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birthday dinner

I need help deciding where to go for a nice 30th birthday dinner with my husband. I am considering Jezebel or Jeffrey's so far. Haven't been to either before. Might try the fix prixe menu or might not.

Which would you recommend? Open to other suggestions too.

Our anniversary place used to be Castle Hill if that gives you an idea of our taste, but we don't mind a more upscale environment. Really it's all about great food for us.

Jul 08, 2009
tammerag in Austin

Portland Seafood

Will be visiting Portland for the first time in about a week. Have found some great restaurant recommendations on thanks!

I'm wondering about seafood in Portland- anything noteworthy? What about Dan and Louis Oyster Bar or Jake's Famous Crawfish- are either of these worth a visit?

Jul 16, 2008
tammerag in Metro Portland