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Dry aged steaks vacuum sealed. How long in fridge?

Thanks all! I think it's interesting that the salting of the steaks would make a difference vis a vis storage--why is that? Does the salt kill bacteria?

And I assume that vacuum sealing dry aged meat isn't an issue since the dry age breakdown has already happened...but if anyone else thinks that would really ruin the meat let me know.

Much appreciated!

Aug 12, 2015
razini in General Topics

Dry aged steaks vacuum sealed. How long in fridge?

Hi all--

Going on a vacatipm to a place for a week that doesn't have a proper butcher, so I was gonna bring some dry aged steaks from my butcher in the city to cook throughout the week.

Question is, how long will the meat last in the fridge? I have a vacuum sealer so that's an option. I know serious eats recommends you salt your steaks and let sit uncovered in the fridge for up to 4 days, but frankly that sounds crazy! Anyone have any experience? Any advice for how long the meat will keep?


Aug 11, 2015
razini in General Topics

Allentown area--the Farmhouse closed, what now?!

My wife and I absolutely adored that restaurant and would make special trips from NYC to eat there. We're so sad it's gone--does anyone have any suggestions in the area that are good? We've been to and liked Bolete. Looking for well executed and interesting food. Thanks!

Jul 31, 2014
razini in Pennsylvania

Who makes the best bone marrow ?

good question! I think it's i.L.i.L.i and it's on 5th ave and 27th street...

And to bring it back to the thread--anyone tried the bone marrow at the new Blue Ribbon on the Lower East Side? Is it the same prep? Recommended?

May 22, 2012
razini in Manhattan

Who makes the best bone marrow ?

Great suggestions...all the usual suspects, and you can't go wrong.

But I think the best bone marrow is at Illili (with Stone Barnes a close second). It is reminiscent of St. Johns, as it is served with a take on Tabouli (a lebanese parsley salad) with dried cranberries added to cut the fattiness with some tart/sweet. I also think he dresses the salad with lemon, adding some more tart to the dish. And instead of Baguette, they serve it with warm Pita.

People are gonna think I'm some shill for the restaurant because I say it so much...but that place is totally underrated and the bone marrow is one of their best dishes!

May 21, 2012
razini in Manhattan

ilili - opinions?

I have to chime in an agreement with this. My wife and I think Illili is one of the most underrated restos in NYC, especially when you consider the general response is to suggest alternatives when asked for opinions on the place (see above!)

It's a very smart and well executed updating on Middle Eastern food. The Shankleesh, Kibbe Naya, and the Bone Marrow are home runs IMO. And I agree that the desserts are fantastic, especially the Lebanese ice cream.

Love this place!

236 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001

Feb 23, 2012
razini in Manhattan

Smelt in NYC

Fabulous!! My deep thanks for the reply and thoughtful answers MVNYC.

You know right after I posted this, I realized that Elias Corner in Queens probably has Smelt...I've never been to telly's taverna though. Do you have any thoughts about Elias?

Also--I don't see Smelt on the online Decibel menu...are you sure they serve it? If so, that'd be a rather brilliant place to get a nightcap.

Thanks again.

Aug 05, 2010
razini in Manhattan

Smelt in NYC

Hello fellow foodies,

I'm looking for a restaurant in NYC that serves fried smelt, or another fried small fish dish for my fiance's birthday...

Any suggestions?


Aug 05, 2010
razini in Manhattan

Brunch at Colicchio & Sons

This is sad to hear. On the 5 or so occasions I ate at Craft Steak, the bartenders were terribly aloof and inattentive...I would have hoped they would get their act together when it switched over, but it seems the service is still very poor there.

It's weird because the service at Craft is fairly good I think...

Jun 21, 2010
razini in Manhattan

Oklahoma City Recommendations

After searching the site, we were bummed to find very few recent recs for OKC.

We are traveling there next week for a film festival and would love some suggestions for places to eat. Cost/Value isn't an issue--we simply would love to hear what you think the best restaurants/food experiences are, be it cheap or expensive.


Jun 02, 2010
razini in Great Plains

Momofuku Ko Wine Pairing ?

AHA! A post on chowhound that I can finally intelligently reply to! Well, kinda. I've never been to lunch there, but I have been to dinner multiple times.

I've done the dinner wine parings at every level ($50, 100, 150) and I have brought my own bottles. I can say unequivocally that the highest level of pairing is the way to go. The sommelier (I believe her name is Christine?) makes excellent and engaging choices--completely on par with the inventiveness of the food.

That being said, I would NOT recommend either of the other pairings--simply way too expensive for the quality of beverages offered. I'd rather pay a corkage and not be overcharged for small pours of wines that retail for $15.

As you probably already know wine pairings are a complete rip off at almost every restaurant (and frankly the $150 pairing is no exception if you're talking about mark up alone), but I'd say that the quality and inventiveness of the high end pairing is of its own league in NYC, and a perfect accompaniment to the originality of the cooking. No reason to bring your own at that point.

Please report back after you go!

Mar 29, 2010
razini in Manhattan

Where do you recommend one orders Thanksgiving pies?

I have the same question I usually go with a Clinton St. Bakery pie, but I've been considering City Bakery this year--but I haven't seen it mentioned there a reason for this?

Nov 15, 2008
razini in Manhattan

All Star Game Watching

I find it amusing that a post about a sporting event has led to my first post on chowhound...

I don't know their specific All Star game plans, but Croxley Ales on Avenue B and 3rd street has an outdoor area with a projection screen and I can't imagine they won't be showing the all star game tonight.

They also have a solid beer selection (about 20 or so on tap and 30 or so in bottles...nothing crazy interesting, but your normal beer bar selection of Belgians and a local craft brew or two (read: sixpoint)). Food isn't their strong suit, but I appreciate their shepards pie.

Jul 15, 2008
razini in Manhattan