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kids' menus at good places?

We had a good meal with the kids a few weeks ago at Beaver Hall. Their children's menu offers a kid-sized main course with beverage and dessert for 9.50 -- for our gang it was cheaper to bring everyone for supper than to pay for a sitter.

Beaver Hall
1073, Cote du Beaver Hall, Montreal, QC H2Z 1S5, CA

Indian in Montreal.

The former Yagel Bagel at 6579 Somreled (514-489-5250) is now offering a full menu of Indian food to eat in or take out under the name Express Indien. They've only been at it a week, and the sign still says Yagel Bagel out front, but after trying it for take out on Friday I would choose it again over any other Indian place in the NDG.

The naan was fresh and chewy, the papadums tasty and crispy, and the curries tasted more of fresh vegetables and were not as greasy as at Taste of India on Monkland or Ganges on Sherbrooke.

What's with Cardamom?

If you buy the whole pods, put a few of them in the pot when you are cooking rice to make ordinary rice nicely fragrant. If you just use cardamom and other spices like cinnamon and coriander you can still go either sweet (rice pudding) or savory, or go all out with cumin seed, and red and black pepper if you are sure you want it savory.

Sep 06, 2010
PogoPoutine in Home Cooking

Sous-Marin or Philly cheesesteak

As of last Wednesday, Momesso still makes an excellent steak sub, with cheese, but I agree it's not the same thing as a Philly cheesesteak -- the steak is not sliced as thin, and there are more vegetables, but it really is a great sandwich.

Momesso Cafe
1850 Rue Des Loisirs, Saint-Lazare, QC J7T3B4, CA

Pickapeppa Sauce - where to find in Mtl?

I've bought Pickapeppa at the Walmart in La Salle.

Hot Sauce

The largest selection I have seen in the area was in the gas grill/BBQ section of the JCPerrault furniture and appliance store in Kirkland (17850, Rte Transcanadienne).

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Any idea what they are going to do to the place? I found it charming, if a little dated and tacky. Freshening it up a bit couldn't hurt too much I suppose.

Tonight! (Saturday 6 Dec)

Went to Bellagio Satuday night, and found it pricey but disappointing. I had the Linguini Gondoliera, which was not impressive, including exactly one scallop and some gritty mussels along with tasty clams and shrimp in a tomato-based sauce. My wife had the filet mignon with pepper sauce, ordered it medium, and it came out not even warm in the middle. We felt out of place in a mostly older crowd, and the servers were seemed to have lots of time for those who seemed to be regulars at the other tables while we had trouble getting their attention.

Bellagio Ristorante
505 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3A3C2, CA

Loblaws Angus Sucks!

Has anyone been this year? Last year I think the produce was all organic, and it was nice but very expensive, but from what I have read about it, they are supposed to be affordable this year.

Good burger buns

I like the brioche buns with sesame seeds from Snowdon Bakery for my burgers -- they are not too big, and are a little bit chewy. In the west end you can get them at Metro (or cheaper at the bakery, which is not in Snowdon but rather in Montreal West south of the tracks), but I don't know if you'd consider them usual and boring stuff I can find at any grocery store in the east end.

Malaysian Restaurant in Montreal?

If you would settle for a two-hour drive, I enjoyed Chahaya Malaysia in Ottawa when I used to live near its old location, and it still seems to have good reviews.

Cornichons por favor!

l'Express sells large jars of cornichons like they have in the restaurant for around $15.

Emergency dessert recipe -- fillings for crepes

I like my crepes at breakfast or for dessert with sliced bananas and chocolate-hazelnut spread. You can add the strawberries and/or whipped cream if you have them to make it fancy, or without them it's something you can make with what you have on hand, if you always have bananas and chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Dec 10, 2008
PogoPoutine in Home Cooking

A chowlenge: redeeming leftover fries

If your leftover fries are fresh-cut and thick, and you don't mind them very crunchy, you can just reheat in the oven at 300 F in a cookie sheet until they are hot and crispy again. The fries from my favorite rotisserie chicken place in Montreal are excellent reheated like this and served with a lot of vinegar and sea salt -- sprinkle generously with vinegar first so the salt will stick.

Dec 10, 2008
PogoPoutine in Home Cooking

Agostini on Somerled -- don't try the carrot cake

We took the kids and went for pasta at Agostini on Someled on Friday. The linguine with clams and red sauce, canneloni, and penne with red sauce were forgettable, definitely not the equal (in price or in quality and presentation) of Antico Martini across the street or Pasta Casareccia on Sherbrooke. Our server steered us to the pasta, but I understand from reading here that we should have had subs or pizza.

We ordered a slice of carrot cake for the kids, and they didn't like it. We tried it, and found that one side of the slice was dry enough that it made a noise when you hit it with your fork. We mentioned it to the server, and she talked to the manager (owner?) and told us she couldn't take it off the bill and didn't offer us anything else. The manager insisted to us that carrot cake is supposed to be a little dry like that, and they just started that one this week.

Hot Wings in Montreal

Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke has tasty wings, with a sweet/spicy sauce that I find addictive.

Chalet Bar-B-Q Rotisserie
5456 Rue Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC H4A1V9, CA

Hot Wings in Montreal

I've wanted to try this place but I'm not sure they are even still in business -- a week or two ago at about 5pm Saturday afternoon they were not open and had Hallowe'en decorations in the window.


The Tavern on Monkland makes juicy, generous burgers and excellent fresh-cut fries. I've also found the burgers and fries suprisingly good at les 3 brasseurs (Ste-Catherine near McGill College Ave) and Pizzedelic on Monkland, especially if you enjoy your fries with homemade mayo.


I'm not sure Claremont is using fresh beef in their burgers any more. I was there yesterday for lunch, and both the bison and beef burgers had the suspiciously uniform puck-like shape of a pre-made frozen burger, and were much smaller than I would have expected for the price ($13 with fries and salad, but not too much of either). After we placed our order the server told us that they were shortstaffed and the wait would be longer than usual, and the burgers, ordered medium well done, came out bright pink in the middle. Maybe we caught them on an off day, but I would not go back there for the burgers.

Top Cheap Eats of Montreal?

How can nobody have suggested Chalet BBQ (5456 Sherbrooke St. west in NDG near Decarie, 514-489-7235)? Their wings, roasted chicken, fries and coleslaw are as tasty as you can find anywhere, and there prices and friendly service can't be beat. Plus the dining room and the staff give you the impression nothing has changed in 40 years.

chill, local restaurant in montreal?

I like Azar (5899 Sherbrooke West in NDG, 514-482-9095). It's a Lebanese BYOB that has a family-run feel to it. I've only been for lunch; the atmosphere was really relaxed, but the vegetarian plate (like a meze: hummus, Baba ghanouj, falafel, tabouleh, pickled turnip and peperoncini with pitas) shishtaouk plate, and kafta plate were all fresh and tasty and reasonably priced ($10-12 each, a little more on the supper menu).

best charcuterie in montreal

I recommend the homemade porchetta at Boucherie Tranzo on Somerled near Cavendish.

Caribbean restaurants

I have only tried it for take out and I'm not an expert on Caribbean food, but Anancy, a BYOB at 6587 Somerled in NDG, makes tasty jerk chicken and the sides of beans and rice and fried plantains were tasty. It always seems to have a crowd, more than some of the other choices on the commercial strip on Somerled.