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Catered Whole pig roast in NJ?

Depends on what you mean by pig roast. Lutz's Pork Store will rent out a smoker, and send guys over to run it, to do a German-style pig roast for you. If you want crispy Portuguese-style pig, check with the local Portuguese restaurants.

Apr 13, 2010
njguy99 in New Jersey

Heirloom Tomato Seedlings?

Easy - Dreyer Farms in Cranford.

Mar 21, 2010
njguy99 in New Jersey

Best place to buy chorizo in the ironbound?

Any suggestions for where to buy chorizo in Newark's ironbound? I've been to Seabra's and wasn't very impressed.

(Edited to say - I want raw chorizo to cook at home, not cooked chorizo to eat immediately)

Feb 25, 2010
njguy99 in New Jersey

Harrigan's Family Restaurant - Montville NJ

Oh, don't let the outside fool you. I'm with Michele Cindy - it's terrific. This was one of my favorite places when I lived in Morris County.

Feb 05, 2010
njguy99 in New Jersey

Moving to Cranford/Westfield area and looking for suggestions

Welcome to the area! The suggestions so far are dead-on. I know you said you don't like Italian, but definitely check out the Italian Pantry on Eastman Street in Cranford. It's a name, not a style, and certainly offers more varied bistro-style fare than the red-sauce places we're used to in this area.

I also have to put in a plug for Donna Toscana - the incredible chocolate place also on Eastman Street. Go there for dessert. You won't be disappointed!

Feb 02, 2010
njguy99 in New Jersey

New Year's wine tour upstate NY?

Depends on where upstate. Hudson Valley? Finger Lakes?

And I'd imagine a lot of them will be closed New Year's Day...if not part of the week.

Finger Lakes trip in Oct

I can't believe I forgot Lakewood and Red Newt! Both great choices.

Let me add in Ravines as well, on the east side of Keuka. Well known for its reds.

Finger Lakes trip in Oct

A second (third?) for Dano's. Incredible food.

And yes, the Finger Lakes are well known for whites - but there ARE good reds being made. McGregor, on the east side of Keuka, has won numerous awards for its reds, and I've really enjoyed the reds from Red Tail Ridge and Fox Run. Ventosa makes tremendous Italian-style wines, and Shaw's reds continue to amaze me, as do the reds at Rooster Hill.

My suggestion would be to do Seneca and Keuka lakes on your first trip. Start in Watkins Glen and go north up the east side of Seneca. Stop at Atwater, Shalestone, and Bloomer Creek. Eat lunch at Dano's. Stop by Lamoreau and Ventosa. Then go up through Geneva and hit the wineries on the West side on your way back. Red Tail, Fox Run, Anthony Road, Miles, Shaw, Fulkerson.

The next day visit Keuka lake - including McGregor, Rooster Hill, Hunt Country, and Dr. Frank's. I like Keuka Spring but others don't, so play that one by ear, along with Heron Hill.

If you are looking for something non-wine to do, stop into the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning. You could spend a whole day there.

Has anyone been to the Bethwood in NNJ?

Wow. Well, I've been to many events at the Bethwood and never had a problem. The food is very good, the facilities clean and well maintained. I certainly hope you won't have an issue.


Try Cioffi's on Stuyvesant Avenue (Italian) or Burnet BBQ (on Stuyvesant or Burnet).

Then again, if all you're after is good food with large portions, the Mark Twain Diner on Morris fits that bill.

Finger Lakes Region: October Dinner

Check out Madderlake Cafe, just south of Geneva, too. Very good food, almost entirely locally sourced.

Great Soul Food - Union, NJ (Union County)

Mrs. Church is undoubtedly one of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. She makes you feel like a long-lost friend, and you could easily lose an hour just chatting with her.

And the food...oh my. It goes without saying that their fried chicken is flat out incredible. I don't know how they do it, and she won't give me her recipe!

(As to it being jam-packed - I've never experienced that. They can be busy, yes, but they're usually very good at estimating a pickup time. Always order at least 45-minutes before you want to eat and you'll be fine.)

Spanish, Portuguese, or Brazilian recommendations in the Newark area

I too am a regular Burnet customer, and I've grown pretty tired of the overcooked food and awful service at the Stuyvesant Avenue location. I'm looking forward to giving this new place a try!

(one correction, though: it's at 1844 Springfield Avenue, about half-a-block up from the Burger King and next to the old car dealership. I found a web site - )

Which vineyards in SE Seneca Lake in Finger Lakes to visit?

