasses + tahini is a surprisingly heavenly combination! Like a richer, less sweet version of nutella.

Jun 17, 2011
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

Dinner around Whitney

I like to go to Via Quaddronno after going to the Whitney. Granted, it's a little pricey and smaller portions, but IMO excellent quality, you get what you're paying for.

Via Quadronno
25 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021

Apr 18, 2011
colfaxBee in Manhattan

Fire Escape Garden in NYC?

I had several tomatoes growing in containers on my 5th floor fire escape several years ago. One day, late summer I came home and they were gone. My landlord had removed/disposed of them, since as you point out, it was technically illegal. Just something to be aware of.

Apr 15, 2011
colfaxBee in Gardening

Best Bagged Tea Brands?

I am a big fan of the Harney and Sons dragon pearl jasmine. Am eager to hear what brands others like, as I have yet to find one brand that is consistently good quality for many varieties.

Apr 14, 2011
colfaxBee in General Topics

Bar near 71st and Columbus

Shalel, on 70th, just east of Columbus. It's kind of a loungey wine bar (not only wine though), sort of cavernous, several small, cozy rooms. It's very chilled out, so I'm not sure if it will meet what you are looking for by "fun", but it's definitely unique and feels more downtown than uws.

Shalel Lounge
65 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023

Apr 08, 2011
colfaxBee in Manhattan

Restaurants in Aspen, CO - not 'New American' cuisine?

I second the woody creek tavern-- good mexican food and a relaxed atmosphere. If you are willing to drive to Glenwood Springs there is an excellent Nepalese/Indian restaurant, Narayan, in one of the first strip malls you'll pass driving into town on 82. For lunch, there is, or at least used to be a French bakery in the Aspen business center (near the airport), they have nice sandwiches and fresh croissants every morning.

Apr 06, 2011
colfaxBee in Mountain States

Rockland wedding shower

you should see if Blue Fig in New City can do a shower. Their food is very good, fresh and the prices are very reasonable.

Where to find Coke with sugar, not HFC

Cable Beverages, on Route 304 in Bardonia (Rockland County) has Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc. in the little glass bottles (I assume this means real sugar, not HFCS, I didn't check the labels). They also have a tremendous selection of beers, if that makes it more worth your while to make the trip.

Food trends in the coming decade?

kale is the new arugula
cardamom is the new cinnamon
starbucks is the new mcdonalds

Jan 06, 2011
colfaxBee in General Topics

Anyone been to Nijaya Japanese market in Hartsdale?

Just curious. It looks promising.

86th between 1st and York

Ithaka on 86th between 1st and 2nd is nice for Greek food.

308 E 86th St, New York, NY 10028

Dec 08, 2010
colfaxBee in Manhattan

What cookies are you baking for Christmas this year?

I'm gettnig lots of good ideas from this post . In addition, I always like to make cardamom butter squares around the holidays.

Nov 30, 2010
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

toppings for curried butternut squash soup?

I randomly made this early this week and garnished with shredded coconut, fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro. Yum!

Nov 24, 2010
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

baking with splenda

I tried making some sweets with splenda (for a diabetic family member) and found it to be pretty awful. I used the baking splenda which is kind of gross since it's bulked up with sawdust or something to make it volume-wise comparable to sugar. I found another sugar substitue at a health food store that worked and tasted much better. I forget what it's called, but it comes in a bag and was kind of pricey ($12/lb) but worth it.

Nov 18, 2010
colfaxBee in Home Cooking

Old world Food Market - Nyack - Any Opinions?

Agreed, that natural "foods" market on 59 was a big disappointment! It's all pre-packaged pseduo healthfood nonsense.

Rockland County chow?

It's been a few months since I've been to Nonna's. They are relatively new, I think, opening in the last year or so. Hope it was worth your trip!

Australian Muesli Bars Bore to Tears

I also love these bars. They have a delicious homemade taste, and the ingredients are things a home cook would have-- no weird preservatives or the like.

Oct 18, 2010
colfaxBee in Features

Rockland County chow?

Also having recently moved to Rockland from the city, one of the hardest food adjustments was finding take out options for dinner.
There are plenty of good Italian options. I like Posa Posa for entrees and sandwiches, Ciceros for pizza and their extensive salad menu, Nonnas for unusual slices, like chicken marsala.
Bon Chon Chicken in Nanuet for Korean style chicken wings
Prepared foods from Old World Market in Nyack will do for a quick dinner in a pinch.
Sakana sushi seems to be the best for take-out sushi. They also have some Thai things on their menu, but I haven't tried yet.
I second the recommendations on Wasabi in Nyack, although that's more of a "fancy" place.
Has anyone tried Bombay Grill, that recently opened in New City?

Posa Posa
121 Rockland Ctr, Nanuet, NY 10954

Are there decent peaches anywhere?

It's the end of the summer and I'm semi appalled by the lack of good fruit around. I'd love to find some good peaches, but I've been disappointed by what I've come across at the farmer's markets. I find that if it smells peachy it's a good sign, if it doesn't it's mealy and/or flavorless. And don't get me started on those rock-hard softball sized things from California in the grocery stores.
Has anyone gotten tasty, juicy, fleshy peaches lately? I'd be equally happy with good nectarines or apricots.

Sep 02, 2010
colfaxBee in Manhattan

Looking for reasonably-priced, toddler-friendly UWS Italian

I second Gennaro. I recently recommended it to a chef friend visiting from out of town. She and her husband brought their 8 month and 4 year olds there, they loved it and went back several times before their trip was over.

Aug 25, 2010
colfaxBee in Manhattan

New ideas for NYC food gifts that can travel well.

Being a transplant from the west living in NYC, I have found that Italian cookies have been a big hit with friends and family in Colorado and Seattle. In particular, they love pine nut cookies, cut up rainbow cake (don’t know the real name for it), oatmeal lace cookies and although not Italian, mini black and whites. I realize it's probably possible to get these in most metropolitan areas, but they are probably harder to come by, people aren't used to seeing them at every deli and bakery. Halvah travels well and is kind of different, although not a NY food per se.

Aug 06, 2010
colfaxBee in Manhattan

Looking for good merguez

Looking for merguez that I can take home and grill. I hear there is good merguez at the US farmers' market. Would love to be able to make it there, but usually it's too hard for me to get there on the right day of the week, before they close or are sold out. Any other suggestions where one can buy good, ideally house-made merguez?

Jul 28, 2010
colfaxBee in Manhattan