Glad you got to Dano's. It truly is one of the most unique dining experiences we've had - and we too enjoy talking with him and Karen about their time in NJ.

Also glad you got to Shalestone. The owner keeps pretty slim hours, because he's the chief cook and bottlewasher, but his wine is very good.

Finger Lakes Region?

I'd second what others have said as far as resources in the Finger Lakes Region.

That said: you probably will want to narrow down your geographical reach. The Finger Lakes themselves cover a huge swath of land - and it's almost impossible to visit all of them in one short trip!

If Ithaca will be your home base, I'd recommend working your way up the west side of Cayuga lake. There are lots of very good wineries there (like Lucas, Cobblestone Farm and Knapp). If you can get over to the east side of Seneca there are very good ones there too, including a few spectacular spots (like Bloomer Creek, Atwater and Shalestone).

The umbrella group for all the local wine trails is Finger Lakes Wine Country. I'd start off there.

Spanish, Portuguese, or Brazilian recommendations in the Newark area

Mediterranean Manor has always been owned by the Seabra family, so no change there. The name on the awning may reflect the catering hall that's also part of the property.

The food is very good - not great - but the dining room is very loud and smoky, since the kitchen is right alongside the dining area.

The rodizio is quite tasty, if limited. I was there a few weeks ago and they brought out probably 8 items and that was it. Appetizers were very good (get the chorizo and calamari - both are terrific). One member of our party got a seafood main course dish (can't remember what it was) and said it was delicious.

If you can deal with the dining room's "ambiance" you'll have a good meal.

diner-new jersey

Tick Tock in Clifton.


A 3rd for Nougatine. Can't go wrong.

But I also love La Boite En Bois. It's small but charming with really good food and they always get you out the door in time. I'd definitely take someone I loved on a "date" there.

Apr 30, 2009
njguy99 in Manhattan

Top NJ Cheese Shops

Summit Cheese Shop
75 Union Place in Summit.
(908) 273-7700

If you're looking specifically for Italian cheeses, DIPietro's on Springfield Avenue has a nice selection, including some incredible handmade mozzarella.

or why not try Crane's in Maplewood Village? They have a pretty nice cheese selection, at good prices.

Feb 25, 2009
njguy99 in New Jersey


It's not strictly a mac n' cheese joint - but Church's Kitchen in Vauxhall makes a tremendous version of the stuff. Soft and gooey and chewy and delicious. I always get at least a quart when I stop there to buy chicken...

Great Mexican in Union County, NJ

Picante on Morris Ave in Springfield. Terrific and pretty authentic. It's a little pricey, but you can eat-in or take-out.

263 Morris Ave
Springfield, NJ 07081
(973) 467-0004‎

Non-Italian lunch in theater district

Thanks everyone!

We wound up going to Aoki (Japanese), right next to Saigon 48, for their lunch special. Two rolls for $9 and a really big bento box for $11. Total came to $26, including tip.

Food's very good, service is quick, casual - and just a two block walk to the theater.

Sep 03, 2008
njguy99 in Manhattan

Non-Italian lunch in theater district

Chowsters - I need your help.

I've searched the archives and the same names keep coming up for good places to eat before or after a show. Some of them look really good - I'd love to try db Bistro or Eleven Madison Park, especially at their lunch prices - and the rest seem to all be Italian.

However, we're looking for a place that's more casual for a quick sit-down lunch before a Wednesday matinee that's NOT Italian.

Only requirements: good food, casual, within 10 blocks theater district (specifically w. 48th between 6th and 7th) and NOT Italian.

Prix-Fixe or ala carte is fine - $20-30 per person.

Any suggestions?

Sep 02, 2008
njguy99 in Manhattan

Finger Lakes Weekend - please advise.

Disregard that NY Times article - it focuses on just one lake, and even then leaves out what are the true jewels of the Finger Lakes, the wineries around Seneca and Keuka.

This article from a few years back hits on a few of them, along with one of the best restaurants up there, Dano's.

As for which wineries you should visit - it all depends on what you like. Reds? Try Miles, Fox Run, Lamoreau Landing and McGregor. Whites? Dr. Frank's, Bloomer Creek, and Anthony Road. A little of both? Hunt Country, Fulkerson and Atwater.

Be aware, though, that the wineries and restaurants really slow down after Thanksgiving, so you might want to call ahead to make sure you won't arrive to a big "closed" sign.